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#17 – Hate Trick

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When in doubt, use a sports metaphor.

Hate Trick came up during the New York Comic Con, while I was walking the floor with my friend, writer Caleb Monroe. Puns are the lowest form of humor, remember that.

I like that he has henchmen…very 60’s Batman. Miss All-Star was created earlier in the year. Another funny tidbit is that last line about being Canadian. He’s my second Canadian villain. I love Canada, I have no idea why I keep doing that.

NOTE: I’m using Hero-O-Matic (aka Fabrica De Herois) to create my characters. If you’re a writer who can’t draw (like me!), you might want to try it!

#18 – Mr. Fu-Fu

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Day18 - Mr Fu-Fu by George Ward

Mr. Fu-Fu is a very flamboyant character that loves to cross-dress.  He may or may not be gay.  He isn’t in a relationship and likes to flirt with gay men and women equally.  He runs a clothing store that specializes in clothing for cross-dressers and transvestites.  He knows a lot about fashion and makeup to disguise ones sex and look pretty doing it.  He makes no effort to disguise his own manhood, but he has a few male clients that can be mistaken for women.

#20 Brainstorm

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#19 Epiphany

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Day 18: Wood Nymph

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Danish photographer Gabi Sorensen led an average life doing session pieces for magazine ads and department store catalogs.  All that changed when her and 4 others accross the globe were abducted by aliens, had proceedures performed upon them and returned to their point of departure with no concious memory of what occured.  Within 24 hours all 5 individuals including Gabi, began manifesting strange powers.  Gabi found she could transmute herself and control plantlife of all types and varieties.  Her with 3 others were approached by a man named Abrey Carlisle, who himself was kidnaped by the same alien race in the 1960’s, and given strange powers as well.  He was part of a band of costumed avengers of similar origins of that time period known as THE PHANTOM FIVE, and went by the name Achillies.  Achillies by now was the soul survivor of this group, and through cercumstance, formed a new team with this group, for a series of new adventures, each adopting codenames with Gabi taking on the codename WOOD NYMPH…

#16 Co-Pilot

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A powerless youth, Co-Pilot was Squadron Leader’s sidekick in the early days of his career.

Co-Pilot’s career began when he “borrowed” a jet pack designed by Dr. Omnibus and helped save Squadron Leader’s life.

Sadly, Co-Pilot’s career was short lived. After only 4 years of working with Squadron Leader, Co-Pilot died in a tragic accident.

#15 The Grackle

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The Grackle

Daughter of Squadron Leader, The Grackle inherited her father’s ability to fly, but not his patriotism and desire to help society.

Instead, The Grackle uses her flight power to steal. A skilled and compulsive thief, she has become one of the most successful burglars in the world. Attracted to shiny, expensive things, The Grackle’s heists rarely come to the attention of The Squadronnaires or the U.N.S.C.E.N.E.

#14 Sara Starcrash

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Sara Starcrash

From the year 1999 in an alternate dimension, Sara Starcrash was intending to travel to her world’s past to prevent a cataclysm. During one of The Squadronnaires’ battles with Rhett Khan, she was accidentally pulled into our dimension in what would be considered her future.

Despite switching dimensions and moving forward in time, Sara is still convinced that she is in the past and needs to prevent the coming cataclysm. To help her cause, Sara joined the Squadronnaires.

An experienced space adventurer, Sara constantly wears a helmet to ensure that she can breath the air in the time period she considers to be the distant past.

#19 – Kali Bodhisattva, Slayer of Monsters

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Excerpt from Dark Star Rising: Kali summoned her spirit swords and began the ritual dance of power. Tapping the energies unique to this plane, she bound its power to hers. She felt the lives of The People, and their rage at the creature that destroyed them. She felt their need to lash out, but also their impotence since they are deceased and can no longer affect the world. Her dance said that they could.

They listened.

The portal had been open for some time. She remained peripherally aware of it as the spirits of the dead came to her and followed her dance, each lending its tiny essence to what she was, a goddess of destruction and creation, a goddess of Time and Space. They sensed her kinship to all things in creation and were at peace.

The portal was rent asunder as the Other suddenly arrived, and the two power-mad creatures tapped the energies of this plane and dozens of others nearby for their conflict. They ignored her and closed the gateway while their battle continued.

“Our deal is done. Release me.”

“Germ gods are in no position to make demands. We have our quarry, and we will use you to get back to your world once we have had our revenge.”
“You will stay with us.”
“We will be free of this place. We taste your world on him. It is to our liking.”

Their conflict was so terrible, nearby shard realms of existence were destroyed as they moved their battle through dimensions. Kali realized this creature never had any intention of letting them go home. That was why she told Shango to leave. She had no intention of staying.

