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Day# 23 Gobbler, Spirit of Thanksgiving

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#23 Gobbler, Spirit of Thanksgiving, by Jande Rowe

#23 Gobbler, Spirit of Thanksgiving, by Jande Rowe

Pass The Turkey! (And Don’t forget the Stuffing!)

#23 Gobbler, the Spirit of Thanksgiving came to consciousness sometime around the end of the Twentieth Century as mankind measures things. It was a slow awakening, born out of the human need to give thanks for blessings received, and the growing awareness that the entity to whom these thanks had hitherto flowed may or may not actually exist, and if he did exist was kind of demanding and two-faced anyway. Gradually the idea of a venerable old gobbler who, in the past two hundred years or so always showed up at the dinner table around thanksgiving time, sacrificing himself so that others may feed bountifully, and therefore have something to be thankful for, took hold on the imaginations of the western nations. And in doing so freed the Spirit of Thanksgiving to emerge as a conscious being to join the ranks of the modern day spirits along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Gobbler, the Spirit of Thanksgiving is a crossover character who will be in many of my comics from now on, blessing those who are grateful for what they have even as they strive for more.


#5 – The Crazy-Ass Webcomic L’Artiste

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Just like Entry 4, the Female Webcomic Artist, this is another new “creative power” vying over the right to be The Apple of Discord’s creative control.

L’artiste draws his… her… its strength from pure artistic intent, irregardless of whether it actually makes sense, adds to the body of work, or even looks “good” when finished.  Since art is the goal as opposed to… amongst other things, quality… this creator may abandon traditional formats and delve into the highly experimental and nonsensical.  The pure unfiltered artistic contents of their mind pour out onto each page, appearing as a cavalcade of creatures and chaos instead of any sort of sensical classic comic.

Because of the unique nature of L’artiste’s source of power – raw artistic inspiration, unfiltered by any inconveniences like sense and reason – expect random update days and even more random update styles.  Some days, you may get a detailed sketch of something intricate and complex, others you might get a 3-dimensional reconstruction of the house that L’artiste grew up in made entirely of Eggos, others still might simply contain a napkin left over from Chipolte with the word “ART”, along with some vaguely Mythos-esque symbols,  written in what appears to be the blood of a virgin.  And that’s on a good day.

#22 The Hanging Judge’s Ghost

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#22 The Tail

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This is The Tail (yes, another supervillian). Possessed by an ancient spirit totem of a lizard on an archeological dig, his skin and eyes turned reptilian. He designed a mechanical tail that is powered by magic. He also uses other weapons such as whips, chains, anything that resembles a tail really.

Day# 22 Roadkill, Carrion Crow

| November 22, 2010 | 3 Comments
#22 Roadkill, Carrion Crow for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#22 Roadkill, Carrion Crow for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Not the Eyes! No! Not the Eyes!

#22 Roadkill the Carrion Crow, aka RK, funny little sentient bird that he is, often finds himself disgusted with his own natural appetites. He really has spent too much time roosting outside of that therapists upstairs office. He often wishes he was human so it would be easier to find something else to eat, but heck, on the other hand he is doing a service to the world, cleaning up the reckless by products of human excess, especially the by products of excessive speed in machines of immense mass.

So RK is in two minds about his place in the world. Either he is a disgusting inhumane pecker of mangled dead bodies, or he is a humane creature nobly going around cleaning up the messes that others leave behind. The one place where he draws the line, though is with the eyes. He can’t even bear to look at a dead creature’s eyes, and shudders with disgust bordering on illness at the very thought of eating them, as he knows his fellow carrion brothers do. This of course sets him up for a certain amount of teasing from his fellows. They will even jokingly set an eyeball or two right in front of him from time to time to see if he’ll throw up some sauce to go with the meal.

But, struggling with his dual view of his place in the universe, he has become somewhat philosophical. To the point where, if it is someone else who is having problems adjusting to the world, he will forget his own struggle while he offers sage advice that if he could hear himself, he might consider taking to his own heart.

Strange things happen when he and Aedre cross paths. By this time Aedre is getting used to the occasional talking animal, but RK is as individual as a snowflake. He has a somewhat changeable nature, sometimes easy going on himself and the world; sometimes belligerent and bellicose. He can be startling in his actions and words, but rarely violent, unless provoked or threatened. On the other hand he can also provide some comic relief. When one is on an epic journey every bit of comic relief is appreciated.

