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#12 Roderick Least

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 “Roderick Least, part time business man, full-time Greek god. How may I be of service to you?”


#12: Boost

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A power amplifier, Boost.

Young Sara Walsh has a special ability; she can enter the bodies of people and amplify their abilities, particularly super humans. A power booster, Sara was abducted from her home by the Archangel Corporation’s private military group and brought in for tests on the the potential her ability can do for their living weapons. The discovered that her ability gives no drawbacks to anyone using her, as she absorbs all the damage an overloaded person would normally take and with her healing factor, stay alive to do it again. This went on for years, until the Front Line, now waging a war with the Archangel Corporation, free her during a facility transfer. Rescued, the Front Line attempts to offer her membership into the group, yet Sara only wants to see her family, only to find out that the truth was, it was her own family that sold her to the Archangel Corporation.

Betrayed and now having a reason to fight Archangel, Sara joins the Front Line under the code name, Boost, where the team implements her as a support/rescue operative and provide her asylum and treatments with the Loman Organization.

Abilities: Boost has the ability to amplify another individuals abilities. This is achieved by her essentially shutting off the body’s own limit controls in tandem with her own energy pouring into the subject to increase one’s abilities exponentially. To prevent the physical and mental pain that would occur should an individual “overclock” themselves, Boost absorbs all the stress and pain into her own body and takes the hit for them. Her healing factor enables her to recover from these injuries, yet if she uses or absorbs too much, her body will physically shut down so that it can recover completely.  Boost has also recently learned to use her ability offensively by “overloading” an individual by amplifying them to the point that they themselves pass out from the shockwave of pain, yet she still receives the pain backlash, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Creation: I can not take complete credit for the credit for the character, save for her design and name, as she was given to me by former owner of Brainstorm Comics, Robert Kimmons, as he told of a superhero character he used that would amplify other character’s abilities, yet didn’t have an explanation on how her powers would work. I supplied one based on Naruto’s Guy and Rock Lee’s own ability to release their own mental limits, and he offered to let me use the character for my own comic use. The offensive use of her ability came from watching Scryed’s Scheris Adjani’s Alter, Eternal Devote, used to deliver shocks of pain to an enemy, so I included it into her ability list. Her  first name was actually based on a girl I knew in college and for a long while, her visual design was based on her, until recent as I had to draw this character from off the top of my head and I was also updating her attire for this challenge.

#11 – Tovi

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He sure looks happy! :)

#10 – Stellaria

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I should have colored all the little stars but I just didn’t have the patience. I’ve got to draw three characters tonight to catch up!
Stellaria is also the genus of the weedy plant "Chickweed"

Day 12: Flower fairies

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This one is sort of a string of fairy/sprite folk I am kind of playing with using the thought of “how would they camouflage?” In this case I envision them using crests (like a cockatoos) with flower petal looking “feathers” in a way. ATM I am very very tired. Spent pretty much all day on my feet and ready to go zonk out a bit.

#12 – Varian, the chameleon princess

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Princess Varian once ruled over a small prosperous kingdom until she was lured into a pact with an evil spirit who promised her immortality and magical powers. The spirit ended up cursing her and placing her within the closest body he could find, that of a jungle chameleon. Inside this chameleon body she did in fact had her wish of immortality and magical powers granted so she immediately started to practice regaining her human form.

Her magical powers eventually did grant her the ability to return to her human form. While she can turn into a human, her form is disfigured and she is left with a scarred face and one chameleon eye which often scares those that she talks to. Her kingdom has since crumbled without their princess so she has become a vagabond, traveling from kingdom to kingdom with no purpose. As time goes by she resorts to killing local livestock in the night and often leaving townsfolk scared and bewildered at their dead livestock and at the frightening appearance of a lizard woman on their property.

A couple thousand years later she is still alive but has gone slightly insane. Parents often tell their children the legend that the demon chameleon princess will devour them in their sleep if they misbehave. What these parents don’t know is that she really is out there, still alive and still very hungry.


#12 The Spirit of Jest

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Hey! Lighten up, pal!

Julian Omara

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In his mid 20s, Julian used to spend his time surfing on the coast, but has been forced to stop, now that he’s in landlocked Iowa. Julian is from Los Angeles, although he recently moved because his girlfriend was going to college in Iowa. He currently works in a car repair shop.


