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Blake Lewis. Self proclaimed “Prodigal Son of Ephton Valley.” Born in 1957 to one of the last farmers in town, he lived in Ephton Valley until age 16. I wanted to learn more about that time of his life but there are no records and people who remember it are generally tight lipped. His parents passed away in the mid-1980’s and his only relative is a sister who lives abroad.

Lewis returned to Ephton in 2006 and built a mansion on his family’s old farm ground (which was protected under a landmark ordinance that he had Mayor Nichol change). He spun it as the return of Ephton’s progidal son; having conquered the financial world on Wall Street he was bringing his fortune and talents to Ephton. He promises a new era of prosperity. He promises a renewed interest in culture, stability for all mom & pop shops and a guarantee for a secure future. All the locals need to do is sign on the dotted line and follow him into this supposedly brave new world.

The truth is quite different. In Ephton Valley, Lewis can be a big fish in a small pond. On Wall Street he was nothing. He made money that by Ephton standards was a fortune. But to his peers he was just a junior partner, never one with the skills or capacity to rise through the ranks. Now this next part is unconfirmed because his employer did a fine job covering it up, but the belief is he was let go over a sexual harassment case. With his tale between his legs, he came scuttling back to Ephton Valley.

Once back here, he was able to begin anew with this story he constructed about wanting to “give back.” Slowly he began taking control of the town by appealing to the absolute worst in people: greed. His takeover has not been hostile by any means. No, he is a conniving bastard.

Almost immediately he began buying local businesses. His promises were simple and extremely attractive: sign your business over to his company, LewisInc, and you get to keep doing your job like you were before. Only now you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping or advertising or even your health benefits and retirement fund thanks to his comprehensive package. Your future is supposedly secure. Except, of course, at the end of the day not one contract I have seen has those promises explicitly in writing.

Let’s make one thing clear: Blake Lewis does not just want your money. He wants your soul. By signing on his dotted line you are trusting your future to a man whose entire return to Ephton Valley has been based on a dirty, filthy lie.

In recent weeks Lewis has become even more aggressive in his attempts to buy the remaining businesses, as well as available real estate. Coupled with the recent visits to his mansion by out-of-town investors, who he has been telling people are just his “old friends from New York,” a scary picture begins to emerge. Alone, Blake Lewis is worthless to his old Wall Street buddies, that much we know. But with the entire town of Ephton Valley as his bargaining chip, he can cash it in to buy into a bigger game. And do you think the people he sells these Ephton Valley contracts to will honor his promises? Do you think he even cares? And why am I the only one asking these questions about him?

I’ll wrap up this series of profiles tomorrow with the article that lead me to leave my job: the story of the crazy boy who inspired me to speak up. The guy known only as Captain Kerplunk.

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