#12 Yai Phet Thi Sam

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During the superhero boom of the 1980’s, many countries resorted to questionable means in their efforts to build a native team form national defense – Thailand being no exception. Like many nations, they turned to a marginalized population – transvestites and transexuals – hoping to keep the program secret and free from intervention by human rights groups.

Yai Phet Thi Sam is a Class B Strong-Wall super, created by injection with gamma spliced DNA and subsequent controlled internal Alpha Decay immersion. She displays many of the powers traditionally associated with Wall heroes (Super-Strength, Super-Density, Language Entropy) with an added ability to generate and control a deadly radioactive field tethered to her midsection.

Like all of the Thai “ladyboy” heroes, Yai Phet Thi Sam continues to dress and act according to her pre-powered gender identity. Who would stop her, anyway?

note: apologies if I butchered her name, or if it’s completely nonsensical. There isn’t a ton of time to do research for these characters.

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  1. atombat says:

    She Hulk really needs to…. wait, this isn’t….? I really like the idea, great work. 🙂

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