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Day 30

| December 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Less than 40 minuites to go (my time)

Red tigress is an interesting hero since most would assume she has some sort of super strength or invulnerbility. In fact she has neither. Although she does have training in different forms of martial arts, as well as an impressive bench of 258, she is not above regular human capabilities in these areas. But she can fly which she shows off at any opportunity. The woman does love her job.

Day 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Bottom of a bottle

A story about Djinn like race of creatures that can’t actually grant wishes they simply appear to. I havn’t really come up with much of a story maybe I will later.

Sandra is desperate she needs a miracle and goes out searching for a wish. Unfortunately she doesn’t find the djinn she’s looking for. Simply their look-a-likes.


I will have to get this story together some time.

Day 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hunting the Stars

Russle is an explorer, one of the best. He’s been involved in eighteen succssful contact missions. This time trying to save a subspace species from a dying solar system. He’s taking this mission extremly seriously.

Miss Ragg is one of the best pilots outside the military and is part of the rescue mission for the money. Or at least thats what she keeps complaing loudly, “But at least you damn scientists pay well.” She seems convinced this will be boring, unless she waits for the star to implode.

Marius is the medical officer for this fateful rescue mission, although it is a minimal staff. He’s the eternal student almost too excited about learning somthing new and foreign. His crewmates don’t share his exuburance but that doesn’t bother him one bit.

Eran Rec is one of the last Balion left, with the increasing star mass preceding the implosion many of the race died due to the extreme heat. Since royalty reside deeper in the planets core the more elite have survived. Although born royal Rec is not infact of the bloodline. She instead is a warrior tasked with protecting her younger brother who exhibits the more desirealbe qualities of the elite.

Takk is one of three heirs left in the royal line, since six rule at once this and the sun’s implosion have become problematic for balion. Takk was responsible for the security of his people and since the demise of his fellow would be rulers their agriculture as well. He seems to be more adept at the latter and often consults his sister on the former, despite the break from convention that is. They run into the rescue team running from a new threat. Another foriegn species is after the Balion leaders.

Btal is from an intersteallar species who’s goal is to rule the universe. She’s been tasked with obtaining and preserving the Balion leaders for study and ways to influence their decisions. Also for preservation, inferior species have been proven useful in the past and to loose such an asset could be detremental to the rule of her race.

Day 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

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Next up characters involved with the legend of the first siren.


Gatekeeper is a creature that usually the tour boats occasionaly spot. An old scarred Veshan that appears once and awhile around the rock formation called the grey gates. The nickname is more accurate than the tour leaders know. Gatekeeper watches over the prison of the first siren.

Brine is the Siren’s first thrall and the creature most responsible for the Gatekeeper’s scars. He’s yet to be successful freeing his mistress but despite his numerous attemps and fellow thralls he more often than not ends up just as battered and bruised.

Karleigh is the first siren, she used to be human until some unfortunate events involving slavery and murder. She started by seeking passage upon any ship that would take her, seducing then disembowling most of the crew. Those she liked she kept as toys thralls. Eventually more women joined her to become sirens and she began building an army. No one knew her intent but the clear threat caused the Umati (a people of the sea) to imprison her between the Grey Gates at the very bottom of the sea. Magic keeps her imprisoned though not completley helpless. The call of the siren can be strong for certain individuals. Especially when she wishes to be free.

George Biggs is an avid surfer and the only surfer to dare the Grey Gates. Contrary to many peoples beliefs he did not loose his arm to a shark but to a car accident. He likes to float around the gates because he can hear the most beutiful song.

Bo is a warrior Umati who is charged with caring for Gatekeeper as well as his charge. It is a position of great honour but also isolation. The Umati would not keep an enemy imprisoned even close to their home. The grey gates are deeper and cooler waters than what they tend to keep to so due to her endurance and resolve Bo was chosen. Although they avoid human contact Bo has one to confide in. The Umati use camoflauge but Bo being poorly skilled at it only does so sparringly.

Jaques is Bo’s one confidant and friend, he is also completly unaware that she is Umati. This is largley because he’s blind. (how else could you mis the fact you’re talking to an eight foot bright pink octipus lady) He lives in a little shack on the edge of the water and likes to sit out on the dock and listen to the water. He always calls Bo a little mermaid since she always comes from the water, yet he has know idea how close that aproximation is. Although the Umati don’t take to kindly to being related to their less discrete and more obnoxious counterparts.

Aillis works for Jaques as a housekeeper. He wasn’t exaclty hiring but she sorta hired herself. She’s a mother of three soon to be four and happy with her work. She’s caught glimpses of Bo but doesn’t worry too much about it, her grandmother was a dryad so the umati don’t unnerve her like they do most people. Although she keeps trying to tell Jaques he’s “Talking to a giant flouresant octopus” although the man simply dismisses her saying she’s trying to mess with the poor blind man, which she has been known to do on occasion.

