#8 Corpse-Trio

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Circus performers and freaks are a hard won commodity in these modern times. One circus looking to take advantage of modern medicine and no governing laws in its sovereign nation decided to take the freak/performer show to the next level. In a truly Frankenstein approach they’ve brought out, Corpse-Trio. Three formerly terminal cancer patients who’ve opted to have most of their body removed and share what is left with their now closest friends.

Todd Svar The Strong Man.

Dod Everette The Sword Swallower.

Rod Salvatore The Clown.

All was fine till the day another nation decided to take over their homeland, thus ending their Gypsy life styles. Now Todd, Dod, and Rod have joined the resistance and fight as Corpse-Trio.

(I swear I didn’t have any drugs today)

Category: Horror, Humor

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