#4 Charini Melton

| November 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

Fourth character design from Point Blank (my someday-to-be webcomic).

Charini Melton is a scientist—well, she’s really just a researcher. But she knows a lot of underground information. She is meek and timid, and is constantly fearful of getting into trouble, especially when Adela and Randi (the main characters of the story) start pestering her about what she knows.

She often spends her time cooped up to herself and any person she is forced to work with in libraries, like everyone else who works in the research vicinity. The place she works in is directly linked to organization mentioned in my previous post. However, claims to know little to nothing about the experiments that are run behind the scenes…

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  1. Dan Jensen says:

    Your ourfit designs are always fun and unique. Lots of detail, but really clean. Nice work!

  2. Matt Zolman says:

    Love the costume design and the character expression!

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