Turning to the gathered spirits she raised her arms and shouted to them, “You seek revenge. Only Kali Yuga can give you that. So I release her to you. Gain your revenge!”

Kali’s dance moved faster, her four arms became eight, and she directed the energy of her death magic through the souls of those damned to be in this place, and they reflected her.

Her spirit blades appeared in their hands . And this happened again and again until there were hundreds of her and the contagion continued, spreading until there were thousands. Each shone with a dark energy that disrupted the very air around them. Slowly they rose into the air and their spirit blades sang out their song of retribution and revenge for their unjust deaths thousands of years before. Tiny stars of black fire began to arc through the air.

The gathered spirits by the thousands turned their energy toward the ancient gods locked in battle. They were not aware of the dark stars surrounding them. Each deity was consumed with its hatred of the other.

The crazed tentacled god bound his brethren in a smoky embrace. The dark invader sliced away tentacle after tentacle, even as new ones replaced them. Their struggle destroyed the remnants of the great civilization around them as if they were nothing more than tissue in the path of a hurricane.

Then lead by Kali, the People exacted their revenge. Each hurled itself at the Great Old Ones. Their fiery trail slashed through tentacles and Dark God alike, and their screams of rage were palpable. Once ignored by the Great Old Ones, but no more. Now their rage was given form and a world quaked as bound spirits rose up against their slayer.

Kali Yuga smiled and continued her dance as the sky lit up by the fiery stars of souls enraged. And the Dark Gods knew fear.

First Appearance: Kali Bodhisattva and her more formidable forms appears for the first time in my short story Dark Star Rising. In that story, she is the divine avatar of Kali on Earth and is a member of a renegade superhero group called the Paragons. She is one of the Paragon’s big guns with physical prowess, magical abilities and terrifying powers. Beloved and feared, she is considered one of the most powerful protectors of their world and is married to the other divine member of that group, Shango the Thunderer. She also appears in my novel Equinox, The Last Scion.

About the Artist: Peter Mohrbacher, known by his handle of One-Vox on  deviantART, is a professional artist, and the creator of the strange and beautiful picture called Mercy seen above. When I went to see what the picture was about, at his new site, I found the picture had gone through a variety of transformations before stabilizing in the form you see now. I was looking for a picture of Kali but most had her looking too cartoony or a bit too much like a religious icon. This had the most serious appearance with a touch of other-worldliness I was looking for. Mercy is a seriously scary image.

#18: Justin Laure

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Known aliases: MARID, BARBARY, CHESLEY (possible  true name? FLAGGED), JUSTIN LAURE (possible true name? NO CONFIRMED AND DEFLAGGED)










      Mr. Mime

Known current affliations: NONE


Known previous affiliations: NONE

Possible previous affliations: TEAM CIPHER (UNABLE TO CONFIRM DEFLAGGED)


Observational notes:

The thief known as MARID by Interpol Agent 8888888 , currently stationed in ORRE, has been sighted in KANTO recently. Previously known for stealing confirmed SHADOW POKEMON and restoring them to proper health before selling them illegally on the black market. Also known for halting the revival of TEAM CIPHER as an international terrorist organization. Past is currently unknown, but is likely to have been born or abandoned in PYRITE TOWN as an infant due to confirmed, frequent visits to the town (note: this might just be because it is a BLACK MARKET HUB; more research needed). After TEAM CIPHER’S second destruction MARID disappeared from ORRE (confirmed by inside sources). Last reported sighting in ORRE was at GATEON PORT. Next confirmed appearance to be in SLATEPORT CITY, HOENN. Confirmed regions: HOENN, SINNOH, KANTO, ORRE.

Currently known to be in Kanto. Last reported sighting in Kanto: KNOT ISLAND. Reported seen stealing recovering Ruby and Sapphire plates from TEAM ROCKET. Unknown purpose, not commissioned by CELIO SYKES (confirmed).

Motivations for thievery is unknown. It is confirmed as a source of revenue, but there are been an equal number of confirmed occurrences when he has stolen items without any transactions before or after. Unable to associate a single type of stolen property to him; seems to steal anything that isn’t nailed down (note: has stolen a few things which were nailed down). Also unable to confirm employers based on stolen item recovery (none TWO: RUBY AND SAPPHIRE PLATES) or suspected stolen item ownership. Suspected new owners vary from PERSONS WITH CONFIRMED AFFILIATIONS TO LOCAL, REGIONAL, OR INTERNATIONAL BLACK MARKETS to POKEMON LEAGUE OFFICIALS to NOVICE TRAINERS.