Day 8, 9 , 10, 11

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

So I’ve been drawing these but not posing them, so be prepared to be spammed.

Gonna start with the Kopus family. Firstly we have Tommy. His parents tend to be working more often than not so he tends to be neglected. His sister tells him stories that his parents are secretly superheroes to keep him happy. At 8 years old she thinks he’s too young to become jaded.  Overall he’s cheerful and hopes one day to be his dad’s sidekick.

Patricia is the oldest of the Kopus kids. At age 16 shes become resentful of her parents and all the time they spend at work. Often leaving her to take care of Tommy. She understand that they are not bad parents, when they are home  but she feels neglected. She tells Tommy superhero stories to keep him happy and help her cope with their absense.

Diane Murray-Kopus is a strong capable woman who runs her own security firm. She loves her family but since her aquiring the company she’s keeps them separate, specifically since her husband’s organization is one of her biggest clients, and his organization is a little less than legal.

Daniel Kopus is a great family man when he can find the time, but that time is scarce considering his position as number two in the city’s biggest organized crime ring. He’s thinking about retirement but you can never really retire so he sticks to it to keep his kids safe. He doesn’t worry too much about Diane she’s pretty capable of protecting herself.

Day 7 – The Prisoner

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

This man stands behind the Kin’s throne whenever the monarch is present. He can easily be mistaken for a advisor or ambassador, until you see the chains binding his arms. He never says a word, to the king or any others. But he is always there. Some speculate that he is the prince from whom the king usurped the throne, others believe he was the first opponent to be defeated by their king. The strange thing is although the King has been ruling for almost 40 years the prisoneer behind the throne has not aged a day.

Day 6 – Atsa Eberstark

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Asta is a German boxer. She’s a difficult takedown by knockout or points. Any opponent that has beat her in a match had to work damn hard to do so.

Day 5 – Genevive Adler

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments


Genevive benifits probably the most from Eustice‘s patronage. She’s quite the actress and works hard to futher her career. She’s often seen as Eustice’s arm candy, and there are rumours of her being a gold digger. Not that she cares about the gossip. Press is press.

Day 4 Eustice Wetherbee

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Eustice went through much teasing as a child for his hunchback, kids would make fun of him and beat him up. At least until he inherited his great uncle’s fortune. Now his days are spent as a patron to the theatre and the arts, as well as reminding the world of just how damn dapper he is. He’s not bitter though. There always a smile on his face and willing to help everyone.

Day 3 – Lizzy

| November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

No one is really sure what Lizzy is least of all Lizzy. The top theories are Alien, Cheshire cat, or the spiritual incartation of all the little lost kittens that never found homes. She likes to visit Crystale because the little girl is one of the few that can see her and plays with her. Whatever she is Lizzy is fairly benign, unless someone threatens her friend.

Day 2 – Crystal Griddle

| November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Daughter of Donald Griddle, Crystal is a well behaved 5 year old. She loves her daddy and her best frend Lizzy, whom she draws all the time. No one is quite sure what Lizzy is only that it appears to be green and purple. Donald usually plays along with her imaginary friend although some people, such as her grandparents don’t think she should be encouraged. Crystal knows they don’t believe her but as long as it doesn’t stop Lizzy from coming to visit she doesn’t care.

Day 1 – Donald Griddle

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

So it begins. Although I can’t say it’s a great start Donald Griddle. Griddle  is a single father. His daughter Crystal is the center of his existance, he works for a construction company filing permits and working mostly with paperwork. When he comes home to Crystal he says it’s all worth it.

2012 Challenger RandomSyhn

| October 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

The name is Jaclyn and this will be my second year doing the 30 characters challenge. I recently started up at VFS for 3D animation and visual effects (yeah lasts years hopes for art school toatally came true. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any character sculpts in this year seeing as I just started with the sofware but I will attempt my 2D characters just as I did last year. Hopefully I will find the time to get this year done. I found last year was a fantastic way to improve my art and come up with ideas on the spot.

My dA is here where more works in progress and sketches can be found on my tumblr here although it is not as full of art as I orginally intened it to be.



Jaclyn Wright – 30 days complete!

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day 28, 29, 30

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

At last complete!

Marianne Stokes works for Madame Striker as a waitress in the tavern of her brothel. Marianne never speaks to anyone, although her eyes are what will generally make others uncomfortable. Her red and white uniform implies that she is in fact off limits and not available for customers. No one is entirely sure why though.
B.W. are his initials, he never uses his name in introductions. He is an iterdimensional traveller and a shapeshifter. Though it is often easy to pick him out in certain dimensions, seeing as the one he is from has no colour meaning everything he shifts into is always patterend black and white. He claims to be a scholar but it’s more likely his chasing someone or somthing that has been lost.

