#18 Dr. Astrid Lotus

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Oh, my.  Did I let my Famke Jaansen girl-crush seep into my character design?  Cut me some slack, guys.  It’s not like I’m without purpose here.

Dr. Astrid Lotus, unlike Dr. Artimedes, is a psychiatrist/counselor on Valhalla Station who doesn’t suck at her job. On the contrary, she’s quite good at what she does. Dr. Lotus is a kind, compassionate woman who takes the time to help her patients work through their issues, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many hard questions need to be asked, no matter how much information needs to be shared. She is much less likely to go doling out prescriptions just to get you out of her office so she can go on her next coffee break. No, Dr. Lotus wants to know all you have to share.

That she’s so good at her job makes her an even bigger puzzle to the people around her than Dr. Artimedes. What makes this woman so devoted to her job? It isn’t the money, that’s for sure. And the clientele is especially difficult. So why does she do what she does so well? Most people on Valhalla think it’s because she simply has that much passion for her work.

Or at least that’s what they hope.

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