#8 – Toad the Turtle Rider

| November 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Toad the Turtle Rider

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Toad is an odd sort, he’s fantastic and imaginative and wonderful to be around, but he happens to be very ugly. He is also a collector of turtles; he has big ones, spotted ones, old ones and funny ones. Toad likes the turtles; he surrounds himself by them, talks to them every day, laughs with them and best of all, he rides on them. He has his own reason for this though, he thinks that since the turtles are so ugly, they will make him look better than he really does; unbeknownst to him the opposite is true, he actually makes the turtles look better than they really do.

Toad is somewhat distinguished in his own way, he wears a suit that is in tatters, but a suit none the less. His face and body on the other hand are a very different story; Toad is just down right ugly in every sense of the word. There will be some sort of steering, such as a halter and reins, to guide the head of the turtle and an embellished saddle for Toad to sit in. His turtle friend is very large and looks pretty normal as a turtle goes and Toad is perched upon it’s back, taking it for a daily ride.

Category: Humor

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  1. K says:

    I always look forward to your output, both of you! Very inspiring and very strange.

  2. Chris Tupa says:

    So cool! Great inks and poses!

  3. saulone says:

    Man, I love your stuff. Your work is fantastic.

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