#12 “Reflexion” Carlos Mendoza

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Universe/Storyline: The Band

Universe details: In the isolated city of Crescent where these characters live, superpowers spring from close encounters with death. Only people born in the city can gain these powers, and since this is a relatively new settlement, the first generation of people born there are just starting to show signs of super-fication. This means mostly kids and teens. Of the teens, Camille, Max, Amelia, Walter, and Rin decide to team up and form a band. They take it upon themselves to help other kids who are just getting powers/dealing with death. Eventually, when The Band realizes that everyone deserves to be informed about the city’s unique predicament, they try to reach every kid in the city at once by putting on a live concert.

Height: 5’ 7”

Body Type: Athletic, broad shouldered, but still kinda skinny. Could be a quarterback.

Hair: Black, short but voluminous.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Race: Latino

Age: 16

Attire: Average attire for his age. T-shirts and shorts, cross-trainers. He doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

Superpowers: Mimicry (subconscious, primary)- When Carlos is attacked, he has an instinctual defensive reaction to imitate the attack exactly as it’s coming to him. And when I say exactly, I mean, exactly. Carlos temporarily shape-shifts into his attacker and imitates their moves as if he were the mirror image of him/her. Anything that he is being attacked with is also temporarily copied. This reaction only goes on so long as Carlos feels threatened, and he can only reflect whoever is directly threatening him at the time. If multiple people attack him at once, those attacking are each countered by a reflection of themselves at the same time, in the same place. To an outside observer this might look like Carlos has surrounded himself with mirrors (but the reflections can move in 3D space).

Personality: Carlos has always wanted to be a leader. He is captain of the basketball team at Crescent High, and he wants to study law and eventually run for city government. Carlos always believed that an admirable government ran the city of Crescent, until he saw The Band’s first concert, and the overreaction of law enforcement to The Band’s ‘peaceful protest’ of the city’s law. The concert is followed by the ‘Powers Riots’, during which many confused and newly empowered teens run rampant in the city thinking they can do whatever they want. Carlos tries to help them, but his vision of an ideal social system has fallen to pieces in the chaos. Instead, Carlos decides to gather as many people that will follow into a group called the ‘New Powers’. Together they attempt a hostile takeover of the city in order to run it under their ideal version of the law. Among the New Powers are “Greenbeard” Greg Beardsley, “Liftoff” Laurie Simmons, and “Insomniac” Tyler Farillo. Carlos finds that he greatly enjoys leading these powerful people, though he’s not sure where they’re headed. Like most revolutionaries, he is not evil; he is only trying to create a better future for himself and his followers.

Power source/backstory:

  1. Carlos was at The Band’s first concert, where overenthusiastic heroes killed a person disguised as a usually robotic police officer.

Theme Song: Take the Power Back- Rage Against the Machine


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It sits and waits and watches…

#8 – Big-Eyed Betty

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#12 Aoide the Muse

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Her mere presence sparks the imagination of others.




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Xenix The Technogoth

 The year is 2501.  Earth four centuries earlier was devastated by a nuclear holocaust.  A global conglomerate that anticipated the event hid underground until the background radiation was safe enough to come to the surface and take whatever was left.  They rose up, subjigated the local survivors and turned them into a slave race known as The Technogoths.  The corporation’s head modeled this new government and culture after the Roman Empire.  Four centuries later.  The decendents of the executives became the nobilility of what will be known as THE NEOROMANA.  A one-world government that whose prosperity and comfort is based on The Technogoth slave labor.  Some are sent to mining camps, plantations, some are servants, and others are sent to entertain the masses in death sport in the arenas. 

This is the story of one such Technogoth gladiator named Xenix.  Who was genetically conditioned to be the ultimate gladiator.  Who would eventually become so powerful that he broke the bonds of slavery and would lead an uprising against his people’s oppressors!


Day 10: Matthew Colt

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Unlike Johnny, Matthew is the real deal. Searching for the hack/slash killer and decides to start at his beginning at Blue Creek. Has been hunting the paranormal for ten+ years since he lost his family from a vengeful spirit. ultimate badass who drives a black hummer.

Influences seen in photo.


#12 Assassin

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Nothing to tell, just a female assassin i drew up.  Fantasy type setting.


Day 9: Deputy Butch Smith

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Deputy to Sheriff Cooper, Billy is more open-mided and adept at his job than the ederly Cooper. He hits it off with Jake almost immediately. When Jake leaves Blue Creek to find the Hack/slash killer Deputy Smith comes along to.

Inspirations seen in photo:

#12 Steven Butler – Mourner

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The sun shouldn’t shine on the first of the month. It just isn’t right that the day is bright and warm when I visit Patricia. The sky should be cold and gray with a hard heavy rain.

