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#16 – The Widowmaker (GWP)

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I hate that I’m a day behind. And I hate that I have no idea what’s next.

This is the last of my Galaxy Wrestling Pro characters. It only figures that I’d have a “monster” type in there (like the Undertaker or Kane). Thing about him is he’s the most human of all the Earthlings. He takes the mask off, the character is kept for the arena. When the match is over, and he gets backstage, he is just himself. The others…they are always on. ‘Maker is all business when the cameras are rolling. He desperately wants to get back home to his family.

NOTE: I’m using Hero-O-Matic (aka Fabrica De Herois) to create my characters. If you’re a writer who can’t draw (like me!), you might want to try it!

Tomorrow…a surprise for all of us!

#18_Captain of the Cumulus Corsair

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"Captain of the Cumulus Corsair"

"Captain of the Cumulus Corsair"

#17 Transom

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Day 17 – Soi

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A small cutie pie made of cloth. He is very flexible and stretchy, and super small.

#17 – Angel of Life

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Day17 - Angel of Life by George Ward

The Angel of Life is the sister of the Angel of Death and has the job of bringing new life into the world.  She must make sure there is a balance of personality types in the world in order to maintain conflict without any side having the resources to overcome the others.  She also makes sure no one dies before they have accomplished their purpose on Earth.  She has no control over when people die, which is her sisters job, but she will argue with her sister to save a life that she feels needs to be spared

#17 – Filio

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man, this is p. uninspired but this is rushed at the same time urghhhhhhh

This is Filio! He is in the space story, but he’s not a pilot.  He’s more of a behind the scenes guy and works with computers and stuff.

#17 Tasmarin

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#18 Pixel

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#17: Felicia, Boss of Hearts

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Felicia, the boss of Hearts. One of the four bosses of the Suite Mafia. Enjoys a good game of poker and a few head shots every once in a while. Other than that, he’s pretty subdued.

I’m sure you all get where this reference comes from. I decided to rework some ideas swimming in my head from long ago. I also like female names for older men.


Day 17: the nut house

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Hubert and Spaz share a tree. They do not seem to share anything else though. Hubert is a rather quiet slow moving bird while Spaz is ….well Spaz. 🙂

#17- Maggie Mischief

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Maggie Mischief is what her doting parents call young Margaret. Her neighbours call her a pest.


#15 nJoo

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The Joo’s are a working class of creatures that are extremely talented at the arts. They are born extremely diverse in their skills and can create masterpieces with just about any medium..within minutes. Njoo was an anomaly-born with a strange birth defect , he can barely manage to put together a painting resembling chicken scratches even with hours of work. That is until he starts to get frustrated–as he slowly loses his patience, he physically transforms into something else all together. Perhaps then he may finally produce something worthy of attention.

*This was inspired by a fellow artist friend (Andrew Hou, aka nJoo)…he told me to design a character based on him…so this is what I came up with!

**yet to be designed-nJoo Rage mode!

#20 Bot

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No idea what this thing does. I was looking out of the window and saw something on the neighbours house and it looked like an evil robot. Turned out to be a chimney (I know, crazy right?).

#16 Verde

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#19 Arms

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It’s Amy, the arms. She got her “powers” by accident, or stupidity. When she was a child she wanted to be a supermodel when she grew up. She thought if she hung from the rack in the closet she’d get taller. Silly girl hung from her arms and here she is with long arms and average legs. She’s still super.

#17 The Phenom

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The Phenom

The Phenom

#18 Nose

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The Nose has no powers. He really wants to be a superhero and his friends felt sorry for him. So when he said he had a hyper sense of smell they let him run with it and gave him a costume.


Day 17: The Dragon Writer

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A dragon writing on a type writer.Deep in a cavern, the Dragon Writer sits, pounding away on his typewriter and drinking scalding cappuccinos. As the stack of completed pages grows higher, paper flies in the air on his breath, and begins to burn up, now in the direct path of the smoke. Thus begins the near-eternal writing and rewriting of his novel.


#17 Feather

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Light as a feather, stiff as a board. His sisters made him play when he was just a boy. They made him light as a feather but couldn’t figure out how to turn him back to normal.  It’s not much of a power, but it’s something.


#12 Mean Lady

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She comes to the store all the time, almost every day, and in her opinion, that should give her a special status around all these other not-so-regular shoppers.  It certainly should get her top-notch service, regardless of the fact that she returns half the things she buys.  Sometimes she even uses the stuff she buys before she returns it.  She knows it, and the cashier behind the returns desk knows it, but she also knows the little bitch wouldn’t dare accuse her of lying.  They’ve been through this before, and she’s perfectly willing to occupy every single manager’s time until she gets what she wants.  That is, after all, how to get exactly what you want.

Never mind wether it’s fair or not.  Nothing is fair, and besides, if any of the people working there had an ounce of dignity they’d find a different job.  No, these people were all losers, and she never minded getting one over on a loser.  It taught them a lesson.  Made sure they didn’t forget that they were the losers, and not her.

