14. Rayana

After the disappearance of the second Miss Raya, the world found itself missing the tradition. It seemed like there had never been a time when, among their protectors, there wasn’t a beautiful blond bringing courage and blinding light to the corners of the world.

So when the grand-neice of the original Miss Raya announced on her 18th birthday that she had somehow inhereted the powers of her famous relative, her public reception was unprecedented– the greatest celebrity in living memory appeared– Rayana!

Alas, while her powers were even greater and more dangerous than her predecessors, her early appearance as both a presumed-hero and as a celebrity meant perhaps too much pressure on the young girl. So far, she hasn’t shown herself to be as courageous as her role-models.

Perhaps there is still time for her to prove herself.

Category: Scifi, Superhero

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