Day# 04 Haywire

| November 4, 2010 | 1 Comment
#04 Haywire for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#04 Haywire for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#04 – Haywire: Born of an accident of the most unusual circumstances you can imagine, and yet in a wide universe, not so entirely unimaginable.

No one knows the exact circumstances. If we knew that we would reproduce them and create more of these… uh… creatures. Or maybe not.

Something to do with a universal G-class Explorer Colony Ship with the latest in Bio-AI cpu carrying out Top Secret Lab experiments just as a Wormhole appeared next to the sun that was going nova at the other end of the wormhole, while the cook was making pastrami for 24,000, and the crew was about to mutiny.

It all came together, –well, actually it all blew apart first, then came together again in a set of wires and conduits, circuits, diodes and motherlodes and AI gating nodes, and more wire and more… well, you get the picture. Thus. Haywire was born.

His best parlour trick is disguising himself as a wire sculpture or a coathanger. He overhears the most interesting things that way. His best non-parlour trick is interfacing with any other type of computational device. Why he even fixed Wheeler’s Toaster at least once before it broke down again into its normal bi-polar state of burn the toast or leave it frozen solid.

How he manged to drift into Wheeler’s Orbits however, is another story for another time. (Besides which, I’ll have to ask Wheeler and Ikey.  ;`)


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Writer/Artist for "Aedre's Firefly" graphic novel webcomic and "Wheeler's Orbits", Science-fantasy webcomic

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  1. Malveka says:

    Woot! The ultimate awesomeness! What a great character. I cannot wait to see this guy appear, in whatever guise he happens to take, whether it be as a tachyon-enabled self-guided seek and destroy plumber’s snake, a high-gain helix-induction sub-aether holovid antenna or something Wheeler takes on board certain it will make a fine Christmas tree. The possibilities are infinite, chaotic, and highly improbable, just the way I like’em. 😛

    As for the story of his origins–I am agape with admiration. A truly magnificient, hilarious and beautifully concise little gem. No comic character could wish for a finer pedigree of DNA. ;^)


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