#18 – Jade “Wheels of War” Thompson

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More Derby girls! I liked the story I came up with yesterday so I continued on with that today.

This is Jade Thompson, also known by her derby name “Wheels of War”, captain of the national roller derby league in the year 2100. She is a paid and sponsored athlete with two augmented and very powerful legs. Her leg muscles have been replaced with a flexible metal synthetic muscle. She also has a titanium elbow pad, underneath the skin of her left arm (thus why she is only wearing on elbow pad). She broke her elbow so many times that she opted to have it replaced. She also has her metabolism regulated by machine thus why she has a slighly gaunt apperence, instad of her counterpart’s (Miche‘s) body type which is curvier.

Background on this story: Miche


#18 – Camilo

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#18 – Umbra – Defender of the Equinox

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“Get up, boy.” His voice was rough, like a heavy smoker, husky with a slight country twang. “Get up, we have to go now. Where is your father?”

“He didn’t make it. Who the hell are you?” I tried to sound tougher than I was. Then I threw up. He moved.

“It will burn all night. The Light makes for fine kindling. Gives us cover.” He wore a black trenchcoat made from some strangely slick matte-black leather. It was thick, coarse and had a weird animal smell. His clothes were hard to make out as if they defied my ability to focus on them. His shoes were a serviceable boot with hard metal studs all the way to the kneecap. “Get it out, because in two minutes we will be in the wind.” The firefighters gathered around the fire were not having any luck putting out the fires.

“They have my governess. My father said I had to find her.” I started to feel a bit better.

“I don’t care two bits about your nanny. Your father called me and told me to come and get you. I got you. My job is to keep you alive. You are my priority now.”

I did not appreciate his tone. I grabbed his jacket and pulled myself to my feet. I leaned in close. “She is the closest thing I have to a family. I don’t know you and couldn’t give a damn about what your job is. So you help me or I will do this by myself.” My chest hurt but I could feel this strange power trying to gather itself.

“Alright, there is no need for that kind of talk. Do you have anything that belongs to her?” I thought about it and reached into the holster on my hip.

“This was hers.” He took off his jacket and threw it to the ground.

“Give me that.” He snatched the gun from my hand and released the clip. Then he threw the gun on the jacket. I watched him move his hands and with a ritual movement he touched his jacket. It became dark, shrouded in shadow and then the shadow stood. It had the shape of an alligator or crocodile, low to the ground long and masked completely in shadow. Except for its exceptionally white teeth. The gun was in front of it and it was sniffing the gun. It turned as if to smile, showing off its teeth floating in a shadow body, then it shot off into the dark. “If she’s still here, he will find her.”

“What do we do in the meantime?”

“We hope they don’t find us first. How much do you know?”

“About what?”

“The Life, boy. How much did your father tell you?”

“Nothing he didn’t have to. Which was basically nothing at all.”

“Did you get any schooling at all?”

“Yes, I got plenty of education, can speak a dozen languages, can use basic magic signs and sigils. I can fly anything, drive anything, fix anything and shoot anything.”

“Okay, so you’re not a complete idiot.”

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?”

“Eventually, but now is not the time. I reloaded your gun. Do not shoot unless I tell you so. Do you understand?”


“Let’s go. He’s found something.”

“Your jacket?”

“Yeah, kid, my jacket.”

We ran out of the alley away from the fire and the only home I would ever likely care about. Once we got to the street we didn’t run but maintained a brisk pace as we headed toward the local boulevard. I could feel the tension draining out of me and I felt suddenly tired.

“You know, I don’t even know your name.”

“Umbra, kid. Keep up, pay attention. If you see anything out of the corner of your eye, you tell me, right quick.”

“Okay, Mister Umbra.” He pulled up short and turned toward me. He towered over me and looked me in the eyes. His eyes, previously hidden under his hat were suddenly visible. There was nothing but darkness in them. No iris, no sclera, just an sense of a never-ending night with tiny glimmerings of light.

“Umbra, no mister, no title. Just Umbra. I know you are working with a lot of stress and handicaps right now but I need you to focus. You are a man now, and you are one of us. We don’t take titles, we don’t use ’em. We have our name and that is the most important thing about us. Your father was Equinox. And now, that is your name. Whatever he used to call you is not important.”

He turned and kept walking up the street, focused on something far away. “He didn’t used to call me anything but Boy. I think I may have had a name we used when we introduced ourselves but it changed every time we changed towns.”

I was about to say something else when I saw it. There was a flickering in the corner of my eye. When I turned my head, I couldn’t see anything, but as soon as I stopped looking at it, I felt a distinct awareness of something on the side of my vision. The boulevard was almost completely quiet, with only a few people coming home from their night jobs, heads down, focused on getting home.