Some days she wouldn’t even buy anything.  She’d pick things up, put them in her cart, walk a few aisles over and set it down in entirely the wrong spot.  Makeup with the bleach.  underwear on the shelf with the twinkies, a six-pack of socks tucked behind the magazines right next to the cashier, almost daring her to say a thing.  But they never did.  They knew their place.  She made sure of that.

On days when someone wasn’t quite as cheerful and humble as they were supposed to be she’d be a little naughty, and do things like leave a quart of ice-cream on top of the DVDs, biting her cheek at the thought of that guy who was too busy to help her, finding it hours later, when he was finally done with that massive cart full of boxes he was trying to empty.  Since he didn’t want to do his job by dropping everything for her, well, she’d make sure he had plenty of work to do.  Life was like that, after all.  Not fair at all.

She never went out of her way to be nice to any of these losers, either.  After all, if they couldn’t find a better job than that, they must be mentally deficient and should be watched.  Carefully.  And sometimes, well, no, often, they needed to be directed.  Forcefully.  It wasn’t that she was unkind, it was that she didn’t have to be, not to these little ants scurrying around her.  She could be as mean as she liked, and they still had to kiss her ass.  She loved that.

#16 Pits

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He’s the pits. His only super power is that he can knock anyone out with his hideous armpit odor. Of course his major weakness is hygiene products.  The aerosol deodorants are the worst.







#17 – Wyen

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#17 Dave “the Cowl” Winston

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#17 Dave "the Cowl" Winston

#16 – Cobra

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Jason To is the only good cop left in a city filled with bad cops.

It all started when Johnny Law came to town. Up to that point, the Triads had been more than happy to keep a low profile and to simply avoid the police as much as possible. “Too much hassle, not enough money” they used to day. Johnny Law didn’t believe in keeping a low profile, or in keeping appearances. He also didn’t care much for the law. Once he obtained control of the drug trade, he began a very public and bloody war against the police. Family’s were slaughtered and displayed on the streets; officers were taken out of their patrol cars and beaten senseless in the best of cases. In the worst of cases, they were maimed or disfigured.

Cops and detectives began quitting left and right. And the people that was coming in and replacing them were clearly already in Johnny Law’s pocket. He had crippled them, humiliated them and now pretended to turn them into their servants. But they were still people inside the department who believed in the letter of the law. People like Jason To and his partner Lei Wu. Together, they brought together every clean cop left in the force and formulated a slow but safe plan to put Law and his goons behind bars.

It took them months of planning and preparing, finding just the right opportunity, until it finally presented itself. And it would have worked. The drugs were there, Johnny Law and his people were there, the Czech smugglers were there. However, Law’s crooked cops were there too. They had all been warned of their plan by one of their own. A rookie cop who’s daughter had been killed in the slaughters, and had sold his brothers in arms under the promise that his family would not be harmed any further. Law thanked the rookie’s gesture with a bullet to the head. The rest of the cops were also mowed down. They were made to look by Law’s police as if they’d been the ones behind the drug smuggling, their names and reputations forever tarnished, as if death was not enough.

The only reason To survived was because he was protected of most of the bullets meant for him by his partner, Detective Wu. In his dreams he can still see him, dancing that epileptic death dance caused by the shrapnel entering your body. He woke up in a body bag, only half an hour after the massacre, while they were carrying them to the morgue. He managed to escape without being detected, but didn’t manage to make it very far. His wounds were still fatal. He was gonna die either way.

Fate decided to intervene that day and save To’s life in the form of a street bum who found him out lying on the streets and decided to help him. In a different life, he had been Li Fang, a brilliant surgeon who lost all will to live after his wife was killed during a gang shooting. He cared for To and managed to hide him until he recovered. But it didn’t matter that the bum had saved Jason’s life, the man who had been Jason To had died that night with the rest of his brothers. He felt cold and empty inside, and there was now a rage boiling in his gut that he couldn’t calm down no matter how much he tried.

It was in that moment that the creature who had once been Jason To renounced to everything he had once believed in: He renounced happiness, camaraderie, justice and mercy. If he was to bring Johnny Law and his corrupt police department down, he would have to renounce all of these things, for these things meant nothing o Johnny. He operated above them, and simply could not touch him. This creature stalks and continues stalking the lonely allies and seedy corners of the city. It is in every shadow, coming when least expected, guns a ‘blazing, its manic laugh chilling crooks and lowlifes to their core. It enjoys playing with them, especially Law’s little cops. It enjoys frightening them, chasing them and marking them, sending them back to Law so that he can know that it is out there and it will not rest. It wants Law to know that he created it, and that it will one day work his way up to him. And it will enjoy the journey.

