#15 Jareth the Half Dead Knight

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Jareth the Half-Dead Knight.

That fateful day when Jareth, last son of the line of Magus, fell was a day mankind would soon never forget. It was not because the blow the knight’s order would take by loosing their leader. Nor was it the blow dealt to the church for creating the beast and causing the collapse of balance now revealed to the people. These things were small order indeed, compared to what came next.

Jareth fell to the sword of Cerria, Heart of the Beast. As he laid there bleeding onto the floor, as the darkness began to set in, the beast himself knelt down beside him put his mouth to the fading knight’s ear.

“Today you lose your soul, and spread the wickedness.” The Beast seemed to savor the words, “For as I am the bane to your order, so will you be the bane to the order of most holy.”

Life faded, Jareth slept, and the world prattled on its way, the last sound he heard the beast footsteps leaving him to die. Consciousness flooded his body; he was aware, too aware considering. All around him his senses danced, the shadows held no secrets, his eyes hungrily searched. Something inside him needed to be satisfied, his mind raced for the answer. He panicked, the room spun, and then he was standing on a street corner in an alley facing an inn. The Haggled Hag, not a place he would normally find himself. Once again his heart began to race, at least he thought it was his heart, he could hear it beat.

No it was not his; it was the lone maid walking the lane past the inn. He could hear her breath as though she were breathing in his ear. Her heart beat louder, he felt his mouth wet with appetite.

With only what could be described as the awkward grace of a newborn he managed to grab her, and drag her into the alley. Her long flowing red locks smelled of flowers, her chest heaved in fear as she gasped for air. Suddenly it was not fear that set in her eyes, it was lust. Jareth’s demeanor changed, he would have her, ravage her. Tearing her close, loosing himself on her, he thrust his will upon her and she received it willingly.

Her screams of ecstasy and pain filled the alley as he grinned most wickedly at her, and just as she began to reach climax her body started to glow. Placing his hand above her chest while still taking her, he felt an energy siphon up. Her soul was bleeding from her body as she reached the pinnacle of her being with him. The scream was now from her soul not her body as it raced into him, his eyes flashed with power as his back arched and he screamed to the sky. There below him lay the husk of a woman, nothing but flesh and bone, her light gone forever.

On this night a soul eater was born, Jareth the Half Dead. His cry to the heavens signaled a dark end to those most holy. In the distance the sound carried to the ears of one listening with eager intent. His wicked grin, the Beast was satisfied, revenge was most sweet, and by his side his Heart did cling, unsettled but reassured by his touch. For now.

Jareth, The Beast, and Cerria are one of the many characters in Feral Legacy, a love letter to my wife.


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