#6 – The Arachnaphobaaphiliac!

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#6 - The Arachnaphobaphiliac! - Jay Faulkner

#6 - The Arachnaphobaphiliac! - Jay Faulkner

Parker Peterson was a janitor at the local museum when, during a science exhibit, a high school student was bitten by a radioactive spider. During the chaos that followed Parker himself was bitten by the same spider, in its dying moments.

Unlike the first bitee, however, Parker didn’t gain any miraculous powers from the bite. Instead he lost his job, being blamed for the accident, as well as picking up (as hs theraist told him) the only known case of phobia and philia at the same time … simply put Parker Peterson is both deathly afraid of spiders (and most creepy crawlies, to be honest) and uncontrollably drawn to them!

The only way that he can balance his irrational love/hate relationship is to don his costume – bee-keeper’s hat, ‘stomping’ boots, bug spray and zapper – and ptrol the streets as his alter-ego: The Arachnaphobaphiliac!

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Hilarious! I love the play on Stan Lee’s Spiderman, too. Well done, Jay. lol

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