#16 C’alla & Hatti, Halves of a Hole

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15 カッパの2人

C’alla and Hatti • Halves and Holes

C’alla and Hatti are actually two halves of a single Kappa entity. Whoever’s head has the bubble is he who is dominant and he who speaks; although they both like to be referred to in the plural. C’alla is shy and dark-haired, and always uses the honorific. Hatti is grey-haired, and curious about humans; They are both perverted and love hanging out in the hot springs. C’alla finds females fascinating; Hatti prefers clean males.

When they are particularly excited, they turn water red and warm. They’ve been in awkward situations where they have had to explain the reconstitution of water to peers. They enjoy getting invites to the Parade annually, though they are warned to keep their excitement in check… especially when crossing waterways like Makktanh’s island »

Ink on drawing paper.


Their names are actually from the word which means “Half”. Based off Japanese mythical creatures.

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  1. I suppose I should plan on bringing extra cucumbers and bow twice if I ever run across this (these?) creature, eh?

    • K says:

      C’alla is shy, but is a very sensitive fellow, and resents it when he doesn’t get a cucumber, so yes, you might want to do that if you run into them. XD (Thanks!)

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