#14 Initiate of Whispers

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There are those who hear voices when there is no one speaking. Most talk of these folk in hushed voice in dark corners of the pubs. Still as odd as these individuals are there are some still that are by far worse.

There are those who hear voices and the voices follow them, like audible pets floating in the ether. These voices speak and all hear their cries, screams, prattle, and whispers. These individuals are quickly taken away by the Order of Whispers. Surely voices without a face can drive one mad, but these people can topple kingdoms with their presence. The whispers that surround them drive all insane. The Order strives to quiet the voices, to teach their disciples control. It is rumored though, in those same dark corners, the Order is actually a cover for assassins.

Imagine being killed by voices alone, thousands of them calling out in a chaotic choir. When the madness took you and your life ended no one would suspect.

The Order of Whispers is one of the many factions in Feral Legacy, a love letter to my wife.


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