Chartresse is the darkhanded maiden, who has eyes for the past present and future. Often when she comes to an individual it is to teach them a lesson of sorts, her white hair brings images of things long gone while her dark magic shows what could be. No one knows how she came to be and many assume she always was. She is not treated as a Godess perse but she appears to have some form of divinity nonetheless.

Days # 25, 26, 27

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments


Thomas is officially a former soldier who frequents Madame Striker’s. Despite his missing arm he never actually left the army he now works in the intelligence department gathering secrets during his daily visits.

T’lawn Vrect is a bounty hunter. She likes killing people and figures if she’s good at it she might as well get payed. Don’t let her appearance fool you the white leather belt she wears is extremely expensive tourh hide. She’s rude, cocky and happy with her life. She’s got her own crack team to help her take heads and she’s got a reputation that spread to half the northern hemisphere, she’s even appeared on the odd talk show. She’s a crack shot, and a proficient brawler but she needs to bring a gun to the knife fight or she’ll end up with a gut full of steel.

Rache is Vrect’s go-to for any data gathering and tech. He’s pretty calm and a complete opposite to Vrect’s more crude personality, though he isn’t any less obnoxious. He’s a bit of a tech snob always up to date with implants, computers and security systems. He rarely leaves home base being much more effective as a desk monkey that a onsite hunters assistant. That and the one time he tried Vrect nearly lopped off his head… intentionally.

Day # 24 – May Striker

| November 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

May Striker, better known as Madame Striker is the owner and proprietor of one of the cities biggest brothels (havnt’t decided on the city) She is publicly neutral when it comes to the war. “As long as the money’s good, and they’re not swimming in filth my house won’t turn anyone away.” Of course she does this because she and her workers are some of the best information gatherers in the buisness.  not only does she assist her chosen factions, but she also uses the secrets gleaned from buisnessmen to further her own underground network and earn a little extra cash.

Day # 23 Openheimer

| November 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

Openheimer, much like his inspiration is a near immortal, though unlike the female denzein he still retains his soul. (thats a different story) Openheimer is fairly easygoing unless he is provoked or hungry. Most of the time he looks at the treasures hidden in the depths, here he is examining a particular pearl which used to belong to the aforementioned sea witch.

day # 22 – Beth Laurian

| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Beth is a mercenary. She grew up with the eastern barbarians before she headed west for to explore the world. She soon discovered that intimidation and violence would get her places. After loosing her eye she decided it was time to get some cannon fodder to work with her so she started the Red lions organization. She now spends her time yelling at the new recruits intimidating clients and waiting for a war to start.

Day # 21 Sean McClaren

| November 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sean is a heavey machinery mechanic affectionitley dubbed the greasy leprechaun much to his dismay.

Day #20- Karibiana

| November 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

From the same pantheon as Marikutonaam and Kirhanna one of the few mortals tunrned godess Karibiana was born in the middle of the desert with the brightest bluest hair imaginable, she was desired by many and had no qualms about turning that to her advantage. As she grew she set her sights on seducing the gods. Although the first god’s attention she gained was the trickster Kirhanna. Kirhannna convinced Karibiana that if she stood outside watching the stars one night Marikutonaam would come down for a liason. As Karibiana waited Kirhanna used her shawl of the sky to distract the woman as she let the storms flood the desert. Karibiana’s hair soaked up the floodwaters until the storms subsided and the sea that remained took to her hair’s shade of blue. Thus Karibiana became the goddess of sea and desert, seducing sailors and travelers alike. She no longer listens to Kirhanna though she still takes time to seduce the other Gods.

Day # 18 & 19 Maverick 1.0 & Subject 17

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Mavrick was invented as an automated medication production and distribution system. Mostly to assist people who’s bodies don’t produce important horomones, or have proper function of certain organs. It was designed to deal with things like diabetes, underactive thyroid, and other metabolic disorders. Maverick also acts as a blood filter for those with kidney or liver deficiencies. Unfortunately maverick’s research and development when it’s AI began taking over test subjects, overtaking thier nervous systems. A single prototype remains attached to Subject 17.


Subject 17 was the only test subject of the maverick tests that did not suffer complete neural control from the machine. Although he suffered memory loss due to Maverick’a attempts at control. They both survive with a sort of symbiosis. Before the tests Subject 17 had peak physical health with the exception of his onw pancreatic deficiency. He ran once he learned that the Maverick was to be destroyed, no one is sure why. Maverick has no control of his actions so the researchers can only guess what drives him to continue his life as a fugitive. He posibly doesn’t realize that he had a life before the tests, or he possibly doesn’t wish to return to it. Maverick only knows him as 17, but does more than just deal with his insulin deficiency but improve as many aspects of his health as the machine was designed to affect.

day #17 the angry old dwarf

| November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Another fighter for the ring of superhumans. Everyone calls him the angry old Dwarf, and despite the fact he hates it he doesn’t use his real one ever. He’s the oldest member of the fighting league and uses air elements to fight and packs a mean left hook. He’s always saying how undisciplined the younger fighters are, and his comments on the politcs of the time run similar.

