Day 7 Fenri

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I’ve got your scent, tracking you through The Hollow, you can’t escape me. You may not be my prey but I can’t let you escape me. You try to lose me in Muck Bottom, but I played here as a pup, silly mortal. Then you turn through the Shade Forrest, now we enter my home lands. Here I used to be the alpha of my pack till the day Tummel called me to his service. There is no where you can hide here, even with your magics. You break into a run across the Twilight Plains, here line of sight is all I need. You’ll not escape me.

At least till you enter the Dungeons of Unrest, I dare not enter that cursed place. I am Fenri, tracker of the Unwaking Lands and protector of Shade Forrest, and here I will be waiting for you.

Fenri is a character from Grim Furry Tales series. In the series Laurel Matthews awakens ancient gods trapped in small cloth bodies. These gods were hiding from agents of the Unrest who sought to consume them. As with all belief it is shaped by perception and the view of little Laurel Matthews turns them into Stuffed Animals. Now these might gods in stuffed animal bodies must struggle against the Unrest to save their homeland and the mortals of the Lull from its all consuming progress.

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