14 and 15 – Priority Factor & Blackscale

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Here are Blackscale and Priority Factor!

In the superhero world I’ve been idly building (see Skyhawk and Patrick Sanders for more), these two are some of the main villains.

Priority Factor is a rarity. She’s a telepath. Her powers revolve around mental manipulation and she is determined to establish herself as the pre-eminent mind in the setting. When her powers awoke, her brain became that much more powerful, but it also kinda broke (telepaths in this world run constant risks of insanity, and Priority just didn’t make her Will save or something). Now a crazed madwoman, she runs around dominating minds that don’t submit to her. She’s become a quintessential mad tyrant in her own little world.

Blackscale is her top lackey. He’s a stealthy reptilian fellow of indeterminate origins (read: Micah hasn’t figured out his background yet) who serves Priority loyally, possibly of his own free will. He’s her top spy and killer. The glowing green stripes on his body are capable of disrupting electronic sensors like radar and night-vision goggles, while the black scales help him blend in. He has a subtle chameleon ability, but it’s rather minor. He also has wolverine-ish claws, as you can see.

More about them if I ever decide to work on a superhero comic instead of a Planescape one!

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