#15 – Pulsor

| November 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

I am the Dark Side of Light!

A survivor of the same solar storm that created the hero Strobe, Pulsar was once a rival astronaut, but his exposure to Dark Light corrupted his inner being!  Able to project blasts of intense heat and travel at near light speed, Pulsor is a deadly foe the light has ever seen!

Category: Scifi, Superhero

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I'm a self-publisher from Columbus, OH(IO). A I'm a hippie at heart and don't own a car. But I do have a Green Lantern ring, a hat and gives hugs for money...so I'm good!

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  1. It seems rather like he’d be the sunspots to Strobe’s shining sun. Love his design. It really seems to work for the “dark light” aspect.

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