“Good, you saw them. Get ready, they are surrounding us. She is up ahead and still fighting.” In this section of the Bronx there was an overhead train system and there were pillars of steel holding the train above the city streets. I was able to ride the trains a few times. It was noisy but fun. There was a station ahead and she was still alive fighting there, but I could not see her, directly, only sense her. No one else seem to see or hear her either.

“You can’t see them can you?” He stared at me and then grabbed my head. He turned it left, than right, looking into my eyes. “You have not had it long enough.” He turned and bent over to pick up his alligator-cum-jacket. “Put this on. Its the only way you will be of any use to me. Don’t take it off for any reason.”

I gripped the jacket like I expected it to come to live in my hands, but it seemed to have returned to its jacket state, inert and still creepy. As I slid into it, I noticed its coldness, its seemed to suck away my heat and sweat and re-sized itself to fit my much smaller proportions. It was only then I noticed how big Umbra was. I was also aware, I could no longer see anyone on the street. Okay, that wasn’t true. I couldn’t easily see anyone on the street. It was if I was seeing them through a gossamer veil.

“Stop gawking. Get your head in the game.” With just a few more seconds. I became aware of them. Then I wondered how I could have missed them. They were massive, much bigger than the things that attacked the house. They had that same alien feeling about them, but they did not have wings. They made up for that by having two sets of arms. They were also surprisingly fast, much faster than their size would have you think. Their bodies had that same luminescent mother-of-pearl look to them and they did not have any kind of clothing, armor or weapons, save their wickedly clawed arms; all four of them.

Then I saw her; Ms. Hart. She was beautiful. And she was still fought with the creatures. She wore a silver body suit, similar to the one she trained me in. While she had it on, she was faster and stronger than she had any right to be. I had never seen her as fast and as deadly as she was tonight. I realized she was always taking her time with me. She could have destroyed me, at any time during out training

She looked tired. She was covered in blood, some bright red, some black. The blood of the creatures splashed on a nearby shadow person and they dissolved into a green and gaseous cloud, accompanied by a baleful scream of sheer terror.

She was using a metal shod spear made of the same shiny silver, with a blade at the tip and whipped it around her slicing away the limbs of the much larger creatures. But the loss of an arm did not seem to incapacitate them as well as I thought it should. But they were not asking me. I would have suggested rolling around on the ground.

She saw us approaching and instead of looking relieved she appeared to be far more angry. Her rage cost three of the glowing giants their heads. She vaulted over their bodies she strode toward us as the creatures used her break to completely surround us.

“What do you think you are doing?” Her voice was sharp like a knife.

“Rescuing you,” I began.

“You stupid boy, I lead them away so you could escape.” Her emphasis seemed to focus her will. Her words cut me. Literally. A slash opened on my cheek. Using my sleeve, I wiped away my blood and her rage. Where Umbra’s jacket touched, the injury was just as easily healed. But it hurt.

“And you, you ought to know better.” Her gaze fell on Umbra, who lit a cigarette and apparently ignored her.

The circle closed around us. The giants began to move toward us, a light in their eyes. The streets were clear, and a chill wind blew past me. I drew my pistol.

“Feel free to shoot any time, kid.” He blew out his match.

Equinox © Thaddeus Howze 2011. All Rights Reserved [@ebonstorm]

#16 Johnny Speed and the Midnight Dragons

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#16 Johnny Speed and the Midnight Dragons (manga and fantasy horror) The year 2012 isn’t the year that the world ends. However, the Earth populated by dragons does make the world scene interesting. From space they came, dragons of every size and description, and they descended on Earth in the thousands. Most of the dragons create chaos and destruction; but a few have befriended the humans.  Johnny Speed, a high schooler, is one of these. With him and the dragons he has known the human race has a chance to survive into the future.

Johnny and his dragon friends are another example of my exploration with Internet name generators. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I find the best results from those generators is to take the hackneyed answers, cut them up, and rearrange them into better titles/ideas. This post looked like it would be better in a manga/anime style.


#18 Chibi Hitler

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It’s Hitler and he’s Chibi. “Nuff said.

#17 Hadron Collider

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#16 Fugly the Troll

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#4 – Jetzilla

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Jetzilla, otherwise known as Godzilla’s jet-setting cousin, obviously likes to travel. I bumped into him (not literally, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this) while at the airport. I’m glad he wasn’t on my flight. And yes, he was wearing that goofy neck-pillow that’s all the rage with less fashion-conscious travelers. Who’s going to tell him it doesn’t suit him?


