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#5 – “Tire” Jack

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Day 5 - Tire Jack

"Tire" Jack of the Mechanic squad

“Tire” Jack is the leader of the Mechanic Squad, a group of brutes that run a garage in the wastelands.  They aren’t very good but they are the only people around that have the equipment to do repairs.  They are allies of the Lesbian Biker Girls.

Jack is the smartest of the group and knows how to change the oil in a car.  He fights with two tire irons, one of which is sharpened to a point.  He will avoid combat when it’s unnecessary, unlike the rest of the group who look for any excuse to fight.

#3 – “The Widow”

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Jane was once a happy wife.  Married to a brilliant engineer, two wonderful (most of the time) kids, and a respectable estate.  But the old west being the wild place it was, that all came crashing down when a posse of men attacked their home.  Jane’s husband was murdered and her children kidnapped.  Now this once pleasant housewife must set out, learn the dirty ways of the west, and save what’s left of her family.

#5 Robot Alien Ghooooost Cat

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#5 Visitor

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Unknown name of female visitor from outer space and crashed in Roswell during 1960.

**** Sorry for post five in row, finally get chance to catch up with you guys and I been ill since challenge begins…  Sorry once again, Josh ****

#4 Mystery Ms Russian

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Hand of mystery Ms Russian, idea for now and not sure what do with her for my comic…

#3 Sue Carlson

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#2 Creator of Universe aka God

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#1 Jenni

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#5 Java

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Java, also known as Java Jack, is another of Gonzo’s best friends and partners. He’s a squirrely little guy, hyper as they come and addicted to coffee, hence the nickname bestowed upon him by his friends.

Java is also a tech guru, always up on the latest advances and products, and is never seen without some mobile device in hand, be it his uPhone or uPad.

A real go-getter, Java runs circles around everyone else around him, and constantly has their heads spinning. Java is also a bit on the goofy side and gladly provides fodder for his friends to tease him with, and loves every second of it. He embraces his quirkiness, which is why he and Gonzo get along so well.

#5 Copperhead

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Ooooh, that madman Professor Neutrino has done it again — transforming an innocent college student into another of his mutated lackeys!


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A little early with this but I thought what the hell since I have work tomorrow and things goin on tonight.

Here’s Faegan.  He’s a werewolf hailing from Ireland.  He is from a story called; “The Final Circle” which talks about the final circle, or family, of werewolves left in the world and what that means for our environment.  The werewolves in this story are not evil as they are most often portrayed in movies and popular fiction, In fact, the antithesis of the wolves; the Wraiths, have used such propaganda to ensure fear of wolves among the human populace of the Earth.  The Dread Lord is the leader of the Wraiths and I will be posting a pin up featuring him tomorrow.



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Along with Geofrey de Belair, Gaston de Monfort and the Magdalene, Wolfram is the last of the cursed metallic vampire line…. which side will he choose at the moment of the divination.

Dragon Born, created By Richard Macpherson is a life long project that hopefully soon will come to fruition… check out more at

#4 Capsule

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Still trying to catch up – Another basic design – 60’s future

-Magazine collage and marker

#5 – Turm-Oil

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Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Turm-Oil is the last of an outdated design; there are no upgrades left for him. He’s been replaced by a newer version, one that is susceptible to the latest cognitive process relaxer sensors on the market. Outdated or not Turm-Oil still has some crank left in his gears and is sure to use it, down to the very last drop. He was programmed to be dejected and full of resentment, fear and guilt; how could he go on being the last of his kind? With every moment that passes and every drop that falls, total devastation ensues.

Turm-Oil is a large, decrepit, robotic organism. His appearance would be that of bolted together sheets of steel. He has a head that is shaped very much like an old cylindrical light bulb; there are no ears as he runs by preprogramming alone. He has small telescopic eyes and a spout for a mouth. His chest and abdomen are comprised of a large, up-side down, bulb shaped glass container that extends from his pelvis girdle to the base of his neck. This bulb is completely see through, so you should be able to see the moving parts that end up positioned behind him through the bulb. The bulb is also filled 2/3 of the way full with an inky, black substance and because of his movement, it should be sloshing around inside. His arms and legs should be very much mechanical, since he was designed and created as a low-tech robotic organism. As stated, he is hell bent on destruction with every drop, so there should be oil slick around and in his wake.

#5 – The Effigy

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Ages ago, it was a mere statue that stood outside the walls of the academy, beyond the confines of the township, and further out than what was considered to be “the outlying areas”. Over the decades, no generation ever laid claim to erecting it nor who may have done so. In fact no one could even remember who it was an image of, complicated by the years of erosion leaving the head of the statue featureless.

