Day # 4 Candice “Bar-Star” McKenzie

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Candice is by definition a party girl. She always knows when and where the next big bash is going to be, and has been dubbed bar-star by all of her friends. She’s not nessisarily shallow, but she doesn’t understand why some people judge her lifestyles. She figures as long as she’s having fun and nothing catches up with her she’ll be fine. She’s actually very familiar with the local super-hero league because she is constantly being victimized by the local villians; who she is also on a first name basis with. Why she’s so prone to kidnapping, robbery, hostage situations, and just general mayhem no one acutally knows, but she takes it in stride. Nothing every stops this party girl, although the superhero’s guild has fitted most of her favourite party outfits with GPS trackers, just in case.

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