#22 Mountain Goddess / Mon-Silvretta

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Mon-Silvretta is the ancient soul of one of the mountain ranges in the Alps. Not as old as the gods and goddesses of Appalachia, Silvretta still about 65 million years old. She began as many mountain souls do, as many small hill spirits who all began to grow and coalesce as the hills began to form and smash into one another. She is one of the more benevolent goddesses of the Alps, known to help climbers and adventurers. She is known to be incredibly fond of whiskey though, so many adventurers and wanderers carry an extra bottle at all times in the instance that they need to call upon her for aid.

#13-15 Vance Starblaster & Company

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WOO-HOO! Mr. Lister is back with a pack of space pirates! These three have been around for years in my stack of sketchbooks & doodles. I have some stories written for them, its just a matter of making it happen in between everything else I’ve got going on. 🙂 Enjoy!

#18 Alpha

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Alpha is a team commander within Project G.A.T.S., and one of the best members they have.  She is proud, compassionate, and understanding… also, constantly living in her brother’s shadow.  Flux (her brother) is team commander of the first team, and second in command to Attitude Adjuster.  Alpha has always played second to her brother growing up, he was always the standout; athlete, student, and extremely popular with his peers, and mentors.

Into adulthood, Flux was trained in the navy seals, and was the first selected to join the modern Project G.A.T.S. team.  Alpha was also very successful, but her parents devoted all their time and attention to her brother, and left little for her.  She used this “time in the shadows” to become a excellent field leader, and highly respected leader.

She was nearly thrown off the team when it was discovered she was carrying on a relationship with a fellow member, of her own field team!  That member was Justice, while this has happened from time to time, the administration almost made an exception to her relationship, because Justice is also a woman.  They thought it would be bad publicity, but Flux went to bat for his sister, and kept her as team leader of team 2.

#16 The Bludgeoner

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To him, every problem looks like a nail.

#5 Commo D (Commodroid)

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Robots from the future created these new creatures in the form of the obsolete computers of the past.This one is based on the old Bread bin styled Commodore C64. Retro fitted with 2 laser light guns, was this a good move…..?

This is just an ongoing test of these Retro Computer/Robot designs. Trying to create as many as possible within the 30 day challenge.

#10 KithaelDovan

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All manner of demiurge and diety are now walking among the mortals, both god and man brought low under the blue fires. But some beings among the aether have blossomed into what they were always meant to be, triggered by the chaos from the skies.

While the King Rahal of Mylund was under the sway of the Red God, in a time before the madness of the Blue Fires, he was given to mighty and sometimes base urges and desires. Eventually he was brought to his senses, and the demiurge was exorcised, leaving the good king to deal with the aftermath of his possessed reign.

But perhaps there was something that the Red God hid from even the King’s knowing, during the time the king had been possessed, his memory blurred and clouded by foul sorceries.

Perhaps the Red God had known he would eventually fall to the king and his companions.

And so he had prepared for his legacy…

#22 – Shiva (Nataraja)

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Shiva is a major Hindu deity. Possibly the most important. In the Mythoscape, Shiva takes on his Nataraja manifestation 99% of the time. Boasting an unprecedented 134 points of articulation, Shiva takes his role as Lord of the Dance very seriously. His favorite styles are Pop-n-lock, Salsa, and the merengue.

#14 Malandra Shorespine

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For Malandra’s Bio – Click Here.

#22 Figwidgeon the Idea Stealer

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I think his name says it all.

#21 CL-A 02 “A-Two” Vargas

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"A-Two" Vargas

For those of you confused/creeped out by all this, perhaps I should try to explain the Biots’ backstory.  The company that created them markets them as, essentially, robots made of organic material.  They’re meant to serve as part toy, part assistant, part livestock.  The ultimate pet.  Different people treat them differently, but most overall think of them as just what they’re thought to be: very sophisticated robots.  However, in actuality, the company did not “put them together” as one might expect, synthesizing tissue and wiring commands into their brains.  Rather, the Biots were built from the ground up through DNA tweaking and splicing.  In other words, they’re actual live animals with minds and souls just as complex as our own.  But since they were “coded” with very strong submissive instincts, they can’t help but follow orders, and this preconception that the company leaked into the public, few people think of them as anything but automatons.

I’m still unsure of how A-Two’s story will factor into the Race story, since all of my characters so far are connected to Narinno Delta University in some way.  I’m thinking that maybe the Vargas family has become wealthy enough to own something relevant to the college plot.  I’d like to design her friend soon.

More general Race info can be found here.

