#5 – Bidbig the Walker

| November 5, 2010 | 0 Comments

The muse refuses to be ignored. Today was a day reserved for a Guy Fawkes inspired character based in a steam punk universe. I’ve got the notes and sketches here at my desk. I was not allowed to continue. The muse has decided you will bare witness to a creature I just met while walking the between the “thin places” in the world.

Say hello to Bidbig, Walker of the “thin places”. He may remind you of a troll, one of those requiring toll to cross a bridge. Why did the trolls require toll? Was it ever really a bridge? I purpose they required a payment to cross between lands. Sure anyone could find a way through the “thin places” to the other side, but the chance of them getting lost is high. Perhaps they would end up following a Willow-Wisp deep into the mires, only to be swallowed whole by their masters. Who knows what dangers lurk between the lands? Bidbig does and for a fee and doesn’t care for your answers three. He’s a being of means and plans and your payment will get him closer to his goals.

So remember if you wish to cross the “thin places” you’ll need a Walker to guide you through and hopefully Bidbig is in a good mood.

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