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Jerry Khaba brother of the pharaoh, was buried alive with the fallen king’s body. He was a man of looks, fashion and self preservation. He loved tanning, and he wasn’t finished his tan when he was locked in Khaba’s tomb. So he used sorcery to keep himself alive so that when his brother’s tomb was raided – hopefully not long after the ceremony – he could bask in the sun one more time before passing. Only 4660 years passed when the tomb was unsealed, Jerry was so excited! After all the scientist were scared away,  taking one step into the sun, he was overwhelmed by its brightness. He went to block what eyes he had left from the sun, he burst into dust. The above picture is a depiction of what his last moment was like… total and utter euphoria.

#1 Nemtyemsaf II

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My first entry for this year’s challenge. Who doesn’t love mummies?

#25 Amun-Em-Helmholtz

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Heinrich Helmholtz led the Geistmacht, a cadre of elite Nazi officers trained in the occult. During the North African Campaign of World War II, the Geistmacht was in Egypt, searching for ways to prolong the lives of Hitler and his lieutenants. The Geistmacht immersed themselves in ancient Egyptian mysticism, growing in power every day. Helmholtz eventually declared himself Amun-Em-Helmholtz, the new manifestation of Amun Ra on earth.

As the Allies began to drive the Nazis out of North Africa, the Geistmacht were forced to use their arcane knowledge to have themselves mummified, expecting themselves to be revived after the Third Reich’s eventual victory.

With the Third Reich’s fall, the Geistmacht were left to sleep in the Sahara Desert until they were accidentally discovered by looters in the early 21st century. Awakened to an unsuspecting world, the Geistmacht began advancing with the goal of setting up Amun-Em-Helmholtz as the pharaoh of the Fourth Reich.

Eventually the Geistmacht were defeated by The Squadronnaires.

#6 Deadeye Huitzilo the Vaquero

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In the late nineteenth century, a group of gringo treasure hunters popped south of the border hoping to find some fabled Aztec gold. Instead, they left emptyhanded, only leaving about two dozen or so disintered Aztec burial grounds in their greedy wake. One of those tombs was that of the emperor. Shortly thereafter, his sworn protector, Huitzilo felt himself dragged back to the mortal coil only to walk the Earth again, seeking to punish the defilers, even if it takes eternity.
The weapons might be different these days, but brutality never changes.

Sorry it’s not colored & like the others I did. I’m opting to spend the time catching up. If I’ve the extra time, I’ll go back & add them.

On the list of jumping off points I had for characters “cowboy mummy” was a joke but was something I kept going back to trying to rationalize. It suddenly clicked when I figured there was a better chance of an Aztec mummy than your garden variety Egyptian bandaged number wandering the old west; so I went that route. His name is based on Huitzilopochtli, who wikipedia tells me was the Aztec god of war. The word has something to do with hummingbirds, which I thought would also have a cool connotation as to how quick a shot he is, despite rigor & the frailty of a corpse.