#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

| November 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

The Cyber Lords are a technological advanced species that destroyed their home planet in a “The Great War”. During the war they would take inhabitants from other planets to be their Foot Soldiers. Using wormhole technology allowed them to travel through time and space to gather their armies.

They would modify their new soldiers by wiping their minds and reprogramming them. These new mindless beings would be outfitted with specialized cybernetic enhancements. Giving them great speed, strength and agility. Their main weapon on the battle fields was an energy staff capable of leveling buildings. In the height of the war each Cyber Lord had billions of Foot Solders.

Seeing their world destroyed by the war the surviving Cyber Lords made a truce. They agreed to leave the planet and use their wormhole technology to travel the universe and start their own individual societies. Using their vast armies of Foot Soldiers the Cyber Lords traveled the cosmos and began conquering worlds.

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My name is Ralph Contreras, I'm a graphic designer and proud comic book nerd living in Santa Fe, NM. A Four year alumni of the 30 Character Challenge, I have aspirations of becoming a professional comic book artist. I've been reading comics for over 25 years. I owned and ran my own comic shop for 5 years. My day job is graphic design, but at night I work on sharpening my storytelling, drawing and inking skills. I setup a personal blog www.Comic Book Graphic Design.com where I combine my comic artwork with my graphic design skills. I post all my pencils, inks and character designs on the blog. I also post great comic book resources to help other aspiring comic artists in their journey too. In past 30 Character Challenges I've made some really great online friendships with fellow creators.. I'm always interest in making new friends and contacts, so drop me a line any time. - Shazam!

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  1. This is pretty sweet. Awesome job on the musculature and great work on the cybernetic enhancements. Can’t wait to see what else is in the Cyber Lords armies.

  2. DeforestXXL says:

    That’s badass man! Are you going to keep this storyline with other characters?

  3. KingGolem says:

    In the realm of cyborg super-soldier designs, it is nice to see one that resembled neither a robot or a power-armored space marine. Nice work, especially how you did all that shading. That shading is sick.

    • Cool, Thanks! This guys are designed for speed and agility. I’ve been trying to improve on my shadow work, It’s awesome to get some positive feed back on it. Thanks! Super-Shazam!

  4. Mike Gallagher says:

    i like the design.
    the cyborg stuff works well, not overdone.
    he is a serious looking m-f er

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