Day #16 – Bartan Virmak Coelsce

| November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

 Bartan Virmak Coelsce or Coel as she is known as to friends is a Ratnak, one of a sentient race of six legged scavengers. Despite their sharp teeth they are not preadators. They are however fast and smart. each of their six eyes work independantly to ensure that nothing bigger and badder can sneak up on them, although there isn’t much bigger badder out there. Ratnak are huge weighing up to 4 000 lbs. Coel herself is a fairly large specimen weight approximately 3 952. Ratnak are fond of war and are often on hand to clear the battlefield of bodies. Their land is unforgiving and harsh so they take advantage of other species disputes. Ratnak rarely keep their own company espcially since they are always trying to outsmart each other, and they aren’t keen on sharing. Being one of the oldest Ratnak Coel usually gets first dibs on battlefields. Though unlike most she avoids the fatty generals prefering the lean meat of the more muscular dead.

Day # 15 Lark’vaan Purbarha

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

One of the eastern barbarians though hardly barbaric off the battlefield. As the barbarian king’s second he is often sent off on ambasadorial missions to clean up after the kings foolish brother starts another war. He is a skilled linguist, a musican and quite the philosopher. Despite some of his more cultured pursuits he is also quite a formidable fighter otherwise he would not survive his rank.

#14- Alencia Caprice

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Alencia was trained as a soldier. She was raised in one of the more distant duchys and was given far more free reign by nobel parents than most future duchesses would be allowed. Subsequently she became quite the military commander, which was why she was called to the kingdom’s capital after the war with the barbarians to the east. Getting her into proper attire is a challenge and she refuses to give up her boots. She may also have several dozen knives on her person. The prince seems quite enchanted with the warrior duchess and it is with his insistance she remains, despite her own misgivings. “It could be worse I could be royalty.”  The prince may differ in opinion.

#13 – Antonio Oak

| November 13, 2011 | 1 Comment

Antonio Oak is a construct who became a quite popular actor. Most people refer to his ilk as dolls, and mostly they work as servants mostly because they were designed that way. Antonio was designed to help out backstage with set maintenace, props, and assembly. That was until the leading villian for one of the went missing shortly before a performance for an extremely influential duchess. Antonio being a construct easily remembered all the lines and delievered quite the performance. He’s an extremely old model having developed quite the personality as the older ones are won’t to do, mostly eccentric and elitist. He has also amassed great weath retiring years ago to enjoy his success. Though he will occasionally still perform if the audience is prestigious enough.

Day # 12 – Kirhanna

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sister Goddess to Marikutonaam
Kirhanna like her brother Marikutonaam created clothing from the sky. She does not shine brightly like her brother but simply admired the beauty of the storms she stole for her garb.
Kirhanna is a theif and a trickster, she wears a mask so she can slip away unnoticed if she removes or switches it.
She once attempted to steal the sun, doing so burned her hands and face. The scars have since healed but the colour remains. When traveling on earth her red hands are the only thing she cannot hide so she often wears gloves. In most of her tales it is her hands that reveal her. It’s also why we use the phrase caught red handed. She also wears a shawl of the night sky. Everyone believes she stole it from her brother, but actually Marikutonaam presented it to her as a gift.

Day 11- Marikutonaam

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

A forgotten god. Marikutonaam was too bright to be seen, he burned the eyes of both God and man alike, so he pulled the night sky and stitched it together. But since he’s not a very good tailor he still shines through. He’s not the most talked about god, but when he appears he gives advice, it’s not always clear, but it is always helpful, if it is listened to.  His mask has been known to change though he always wears the stars.

Day #10- Penelope Winters

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Penelope has never had trouble fitting in. She’s always been one of the “popular” crowd, hanging out with the rich kids and socialites. Despite her less then pedigree heritage, she always felt like they were the best of friends. That is until they run into her neighbourhood “friends.” Unfortunately the only one who’s prepared for the fight is Penelope, who can usually hold her own, if the numbers were even. Her “popular” friends abandon her leaving her to take the beating on her own. The only people she thought she thought cared about her ditched her when things got rough, and now she’s resolved not to trust anyone, because you can only trust your self.

Day # 9 – Kahale

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Kahale is of the same species as Another Mo’o forced into servitude. Though right now I can’t tell if he’s removing nets or fishing for his master’s supper. Kahale, isn’t overly distraught with his lot in life, he enjoys the physical work, and keeping busy. Yeah his situation isn’t ideal but it could be worse.