#3 – Dr. Marlowe

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Dr Marlowe discovered that there were other dimensions parallel to our own. He also discovered that these other dimensional beings, while invisible, had the ability to affect our world. He developed a method to communicate with the other worldly beings and learned from them that it was possible to travel between dimensions. Dr Marlowe received instruction and constructed a device to transport him to the other dimension. He activated the machine and vanished in a flash of light. He reappeared 7 minutes later… torn to pieces.

The lab assistants did their best to keep the doctor alive. They only managed to save his head. Miraculously the doctor retained all his knowledge and memories. Unfortunately he only has the ability to communicate through a biofeedback machine that can signal “Yes” or “No”.

Despite his immense handicap he has been able to explain what happened during his time in the other dimension. It was a wicked and unbearable place populated by hateful beings. He was captured and enslaved by an evil being named Thotica. Although it seemed as though he was only gone for 7 minutes, he was tortured and tormented for 50 years before returning to the laboratory.

He and his lab assistants work to prevent the wicked ones from traveling to our dimension.



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Todd Brabander is a author and freelance artist from Portland OR. Many of his projects are fantasy, post modern, or horror related. His work aims to capture a twisted and often humorous view of the normal world. He has been in several music groups, had his writing published online, and has publicly displayed visual art.

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