Chad Welch #2 – Lunatic

| November 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

Aron Kur - Lunatic

Meet Aron Kur, a depraved murderer and rapist on his home world of Nokima.  When one of Nokimia’s three moons tore itself apart in the world’s upper atmosphere, a devastating rain of mystical meteors peppered the planet.  The result was a paradise for Aron Kur as an epidemic of Lycanthopy spread throughout the world, bringing with it all the chaos, death and destruction that Kur craved.

One of the last Nokimians left alive after the fall of the third moon, Kur was captured and isolated in Tartarus under the codename Lunatic, and is a favorite puppet of The Shepherd.  Aron Kur; murderer, rapist, werewolf…prisoner of The Shepherd and the Pallor Knights, currently serving life without the possibility of parole.

This was my attempt to do a sci-fi/fantasy spin on a horror classic, the werewolf. Probably not as successful as it could be, but I like the general idea and would like to develop him further in the future. But for the purposes of the challenge, I’m calling him done. 🙂

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Scifi

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My name is Chad Welch, and I like to draw stuff! Monkeys are really cool. Sweeato is my favorite word; it means something that is sweet, but also neato. Sweeato.

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  1. That face is awesome and the pose rocks! Great job!

  2. Julie Leone says:

    Its really hard to draw giant wolf people with snarling faces, that look happy and insane AND have moon bits sticking out there back but this one pulls it off so nice!

  3. Jared says:

    Shit yeah. That’s pretty nice.

  4. saulone says:

    Really dig this one Chad. Love the loose feel and the crazy movement the piece has. Dig the backstory as well! Keep up the good work, mate.

  5. Gregory says:

    I absolutely LOVE characters like this. Great story, and the look is solid- also, the subtle coloring is a nice touch to this style, which is often blown out colors, I find.

  6. Chad Welch says:

    Thanks so much, guys and gals. I’m trying to keep things fast and loose, trying to concentrate more on *character* than I am creating a masterpiece…I’m known to noodle details until I hate whatever I’m working on. Trying to use the challenge to fix that aspect. 😛

    I’m really glad you guys are diggin’ it. 🙂

  7. KingGolem says:

    A werewolf in SPAAAACE! Ha ha! Very interesting spin on the old classic.

  8. Jane Wankmiller says:

    This guy’s face is fantastic, and I sort of envy the way you seem to have captured him in mid-motion–looks like a single frame from an action sequence. Nice!

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