All that remained in the collective memory of the township was that the statue represented someone to be reviled. So year after year, on the same day in the early winter, the populace would travel to the effigy, light fires in the nearby pits, and spew forth their revulsion, their anger, and their hate upon the effigy, as they had done for as long as they could remember.

Until the year the effigy, imbued with the hatred from thousands of hearts, stepped down from its pedestal, and began its search for its true history. And none would stand in its way.

– – – – –

Still have more to flesh out, backstory-wise. But this seemed an appropriate character to create for Guy Fawkes’ Day.

#3. Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Since time immemorial, Fenris the Great Wolf has loomed, his existence more a reminder than a threat of the inevitability of Ragnarok. The Gods know how the world ends.

Fenris is a god in the form of the wolf, a wolf as large as a mountain. Some say he was the progenitor of the werewolves– if such creatures truly exist.

In a way, they do… because known to few, Fenris the Destroyer has six sons. Like him, they can appear as mere wolves, or as giant dire wolves, but they exceed him in their ability to appear much like gods or men as well.

Perhaps most fearsome among his children is Dark Skies. Like his father, he’s a bringer of chaos, and an under-miner of best intentions. He is the Great Wolf of foul weather and ill portents. It is simply not possible for Dark Skies to appear without a terrible storm arising, wild enough to make day look like night.

He is a great grey wolf, almost as large as his mountainous father– or merely twice the size of a normal wolf. His dark grey fur is wet, and messy, always drenches with rain and blown by fierce winds.

He is a great, grey man, a mountain of strength, with long shaggy grey hair, and dressed in grey clothes that mock the upper class but tousled and dingy. In our era, he’d wear a suit, but it would be faded and wrinkled. His hair would be curly black, with some grey, covering much of his face messily.

He is a rising storm. The low rumble of thunder in the distance.

From the series Huginn & Muninn by Black Label Comics. Created by Ian Struckhoff. Art by Jonathan Wyke.

#5 Dillan

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Dillan is kind of like a centaur, but he’s half wolf instead. He’s calm, enjoys making things like jewelry in his spare time. He is assistant to the black smith in his Pack. The Dillan lives in a pack of Wolf-Taurs.

#5 David

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Another character from “Königreich der Welten”, his name is David and he is a classmember of  Martina.

Allways on the fly and being one of the better students David doesn’t seem to be the guy for online games but when listening to Martina talking to a friend about the new game he asks her if he could join her group. Very soon everyone can notice that David is only in a hurry because he does play a lot of those games but the others don’t mind at first, because David turns out to be very well informed about everything in the game. This isn’t bad. -Or is it?

Actually yes, because he becomes a powergamer who doesn’t play for fun but to win and the other members of the group start to lose theit fun either. When David starts to  argue and to insult groupmembers they decide to leave the game. He doesn’t care because so he is able to keep the’ group’ the way he wants.

David tends to be a bit clumsy and a loner.

I had his character allready a long time in mind but never knew how to draw him. I didn’t want him to look like a typicall nerd but I’m not sure if he doesn’t look to normal now…

I fear his hands are to small

Ciao, till tomorrow

#5: Reebooshalictivus

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Hooray, it’s Friday! I got a good response from my entry #4 (Sir Gustavus), so decided to continue this little world of house pets turned revolutionaries. In this entry, I introduce Reebooshalictivus, street cat living in poverty turned radical revolutionary. Based, of course, on my adorable little cutie kitty Reebo. Enjoy!

Night after night he’d emerge from the sandy underbelly of the market shops on Main Street, just as the elite had decided they’d had their fill of beefy loins and fresh fish for the day. The rich and richer would look to the sky to see the sun deteriorating, a sign that the Ferals would soon take over the streets of the small village. Not long after, the upper class would be tucked into their homes, drinking and laughing of the day’s happenings.

Reebooshalictivus had brains that the rest of his kind did not posses. He was adept at surviving on his own. He’d never needed a pack to roam with to ensure there was food. He’d brave the Felines calling in the members of the guard to carry him off to the Shelter, should he be spotted in daylight. Most nights, he’d leave his hiding spot under the shops at twilight, giving him first choice of all the discarded waste that had been left in the garbage pails and alley ways. He may have been at the bottom of the food chain between those in the Kingdom, the Felines and the Hawkes, but Reebooshalictivus  was a survivor in every sense of the word.

