#4 Otto

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Otto is another of Gonzo’s best friends and partners, though the two don’t get to hang out very often. Otto is married, you see, and very busy all the time working on this or that, making moves and whatnot. Plus he lives a ways away from Gonzo. But the two have fun when they do get together, even if Otto is a bit repetitive, and admittedly so.

Otto is an odd Lemur with a witty sense of humor. He is also the master of the straight-faced pun, and you can never tell whether he’s serious or not until he let’s you know. Well, his friends usually know, but not even them always.

Otto is an intelligent fellow well versed in pop culture and technological. A good guy with a big heart, who always wears sunglasses, but swears up and down they are prescription. We believe you, Otto, we do!

Otto and his fellow Ringtails are always buzzing about, never sitting still, always on the move and making things happen.

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  1. Jess Kirby says:

    So mysterious with the sunglasses. Never takes them off? Makes me wonder what he’s hiding!

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