#23 – Woekine Grimoi

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WOEKINE GRIMOI, master magistral, former mentor to the Academic (I need a proper name for him now), and wandering warrior-scholar. Presumed dead, though no one knows for sure.

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This character is something of an homage to an artist that I greatly admired: Mike “Ringo” Wieringo. Mike was a comic book artist and co-creator of the fantasy series Tellos. He passed away in August 2007, and the comics industry was the worse for it. While I never met him, he and I had friends in common. They speak highly of him and miss him to this day.

Tellos is a wonderful story about overcoming tragedy, artfully disguised as a thrilling wizards-and-warriors fantasy series, and one of my favorites. It was instrumental in my decision to create fantasy-themed characters.

The character’s name is an anagram of Mike Wieringo.

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