Ever since he was small, he could remember his parents living in fear. They had instilled in him the way of things. The Kingdom were top dog, playing up their pretension by constantly reminding the lands around them of their places. They were evil, hunting down Feline or Feral, it mattered not. With these teachings came a learned resentment of the Felines; Reebooshalictivus couldn’t understand how one people could divide themselves when there was a greater threat at hand. A threat that had been omnipresent for generations, and likely generations to come if no one would stand tall. For now, Reebooshalictivus would have to accept that his people were divided. One class had become two, and the world had run rampant with tyranny and abuse because of it.

As he would soon learn, things can only be pushed so far before revolution is thrust upon you. You can either back away in cowardice or step up and take charge.

One evening as Reebooshalictivus rounded the corner to an alleyway he had never explored before, he stumbled upon a pack of Ferals, whom he initially paid no attention to. Minding his business and content in leaving them be, he backtracked with the intent of inspecting the next block. As he rounded the corner, a raucous cacophony of shrill shrieks penetrated his chipped ears, causing his thinning hair stand on its end. He darted back to the alley, only to find the horrid site of his kinsman tearing each other at the seams over a half eaten chicken bone. Hair was strewn every which way, eyes gouged, bodies pierced.

“My kin!” shouted Reebooshalictivus, as loud as he could. “Brothers! Sisters! Madness!”

With his words reaching deaf ears, Reebooshalictivus dashed forward into the scuffle. Almost immediately, he was hit with a stray claw, directly to his chest. The puncture was deep and hard, taking the breath out of him. He slammed to the ground, the blood pouring steadily from the wound. As he lay for a moment, waiting to regain his wits, the night air went soft and silent. There were no more cries. The fighting had ceased.

Reebooshalictivus slowly rose to his paws. The sight of the battle’s aftermath was more painful than any physical abuse could have possibly mustered up. There before him were the bodies of his kinsman, battered and broken, the half eaten chicken bone laying between them. Division amongst one people was, apparently, not enough; instead the subclasses now required breaking.

That was the moment that Reebooshalictivus realized he’d had enough. Enough infighting, enough division. It was a time for unity. And it was unity he would bring.

#5 – Tah Toa

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Tah Toa is a young Shib. The Shibs dwell in a great mountain tree where they celebrate and at times, defended the Great Forest.

Tah Toa is curious, strong, wishes greatly to have her people join with the Hako tribe in the valley below. To even see a Hako is a bad omen, the Shib elders forbid exiting the mountain forest to avoid such a thing.

Tah Toa knows with all her heart that the tribes can only be stronger by knowing one another. Soon she will set out for herself to prove this and change the Shib elder’s minds.

#3 Sasha

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I’m running late on these. Here’s hoping I can get caught up over the weekend. Keeping in with the Old West glove/hat theme…this is Sasha. She’s a dancer at the Dirty Mug saloon. She loves reading and dreams one day of being a teacher. Until then, she dances at the saloon and saves up to go to school.

Day 5: The Toy Maker’s Treasure

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The toy maker is always so busy making toys for everyone else, today he took a break and made one for himself.  A trixie little toy with a cute little gun that’s only just for fun. But what’s in the other hand is something you may not understand. She can knock you down and beat you while you’re on the ground.  She’s the toy maker’s treasure.

#3 Aviator

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No real story for this one, just a retro futuristic space rocket pilot or something.  Tried out collage this time, magazine scraps and marker for skin tone.

Got a few more to upload today so I can catch up, but i wont crowd you all at once.

#5 Jonathan O’Colvin , PhD

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A brilliant scientist in the field of computer engineering, Jon O’Colvin comes to the uPAST and the Solar Lab by way his home country of Ireland.  When the United States Government inked the deal with uPAST to help fund and protect Dr. Hennric’s solar energy conversion research, Jon was one of the first new scientists to be brought in.  Dr. Hennric already had one of the most advanced super computers in existence. However, within a six months, O’Colvin and his team had rebuilt the entire system and integrated the new self aware L.U.N.A.R. [Localized University Networked Autonomous Research] computer system into the entire uPAST computer network (which itself was and is technology far advanced beyond any other computer system in the world).  With this new powerful computer system the research has advanced forward at a light speed pace (excuse the pun).  O’Colvin now maintains the  L.U.N.A.R. Computer as well as writes and applies daily upgrades and improvments to ensure that when the energy conversion system comes online the computers will be able to handle all the data that it is sure to encounter.

