#13 Jericho

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Aiden Jericho along with being a founding member and sub-commander of Project: G.A.T.S., he is also a Cruetelan (like Tarot).  Having lived only 834 year thus far.  Never loses his cool, almost cold, and uncaring at times, Jericho leads his team with perfect, and expects it from them.  He has seen many terrible things in his life, and it seems to have “shut off his emotions”.  Outwardly he seems stoic and steadfast, but when he is with his one love, Vanessa (aka Necra) his emotions come out and he seems just the opposite as on the field and with his squad.

Jericho has a very unique power, he can “turn off” a Genetants powers.  meaning, he can make them powerless for a period.  Obviously this power is immense and feared by many.  On the flip side to that, he can also “turn on” a latent genetants powers.  If they have no emerged yet, he can make them come out.  He helped many of the GATS members open up their reception to their powers untapped.

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