Sometimes when the weather is just too nice, I think about skipping that day, telling myself that I’d make it up tomorrow. But I can’t do that, because tomorrow would become next week, and next week would become next month, until it becomes a perennial sometime soon. So no matter how beautiful it is, I go to the cemetery and walk down the rows of markers until I find hers.

I leave my flowers on the marker, maybe brush away a few dead leaves and then I go. I don’t say anything because she’s not there. Not in any sense. This is just a piece of stone over a plot of empty ground. Pat’s body was left on a field half a world away, no chance of recovery. I got a folded flag and an empty casket to stand in for her.

When I leave the grounds, that’s the moment I really dread. Right across from the cemetery entrance, there’s a nice little park. What stupid idiot thought that was a good idea? Because on those sunny days, I drive out onto the street and see the children playing on swings and screwing around on the slides. And I just sit there waiting to drive, cursing the stupid shit that I used to be for ever thinking “There’d be time.”

#12 Mr. E. Nid

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mr. eric nid some kind of odd, white, puffy daddy long legs. he really dislikes humans, but finds their structures strangely aluring as long as they themselves are not present. he is commonly found in areas of new england. also he is based of some strange phenomenon going on in our new house’s basement. his name is also a clever joke oh ho ho get it mr. e cause whatever’s happening to those spiders is a mystery 😮

#4: Orli the Vampire

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Your friendly neighborhood vampire who may or may not be based on an iconic horror movie character.

She loves to write poetry and play with light switches; she really hates sunburn (which she gets far too easily) and seeing people drop too many things.


#11 Jackie (dressed in cobras)

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jackie (dressed in cobras) was drawn because i was trapped wandering a stripmall while the car got repaired. the last song i’d heard was The New Pornographers and well these things happen.

jackie is clearly a snaketamer. in nudist land.

#12 Absynthia

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Absynthia Corpulenta is a 17 year old Senior at  Laguna Hills High School in Orange County CA.  She  is the only child of  Dr. Dan Corpulenta a successful orthopedic surgeon and  Susan Corpulenta  an equally successful Divorce Attorney.  They live in a huge mansion in  Laguna Hills where Absynthia has always gotten the best of everything in life. Her parents love and respect her dearly and are totally accepting of Absynthia’s Goth lifestyle.

There has never been even a single shred of dysfunction in her life!  The fact that she has nothing to be sad about really makes Absynthia sad. So in the last year she has taken up eating.

A lot!

She eats because she’s  sad and she’s sad because she eats.




#8 – The Predators!

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The Predators


#11 Sir Robin of the Red Breast

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Seems like the court of birds is growing…

Day 12 – Pepper

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Companion piece to Salt, but I like this one a lot better 🙂 Forgot to post her yesterday because Skyrim kind of owned my soul. It’s a good thing I got myself ahead e_e

#6 Evilspeed

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Evilspeed : Status : Villain

Evilspeed possesses the neovidual ability of superhuman speed. Evilspeed can exact any action at these high speeds. The limit to how fast Evilspeed can move is not officially known (because of course he would never cooperate with any official testing). However, it has been recorded during an encounter by the S.C.O.P.E. metropolitan city scale security organization that Evilspeed can easily move beyond the speed of sound for hours at a time.

Evilspeed is one of three members belonging to the villain sibling group “The Tri-Brothers Bedlam”; a group which his older brother Blister Fist is also a member.

Artist G.R. on Twitter

The  webcomic “Internal Hero Presents” 


#7 – Bad Baby!

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Bad Baby



#10- Simon

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A tired circus clown and puppeteer. His dream job is to be an actor on the stage, but not a clown. He tried out for a play years ago, and got the part as the gay clown.

#6 – Lucifer Morningstar, the Ãœbermensch

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"Behold, I teach you the Superman: he is that lightning, he is that frenzy!" -- Friedrich Nietzsche, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"

“Behold, I teach you the Superman: he is that lightning, he is that frenzy!” — Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

Lucifer Morningstar, the Übermensch

#13 Maladora and satyr

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Maladora the druid and a satyr

Maladora the druid and a satyr


This is Maladora, she is an elven druid. Very mysterious and quite powerful-she knows numerous enchantments and uses forest glyphs to explosive effect. The other elves keep a safe distance from the druids-as they often tame/bewitch various forest monsters…in this case a satyr. For this reason they are called the ‘sirens of the forest’.

#12 Meki , elf engineer

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Meki , an elven engineer

Meki , an elven engineer


Ok more elves :D. This is Meki, she is the chief engineer and mechanic of the wood elves. She designs weapons/golems/and various devices.

#12 DuckFace Lass!

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