#25 Amun-Em-Helmholtz

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Heinrich Helmholtz led the Geistmacht, a cadre of elite Nazi officers trained in the occult. During the North African Campaign of World War II, the Geistmacht was in Egypt, searching for ways to prolong the lives of Hitler and his lieutenants. The Geistmacht immersed themselves in ancient Egyptian mysticism, growing in power every day. Helmholtz eventually declared himself Amun-Em-Helmholtz, the new manifestation of Amun Ra on earth.

As the Allies began to drive the Nazis out of North Africa, the Geistmacht were forced to use their arcane knowledge to have themselves mummified, expecting themselves to be revived after the Third Reich’s eventual victory.

With the Third Reich’s fall, the Geistmacht were left to sleep in the Sahara Desert until they were accidentally discovered by looters in the early 21st century. Awakened to an unsuspecting world, the Geistmacht began advancing with the goal of setting up Amun-Em-Helmholtz as the pharaoh of the Fourth Reich.

Eventually the Geistmacht were defeated by The Squadronnaires.

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