#9 Ensign “BooBoo” Chavez

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And now for the male fighters of Valkyrie. Oddly, we start with the least manliest of the Odin Squadron 4, the male answer to the female Valkyries: Booboo Chavez.

Like Adia, Booboo is the resident science officer of his team, though he’s more of a signals engineer than an academic researcher. He is given his silly nickname for his rather melodramatic antics. He usually gets into flagrant fights with his father, a high-ranking officer at another space station, and nine times out of ten, he’s the guy on the team who’d throw up his hands in a combat situation and shout “We’re gonna die!” Yeah, he’s that guy.

He really wouldn’t even be in any Odin squadron if it wasn’t for his father, <a href=”http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/20/20-admiral-slade-chavez/”>Admiral Chavez</a>, the leader of the entire Space Forces.  Booboo doesn’t get along with his father, who would love nothing more than to transform him into a military badass and make him follow in his footsteps.  Booboo would rather be ANYWHERE but a battlefield, but he can’t seem to escape the stranglehold influence of his father.  He was paired with his fellow Odin squad team members to man him up, but he’s pretty resistant to the idea if only to spite his old man.

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