#8 Hyomiyaku

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08 北女

Hyomiyaku • Northern chill

Hyomiyaku’s dominion is the north, which makes her the oldest of the Four Snows. She is the aspect that “follows the frightened,” and is points the way to those who die of dread, and suicides.She is a very nimble creature, rather lighthearted despite the nature of her ‘job’, and wraps fuda » around the twin onyx horns she shares with the other Snows. Instead of merely pointing the way to the Parade, she often walks alongside her charges, engaging them in conversation, joking with them, teasing them.

She is also very particular about footwear (a fact that the Parade organisers appreciate and share) and changes from her elevated geta to random period-inspired shoes depending on her mood. While Kooriyh tends to favour a watery element to her, Hyomiyaku prefers vapour.


for Mia »

Still inspired by the Yuki Onna » her name translated is 氷脈, “icy pulse”, and I wanted her to govern that feeling of dread pervasive of pessimists and the paranoid—as opposed to the general depressed feeling of Kooriyh ». She’s generally more social, and is the most active of the Four Snows. The wide range of her contacts and exposure inadvertently affects her dominion: that anything and everything can come crashing down in an inevitable end.

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  1. Violet says:

    I’m intrigued with this character. You have a really eye-catching design. Awesome! I also love how spooky and eerie she looks.

    • K says:

      Thanks! Ukiyo-e and fantasy art are what inspire me most, and the inkwork there is pretty creepy, so I’m glad it emulated accordingly. Somehow. XD

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