#16 Okorithtan, The First And Last Memory

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16: 生剥

Okorithan • First And Last Memory

Okorithan is the baylan » who helps put the seed of soul to a newly-conceived mortal. S/he is the first memory that is never lost, but just forgotten. In many ways, s/he manifests in “logical” adult life when waking people begin to be nostalgic for things they have never yet experienced, but seem to know. Okorithan revists his charges the moment they leave the district of childhood and enter prepubescence: his blade scrapes the voices of boys and leaves them deep and rough, unable to reach the note that summons spirits again; it releases the bag of blood every girl carries inside her.

The red eyes on her/his body all open when he walks the Parade. Sometimes a charge or two recognize her/him when s/he visits them in their waking hours, and when that charge walks the Parade, or is directed to it by one of the Four Snows » or Four Fires », Okorithan accompanies them and returns to them the memory of their first day on earth.

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#21 Fire Spirit

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This fire spirit is not composed of fire as one would assume. A little known fact about many elemental spirits is that they often times were humans who took up the post, replacing aging spirits. These spirits are unique in that their power is tied to their masks, however the mask cannot be removed without the wearer’s consent. Though some have tried, death always occurs shortly thereafter.

#15 cat

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My cat character I havent decided if he is related to the tree girl.

#4 – The Female Webcomic Artist Lady

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The Apple of Discord originally featured a single crazy, incompetent, bombastic webcomic author/artist who served not only as the “Voice” of AoD, but also as a cautionary tale to anybody else who might follow in his footsteps.  Since he eventually came to realize his own inadequacies and confronted his own inner demons, and has now fled the webcomic scape to try and make a dent elsewhere.

In his wake, The Apple of Discord has been taken over by his Apprentice, aided by an Artist that our lone creator hired some time back to ‘class the place up’.  But in the subsequent power vacuum, more and more creative types have begun emerging, each trying to take the helm – and the power – behind the mythical Apple of Discord.

The “The Female Webcomic Artist Lady” is… first and foremost… female, an attribute that sets her apart from all the other contenders so far.  As one of the few openly female denizens of the web that aren’t secretly 40-year-old plumbers posing as teenage girls, she has had to harden herself against the arrows (and other phallic objects) thrust at her kind by an uncaring, unlearning, and unevolving gestalt entity of teenage boys.

The long-term effects of this constant exposure to the internet has left her more than a little jaded, but has honed her senses to a point that you could fit through the eye of a needle.  When backed into a corner, she’s not above cheating, nor is she better than base manipulation and “female voodoo mind control”.  Inside she secretly wishes to be more girly, to romp in fields with flowers and unicorns, however is afraid that feeling these feelings will cause her to appear to be weak, and therefore easy prey, so she locks them away in a small cage and hides their existence from all but the closest and most trusted of prying eyes.

Can draw yaoi upon request.  Will draw blood upon stupid request.

No. 1: Fludgegrub Von Flaken

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This is the rough version. I had planned to color it and put it up in a more refined state but my tablet stopped working and I have to order a new pen for it. So this is it as is. For those who can’t read the fancy font:

“For Fludgegrub Von Flaken
Life was all too dull…
‘Til he was mistaken
For a noodle.”

Yes, this is my first post. Meant to put more up, but with all the technical complications stopping me, (scanner lack, tablet trouble and misplaced items) know that I HAVE been keeping up with the actual drawing of the 30 characters. It’s just a matter of making them publicated. ^_^

El Loc character bible: #8 &#9 El Fejo + El Loca

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El Fejo:

People get nick names. This is El Fejo, in spanish that means ugly. He is going to be the opposite. Another crime lord that El Loco will stop, but at what cost?

El Loca:

You all have meet this girl. She was dealt with a bad hand and plays with the strongest poker face. Even when she has a pair of twos.  She can’t keep a job. Doesn’t have any direction in life.

Until she meets El Loco and becomes his side kick! Then she would have rathered played those twos!

#22 Fang

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his mother failed to drown him
his sister failed to sell him
his probation officer failed to find him
he makes damned good rice krispie treats

#22 Mel aka Firefly Droid

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And now things are going to get interesting.  The next few characters are going to be droid models.

This is Mel.  Mel is an AI that primarily lives on “the net,” that connects all droids.  Its particular model is called “Firefly” as its primary function is to “enlighten.”

What, you didn’t think droids had a sense of humor?

In seriousness, the firefly model of droid is mostly AI.  It serves little to no combat purpose.  They are responsible for maintaining code, monitoring the functions of the droid plants, and providing reprogramming to any errant droids.  They’re definitely the “thinkers” of the droid world.

Mel, in particular, has the very specific purpose of indoctrinating other droids with instructions, training programs, and the like.  While the machines primarily call it by its serial number TXN750018, it goes by Mel to better serve the purposes of its job function.

