#5 The Junior

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05 後輩

Rizwän • Junior Director

The Junior Director is everywhere the First Department Chief » cannot be, and during the immensely hectic months directly preceding the Grand Parade », he is indispensable to its success. Lacking his superior’s experience and sufficient daemon matter to withstand multiple physical teleportations in the World Layers, Rizwän nonetheless has utilised his ability to transmit and project his form—a kind of possession—onto any ‘seeded’ humanoid to the best of effect.

Rizwän had only participated in the Parade as a Walker only once, despite the centuries he has spent helping to organise it. He is very accommodating to new members of the staff, or new Walkers, and often handles the first round of recruitment interviews. The more veteran daemons tease him from time to time, but are still careful, knowing he wears the pinstripes of high command.


for Timothy »

Rizwän’s overall humanoid look was based off a friend and former kouhai who could still manage a smile despite so much stress! The not-so-human side was inspired by a photo of a burned-down Shinto temple. His role is based off Redouane », the Islamic angel of maintenance.

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