Fang continues to be by his side, acting as his conscience and trying to bring out what little’s left of Jason To in order to contain the raging fury of the creature. But Jason To has lost all will to live. He’s a broken shell of a man. And the creature, Cobra, is ruthless, venomous and angry enough to continue living through all the pain and disappointment until he’s shed the blood of everyone it’s deemed guilty.


#15: The Trickster

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With the cunning that would be expected of a fox, The Trickster is sure to cause a little havoc in everyone’s life. He seems to have a weakness to banana milkshakes and mangoes, though, and will not bother you if you leave either for him.

Icicle Monster

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The monster Icicle strikes back and starts to lick a little kid for revenge

#17 Edmund Wojczik

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Name: Edmund Wojczik

ID: 2187416

Species: Homo sapiens

Age: 42 [given in the Thermoplyaean calendar; by the discontinued Georgian calendar: 35]

Place of Birth: Municipality P612, Terraspace 1 [formerly, Warsaw, Poland]

Position: Pilot of Firebird 117

Years in Service: 18 (Thermoplyaean calendar; 15 in Gregorian years)

Current assignment: RE216945

Heading: Return to Earth-1A


Born to ||||||| and |||||||||| |||||||||||||||| in the year 2126 (Georgian calendar), Edmund Wojczik is among the last of humanity who were unaware of the existence of extraterrestrial life. At age 10, he witnessed the first wave of the invasion of Earth-1A, colloquially known as the Great Reckoning of America, by the species Tenodera sefersis, better known as the Sefers. This was defined as the turning point of his life, as it was for so many others, as invasions of the rest of the Americas and Europe soon followed. Like many, he was orphaned in the Second Burning of Warsaw. He was placed at ||||||||||||||||||||||| in ||||||||||||, Russia (now know as Municipality R386, Terraspace 1). The Sefers were incapable of invading Russia, but this was a small mercy. Living conditions were crowded and supplies were meagre. Upon turning 16, the ‘new’ age of majority at the time, he joined the 14th division of the Zemstvo Armed Forces.

Scores in languages, history, and extinct cultures were dismal. Scores in mathematics, computer theory, biology, and chemistry fell within an acceptable percentile. Despite poor testing results, Wojczik, now known as ‘Toothless’ in an ironic statement about his penchant for improper use of teeth during physical altercations, excelled in strategy and flight simulations, using complex tactics and plans before they were instructed to him (if anything, proper instruction decreased his understanding of a technique). For this reason, he was sent to the Flight Sector upon completing the introductory training.

Wojczik completed secondary flight training in record time and was fitted with a Lebesgue Suit, model number LXS-907823. Since then, he has flown Firebird 117. The Lebesgue Suit allows for full integration of the user’s central nervous system to the ship’s user interface, allowing for more direct interaction with the ship’s computer system. This enables faster command processing speed and less ambiguity with the user’s desires and the outputted results. The user may take himself offline at any time and pilot the ship manually, but the action is not recommended as it takes several minutes to engage external manual mode. Wojczik is noted for engaging the ship’s autopilot mode as little as possible; it is only engaged when he is sleeping. Otherwise, he is piloting the ship at every waking moment.

Assessment: Wojczik should be disengaged upon immediate return to Earth and given at least two years sabbatical to somewhere like Municipality J452, Terraspace 2 (formerly Kingston, Jamaica) or Municipality U918 (formerly Oahu, United States of America). He has been in the suit for too long. May God help him.

#14: Simon

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Simon never really got along with kids his age. He much preferred reading in the forest, and talking to the leaves.

#17 – Miche “Dollface” Holmes

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Had a dream about this gal last night so I thought I would sketch her out. Her name is Miche and she is a derby girl. She lived in Oakland, Ca in some time set in the future (looked like 2100 or so, not much different from our world just a lot of gadgets and things). Regular Roller Derby became obsolete in this age with the passing of a law allowing robotics in sports. Now all sports are played with professonals that have a certain amount of augmentation. It’s impressive in this age to be an athlete with fewer than 3 augments and unheard of to have none. You won’t be able to compete witht he rest of the half robot/half human pack.

So Miche, is a girl with no augments and she decides to start the first non-augmented roller derby league. She collects people from every walk of life and decides to challenge the national roller derby team with her league of normal athletes. Her derby name is Dollface, due to the fact that she paints two bright pink circles on her face before skating. She also wears little angel wings on her back purely for fun 🙂

Having recently become “fresh meat” myself this was a lot of fun to draw. Maybe i’ll do the same as Miche and be Dollface from now on, who knows ^_^

Thanks for stopping by!


#17 Kassy Klondike – Murderer

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#17 Kassy Klondike - Murderer












day #17 the angry old dwarf

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Another fighter for the ring of superhumans. Everyone calls him the angry old Dwarf, and despite the fact he hates it he doesn’t use his real one ever. He’s the oldest member of the fighting league and uses air elements to fight and packs a mean left hook. He’s always saying how undisciplined the younger fighters are, and his comments on the politcs of the time run similar.