#18 Julien Wesley Dupont

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My first Harry Potter inspired character, he’s tiny- and French!

#18 – Bianca

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nothing much to say about this one today, sorry!!!!

#18 Rusty Rockafeller

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Rusty Rockafeller is an entrepreneur who is hoping to retire in the next few months.  He has spent the past 6 months owning and operating a moderately successful methamphetamine laboratory out of a trailer park in Dingus County, North Carolina.

G. Brett Williams #18 – Edmund Graye

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The main character in this story is occult investigator Edmund Graye.  Graye has been traveling through Egypt and North Africa, studying what he believes to be the occult energies hidden within the sands and stones of ancient Egypt.  Graye is a bit of a laughing stock of the scientific community, but there are still enough people left who believe in magick in the late 1800s that he manages to make a living, mainly due to the help of a couple of wealthy benefactors and some off the books support from the British government.  Edmund is also a member of a secret society of various people (not all human, per se) devoted to occult discovery and magickal practices.

Edmund is older but not old.  I would say he’s in his mid-40s.  Edmund is distinguished but hes not overly handsome.  He isn’t a bad looking man, but years of devotion to his work rather than his personal life have taken their toll.  His brown hair is graying at the edges and is beginning to recede.  His form is thin but he hides muscle you wouldn’t expect him to have.  While not an expert combatant, he could hold his own if fisticuffs were called for.  Edmund dresses in the finest suits of the day and he tends to prefer browns or grays to black.  He is often seen wearing a hat and he always carries a cane/walking stick with him.  The stick is a shaft of polished wood with a polished blue stone set into the top.  The inside of the stone swirls with what looks almost like smoke or clouds.  The cane itself has a number of supernatural powers, all of which are known only to Edmund.  Edmund is astute and distinguished.  Something of an Alfred Pennyworth, I suppose.

G. Brett Williams #17 – Simon Simeon

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Simon Simeon – Simon Simeon is the teacher in charge of teaching students how to react to and handle anthropomorphic animal threats in the field. He was the product of an experiment by Nazi super-scientist Arnold von Schrect during WWII. Von Schrect experimented with mind control and advancing brain functions on primate specimens, mostly gorillas. Simon was by far his greatest achievement and his only notable success, showing a significant increase in brain activity, essentially evolving to human level intelligence. Von Schrect took Simon as his assistant in the lab and, unaware of the terrible things the Nazi war machine was doing (or unconcerned. He was an ape after all.) Simon was happy. After the war, the Russians overran Von Schrect’s lab and liberated his experiments. For the next few decades Simon would work, as a captive, on Soviet super and fringe science programs. He grew to loathe his human overlords over time, daydreaming about how he could crush them if only he could get his hands on their puny human skulls. To comfort himself, he spent the majority of his time perfecting Von Schrect’s data to create for himself a menagerie of antrhopomorphic animal friends. He was at the forefront of science in that field, which mattered little to the Russians since you couldn’t destroy American cities by launching talking dogs and hamsters at them. So, in a show of good will toward the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russians released Simon into the custody and care of the American government. The Americans didn’t give a damn. They gave Simon a medal, a lab somewhere in the middle of nowhere and $100,000, then sent him on his way. Simon soon realized that a hundred grand wasn’t going to last him very long. He used the money to get a quaint home for he and his animal companions. When things became really lean he began looking for work and found it, quite sadly, in the only place that was willing to hire a former Gorilla super-scientist; the institute. He’s a gorilla, so he looks like, well, a big ol’ gorilla. He wears tiny glasses, a lab coat complete with ID badge and pocket protector, and some Hawaiian print shorts to cover his manhood. He is gruff and resentful, his class is tedious and difficult and he spends the majority of his time telling the students how he’d like to crush each of their skulls. Which of course he’d never actually do.

#18 Sir Leo

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Leo is a Knight who travels with Branson. They are friends and were squires together, Leo is slightly older than her. Leo keeps Branson in check when she gets reckless. He is usually an easy going kind of guy, and easy to get along with.



#17 Champagne & Moose

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#18: The Tree

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Text reads:

“One day he was standing and slept where he stood.

He slept and he slept ’till his heart became wood.

He now doesn’t think, and moves not a foot.

Not since his feet have turned into two roots.”


#16 The Grinning Assassin

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#18 Ernie the Eremotherium

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Ernie is an eremotherium… The Panamerican Ground Sloth. Large, hairy, ugly, bad breath… yup, he belongs in this misfit group of Ice Age animals! Next up: The Dinosaurs! Bring it on!

#15 Josefina

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Watch me get lazy!

My first hispanic character, she drives a rickety old chevy and lives with her mama and numerous siblings.