#22 Vitorio Marudi

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Name: Vitorio Marudi
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 44/Male/Psuedo-Mediterranean
Main Goal: Grow Elsewhere Materials Inc as big and powerful as possible.
Occupation: Owner/Founder of Elsewhere Materials Incorporated
Motivation: Greed, Care for the peoples of Sendrineth
Inner Need: Success
Flaw: Not keen on diplomacy, unconcerned with the fate of the worlds his company plunders
Good/Bad Habits: Eats too much, smokes cigars, flaunts wealth through excessive gold jewelry
Secret: Several of the worlds EMI plunders are already inhabited by sapient life forms.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Savvy businessman, very organized and punctual.
Quirks: Always wears a blue satin jumpsuit and plenty of gold jewelry. Almost always on his cell phone.
Attitude: Jolly, Paternal
Dialogue Style: Lots of imperatives, clipped sentence fragments, and repeats of the person’s name.
Backstory/Description: During the Renaissance brought on by Bantas Tempiezo’s inventions, businessmen all throughout Sendrineth were wondering if there was some way to travel to the paralel universes to harvest resources from them, since Sendrineth’s only real landmass consisted of a single small, resource-starved continent and a few islands. When a team of scientists finally invented the first inter-dimensional portal, Marudi’s great-great-grandfather was there with his check book. Using the inter-dimensional technology, Elsewhere Materials Incorporated was founded to harvest resources from other dimensions. Using the resources of the other dimensions, Sendrineth became a sprawling, multi-layered city complex where the only law is that given by the wealthy corporation owners to their laborers. Vitorio, groomed all his life to inherit EMI from his father, learned that happy workers are productive workers, so his workers receive some of the nicest treatment in Sendrineth. Regardless, a charismatic anti-establishment revolutionary has emerged and is leading organized riots against all forms of industry. Marudi has not responded well to this, and refuses to negotiate with the revolutionaries, since he sees nothing wrong with their treatment.

Yep, another Sendrineth one. EMI was my army in Picture Wars, and I made this setting around them. This one gives some of the backstory as to what happened after Bantas Tempiezo’s (http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/21/21-bantas-tempiezo/) Renaissance. I have at least two more characters planned for this setting.

About this character in particular: I’m sick and tired of evil CEOs in our media, particularly sci-fi movies. Think: Avatar, District 9, Repo Men, hell, even Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Of course, there are no decent CEOs, eh, Hollywood? I wanted this guy to be a decent, relatable guy, who’s mostly good despite a little moral ambiguity. You know, like everyone else.

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