Day 22: The Drain

| November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Not only is he disgusting, he comes along with several outdated/rehashed catch phrases.  He will slap you with a fish and hit you with a wet noodle.  When you detect a horrible stench, you can almost be sure it’s The Drain!

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  1. Oh man, this hearkens back to those times my drain smelled terrible because of something stuck in it. It really does seem like some beastie like him will pop out 🙁

    • Jess Kirby says:

      Yay, that’s what I was going for. He’s all hairy because in the summer I eat a lot of sweetcorn & the “hair”/cornsilk always gets stuck in the garbage disposal. I suppose hair clogs in the drain are normal, I was just going more for the kitchen sink.

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