#4 Heartstrings

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19 is a prime number.Jimmy had a rare form of Heart Cancer. Since he was a child, he went to doctor after doctor looking for somebody to help him. Nobody could.

Fed up, he went to a local mob boss, Joey Phishetti, who agreed to help him in return for 5 years of service to the mob.

His cancer was completely gone. But it was not nearly as simple as that.

His heart was now exposed, out in the open in a cavity in his chest. Not only that, but it was sewn shut with magic strings that he can control with his mind. But if he loses focus for too long, they may come undone and return his heart to a weakened state.

He has just finished his time with the mob and is ready to set of on his own on a revenge mission on the doctors who failed to heal him and robbed him of his childhood.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Joey Phishetti!

And if anyone is wondering, the answer is yes. I was listening to “My Heartstrings Come Undone” by Demon Hunter when I came up with the concept. The similarity to the song ends with the title. 😉

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