#7 Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons

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Name: Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons
Species: Deity
Age/Sex/Race: 734/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Overthrow the Verdant Emperor and take his rightful place on the throne.
Occupation: Ruler of demons and enemy Heaven
Motivation: Anger, Jealousy, Justice
Inner Need: His rightful place on the throne
Flaw: Takes his anger out on those who don’t deserve it.
Secret: Was actually warned of the Verdant Emperor’s treachery, but didn’t believe it.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Immortal, very skilled blacksmith and warrior, some minor sorcery.
Quirks: Always wears his hand-crafted armor and weapons.
Attitude: Gruff, proud
Dialogue Style: Harsh, accusatory, defensive.
Backstory/Description: On the night before Jinshu Dabhail was meant to be coronated as the new emperor of Xinocel, he was kidnapped from his palace by the Emperor’s secret police, beaten into submission, and taken before a bogus trial where he was accused of a score of crimes he never committed, treason key among them. The Verdant Emperor sentenced him to permanent banishment beneath the sea of the mortal realm where his brilliant armor would hold him down and corrode, and he cursed him with a hideous form of sharp fangs, dark blue skin, and flashing red eyes. Those who spoke out in Jinshu’s defense were similarly cursed and banished. Beneath the waves, in all his rage and misery, Jinshu Dabhail organized his supporters into an army, and is now training them to someday storm the gates of Heaven and overthrow the false emperor. His fury is boundless, however, and he often sends his agents to terrorize the Verdant Emperor’s servants, namely the human race.

Yeah, this is a follow up to this post (http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/06/6-the-verdant-emperor-omnipotent-master-of-a-thousand-small-green-leaves/), set in the same Celtic-Chinese setting. The picture itself was really an experiment with using different tools to create textures and looks. What do you guys think?

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