Jon O’Colvin himself is a quiet man who tends to keep to himself as much as possible.  He works long hours every day, typically never less than 12 hours, and never overlooks even the smallest detail. He is liked by everyone in the lab even though he rarely socializes with anyone, with the exception of the L.U.N.A.R. computer who he has an obvious strong connection with.

#4 Klaus

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Just a simple boy with no plans for the future. Having a side job as a busboy at a local shop, he is the subject of bullying from his peers.

#5 Lt. Junior Class Jocelyn Gomez

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Jocelyn is the pilot of Valkyrie Squadron 4. The youngest member of the team, she has the potential to be a great aviatrix, but is still working out her youthful unrest. An adrenaline junkie and a thrill seeker, she comes off as impulsive and impatient, but responds to orders well and takes her job seriously. It is her dream one day to be top gun of the United Space Forces fleet.

#5 Shifter

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Joanna Lang inherited a strange bracelet from her uncle, an eccentric inventor.  She soon discovered that the bracelet is actually a device that can allow her to access other dimensions and “shift” the abilities and appearance of her “analogues” that exist in these dimensions.  Joanna also finds that many of these versions of herself possess superhuman abilities.  One of these is a version of herself that has light green hair, wears a blue and yellow bodysuit, has incredible speed and agility, and uses a wrist-mounted gun.  Taking the name “Shifter”, Joanna decides to try her hand at crime-fighting, even though she’s not very comfortable being a vigilante….

#5 Blake Lianson

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Blake Lianson

Vox Aeterna is a fictional music group that Blake’s a fan of. He got the hoodie at one of their concerts. Props if you can guess what kind of group it is!

More info about the world of Race can be found here.

#5 – The Mad Batter

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Looking to abandon his wacky life up in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter decided to take up America’s Pastime and join the New York Yankees. He appeared to straighten up his life with a few batting titles, but after a several years under Steinbrenner Rule, Hatter lost his marbles again and left the team. Cherishing the look of the Yankee pinstripe, Hatter stole his grandfather’s pyjamas and started to wonder Middle America’s sandlots and cornfields in search of the ultimate ball game.

Day#05 Sarah Sorry

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#05 Sarah Sorry by Jande Rowe

#05 Sarah Sorry by Jande Rowe

Well, she’s in trouble again. Not surprising. If she isn’t getting into a scrape once an hour or so, her family would think the world had come to an end. She doesn’t mean to cause trouble, she just rushes into things, and she’s always repentant afterwards (well mostly!). That’s why they all call her Sarah Sorry.

It’s her insatiable curiosity, overactive imagination, and abundant physical energy that help her into (and sometimes out of ) trouble –especially in a world where all three attributes are frowned on and particularly in girls.

Boys are often encouraged to be loud and rambunctious. Her two older brothers certainly are, but Sarah must “behave”, “be quiet”, “sit still”, “stop fidgeting”. This repression makes her clumsy and nervous. It drives her crazy! She wants to play ball, go fishing, climb trees, build tree houses, chase cats and squirrels, and when she grows up she wants to be a fireman! Fire Engine Red is her favourite colour.

Her best friend, Rain, doesn’t want to be a fireman. His favourite colour is pink, he hates sports, and when he grows up he wants to be a scientist and discover the cure for cancer. Sarah thinks that would be nice, but that rushing into burning houses and saving people is a much more noble profession.

Maybe, by the time Sarah grows up, girls can be anything they want. And so can boys.

This Character has no particular place in any of my stories or comics. I was teaching myself to use Manga Studio EX4 this morning and she popped out. Perhaps she and Rain have stories of their own to tell.

#5 – Bidbig the Walker

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The muse refuses to be ignored. Today was a day reserved for a Guy Fawkes inspired character based in a steam punk universe. I’ve got the notes and sketches here at my desk. I was not allowed to continue. The muse has decided you will bare witness to a creature I just met while walking the between the “thin places” in the world.

Say hello to Bidbig, Walker of the “thin places”. He may remind you of a troll, one of those requiring toll to cross a bridge. Why did the trolls require toll? Was it ever really a bridge? I purpose they required a payment to cross between lands. Sure anyone could find a way through the “thin places” to the other side, but the chance of them getting lost is high. Perhaps they would end up following a Willow-Wisp deep into the mires, only to be swallowed whole by their masters. Who knows what dangers lurk between the lands? Bidbig does and for a fee and doesn’t care for your answers three. He’s a being of means and plans and your payment will get him closer to his goals.

So remember if you wish to cross the “thin places” you’ll need a Walker to guide you through and hopefully Bidbig is in a good mood.