After all, Mel doesn’t just indoctrinate droids.

#22 Vitorio Marudi

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Name: Vitorio Marudi
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 44/Male/Psuedo-Mediterranean
Main Goal: Grow Elsewhere Materials Inc as big and powerful as possible.
Occupation: Owner/Founder of Elsewhere Materials Incorporated
Motivation: Greed, Care for the peoples of Sendrineth
Inner Need: Success
Flaw: Not keen on diplomacy, unconcerned with the fate of the worlds his company plunders
Good/Bad Habits: Eats too much, smokes cigars, flaunts wealth through excessive gold jewelry
Secret: Several of the worlds EMI plunders are already inhabited by sapient life forms.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Savvy businessman, very organized and punctual.
Quirks: Always wears a blue satin jumpsuit and plenty of gold jewelry. Almost always on his cell phone.
Attitude: Jolly, Paternal
Dialogue Style: Lots of imperatives, clipped sentence fragments, and repeats of the person’s name.
Backstory/Description: During the Renaissance brought on by Bantas Tempiezo’s inventions, businessmen all throughout Sendrineth were wondering if there was some way to travel to the paralel universes to harvest resources from them, since Sendrineth’s only real landmass consisted of a single small, resource-starved continent and a few islands. When a team of scientists finally invented the first inter-dimensional portal, Marudi’s great-great-grandfather was there with his check book. Using the inter-dimensional technology, Elsewhere Materials Incorporated was founded to harvest resources from other dimensions. Using the resources of the other dimensions, Sendrineth became a sprawling, multi-layered city complex where the only law is that given by the wealthy corporation owners to their laborers. Vitorio, groomed all his life to inherit EMI from his father, learned that happy workers are productive workers, so his workers receive some of the nicest treatment in Sendrineth. Regardless, a charismatic anti-establishment revolutionary has emerged and is leading organized riots against all forms of industry. Marudi has not responded well to this, and refuses to negotiate with the revolutionaries, since he sees nothing wrong with their treatment.

Yep, another Sendrineth one. EMI was my army in Picture Wars, and I made this setting around them. This one gives some of the backstory as to what happened after Bantas Tempiezo’s ( Renaissance. I have at least two more characters planned for this setting.

About this character in particular: I’m sick and tired of evil CEOs in our media, particularly sci-fi movies. Think: Avatar, District 9, Repo Men, hell, even Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Of course, there are no decent CEOs, eh, Hollywood? I wanted this guy to be a decent, relatable guy, who’s mostly good despite a little moral ambiguity. You know, like everyone else.

#22 – Evil Shuttlecock

| November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

The piece of equipment out to ruin badminton. Forever.

Day 22: The Drain

| November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Not only is he disgusting, he comes along with several outdated/rehashed catch phrases.  He will slap you with a fish and hit you with a wet noodle.  When you detect a horrible stench, you can almost be sure it’s The Drain!

#19 Bill the Pandaina

| November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

Bill is an assistant mechanic at Sci-core Mechanical Innovations division. Bill is a super high functioning autistic boy that Sahl Sciatica, found being neglected in this village on Pandai. Sahl brought him back to Jubadorah, Bill thrived in the fast paced environment. Bill pictured here with his favorite Torque Screw…

*Important Note* Bill is not a Pandoran Felinoid,  He is a Pandian Pandanoid… Please do not even bring that up to him at anytime… You have been warned.

# 17 Omega

| November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Omega is a egotystical villain bent on the destruction of one man.  Attitude Adjuster.  He was once a recruit for Project G.A.T.S. but was ultimately refused full membership due to his assistance that he lead a team, and that only he could do so.  He claims to be one of the most powerful genetants in the world, but again, his ego has gotten the best of him.

Omega as an identity is at the moment, unknown to AA, but will soon see what happens when a “student” turns on the “teacher”.

WAY behind, I am currently working on getting caught up over the next two days I have two more nearly ready to be posted..please stand by.

#15 – Something.

| November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

I designed him last week for two pages of The End. The script called for him, and I think I made him less horrible than I could have. I want to make it clear that I don’t have anything against nerds (I am one!), cosplayers (I am friends with many of them), or even crossplayers (most crossplayers are girls, actually).  But you see people like this at anime conventions, and there’s no getting around that. They exist. For realz.

#14 – White

| November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

This is a character that will be appearing in the distant future of The End.  Not posting her name for that reason, or anything about her!  It’s very nice to have her out of the way, though. One less thing to do.

#13 – Desperado

| November 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

My second design for my Ten Pages script.  This is The Kid, but all grown up.  Man, I love cowboys.