#5 – Turm-Oil

| November 5, 2010 | 3 Comments


Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Turm-Oil is the last of an outdated design; there are no upgrades left for him. He’s been replaced by a newer version, one that is susceptible to the latest cognitive process relaxer sensors on the market. Outdated or not Turm-Oil still has some crank left in his gears and is sure to use it, down to the very last drop. He was programmed to be dejected and full of resentment, fear and guilt; how could he go on being the last of his kind? With every moment that passes and every drop that falls, total devastation ensues.

Turm-Oil is a large, decrepit, robotic organism. His appearance would be that of bolted together sheets of steel. He has a head that is shaped very much like an old cylindrical light bulb; there are no ears as he runs by preprogramming alone. He has small telescopic eyes and a spout for a mouth. His chest and abdomen are comprised of a large, up-side down, bulb shaped glass container that extends from his pelvis girdle to the base of his neck. This bulb is completely see through, so you should be able to see the moving parts that end up positioned behind him through the bulb. The bulb is also filled 2/3 of the way full with an inky, black substance and because of his movement, it should be sloshing around inside. His arms and legs should be very much mechanical, since he was designed and created as a low-tech robotic organism. As stated, he is hell bent on destruction with every drop, so there should be oil slick around and in his wake.

Category: Scifi

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  1. I love the juicy inks on this. This character and the drawing in general has some great energy to it. Nice job!

  2. Definitely a unique character–also like the play on words with the name. The inks add a lot to it. Nice work!

  3. atombat says:

    I like your inking style on this.

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