#26 Kitsune

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Let me preface this entry with the follow. After seeing all the super hero characters created I felt the need to contribute to that. Since my early days I’ve loved super heroes and villians, as I got older though I found that my stories would steer far from the traditional super hero world. Anyways I present my traditional anti-hero, Kitsune.

Kitsune was once fiancee to a Japanese salary-man. After a whirlwind romance she found out his connections to the Yakuza.  She pleaded with him to leave that life behind and so he brought her back to America. Unfortunately his dark past followed. Kitsune was much younger than her fiancee and naive to the world around her at the time.

The Yakuza offered to let him leave his life behind if he pulled off a heist. With Kitsune’s help he was able to succeed but the Yakuza killed him anyways. Kitsune fled that life and moved to the east coast, taking on the persona of Kitsune. Stealing and taking what she wanted as life had taught her. She tries her best not to be attached to people or places and is always looking for the next great heist.

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