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Captain Bastard and Stick Boy is the brain child of my two friends Dave and Scott. When I was looking for Ideas from people for this challenge Dave told me about this comical super hero duo that he and Scott had come up with years back. The short bio on these two is “”Captain Bastard wields the weapon…Stick Boy IS the weapon…and he hates that $@*&!” A dysfunctional SuperHero team if there ever was one. LOL! They gave me no description of what they would look like so I thought it would be funny to do an interpretation based on the classic superhero duo of Batman and Robin. Thanks guys for letting have some fun with your characters!

Day Ten – Cambells (Derick)

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Wow, this one came out bad. But it was due to my mother going into the hospital. So I had no time to draw.

Anywho, this is Cambells. He is a personafied character of my laptop. And no he isnt soup. That CamPbells. Mine is CamBells.

And his human name is Derick lol. He is an Acer. And Im typing on him right now. lol

Day 10 Crimson Bullet

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Canadian Speedster, the Crimson Bullet.

Renala of Upper City from My Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 10 Renala of Upper City from My Novel "Mentor"

Renala loves to dance.

Renala seems like a vague kind of person. The kind that sees all but wishes she didn’t and who emotionally sweeps things under the rug that she doesn’t want to deal with. She is thin and pale, her eyes are a very pale watery blue. She has almost a ghost like quality that makes people uncomfortable around her. She is apologetic to a fault, if that is at all possible, and she tends to move quietly often inadvertently sneaking up on people and startling them.

But she has a passion for literature, history, and the latest fashions (even if they don’t suit her very well). she tries to instill in her dead sister’s child a sense of propriety and the position of her father the Governor, but the girl goes her own way. Renala wants to control everything in her life so that it can’t hurt anyone.She feels safer knowing that MAICS and the Grid are always watching to ensure everyone’s safety.

The only time Renala loses her inhibitions a little is when she dances. She loves music that makes her body move and she loses some of her self-consciousness and her timidity.

She is so far the opposite of her more vivacious and outgoing sister that people often make jokes that they were actually cousins. Only in that context “cousins” can often mean “someone mated with a lesser being –probably a Synth”, and would be accompanied by a snicker.  Renala is not unaware of these snide put-downs of her mother by the petty snobs of society. And sometimes a hint of a more complex Renala surfaces.


#10 – Shawn

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This is Shawn!  She doesn’t really have a story yet…

The larger version is a lot better, but it’s also HUGE.

#9 – Corus the Generic Dinosaur

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Heavily influenced by the movie “You Are Umasou!” which I need to go finish watching right now.


#8 – Quercus

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If a tree screams in the forest… well, no one really cares.
Arrrrrgh says the tree

#10 – Ram Girl

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The final of my Michelles. Not too crazy about the way this one came out, but conceptually, this one is on the money.

Michelle is very stubborn. Annoyingly so. If she says she’s right, she will go down fighting to prove it…or to convince you.

Ram Girl here was almost called “Bullheady” which is another Western PA colloquialism that Michelle introduced me to (might end up changing it). It means stubborn and, obviously, bull-headed. Ram Girl…well, her heart is in the right place, but her head? Probably stuck in a wall.

Would have liked to have true ram horns, but unfortunately, Fabrica didn’t have that option.

Tomorrow will be the first of a group of six that also have a theme. Tune in Tokyo!

(Why did I say that?)

NOTE: I’m using Hero-O-Matic (aka Fabrica De Herois) to create my characters. If you’re a writer who can’t draw (like me!), you might want to try it!

#11 Dragon Woman

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When Archeologist Mary Landlong discovered the Wyrmvessell, the spirit of an ancient dragon queen possessed her mind and reshaped her form.  As the Dragon Woman, she embodies the code of honor and brazen confidence of this royal persona from a powerful, long lost race.


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Day 10 Animal Oddjobs- Twin Kitty Assassins

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Little busy today and I STILL come out with TWO characters today oh YEAH!

#10 “Dragonbreath” Eric Vaughn

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Universe/Storyline: The Band

Universe details: In the isolated city of Crescent where these characters live, superpowers spring from close encounters with death. Only people born in the city can gain these powers, and since this is a relatively new settlement, the first generation of people born there are just starting to show signs of super-fication. This means mostly kids and teens. Of the teens, Camille, Max, Amelia, Walter, and Rin decide to team up and form a band. They take it upon themselves to help other kids who are just getting powers/dealing with death. Eventually, when The Band realizes that everyone deserves to be informed about the city’s unique predicament, they try to reach every kid in the city at once by putting on a live concert.

Height: 4’ 4”

Body type: Advanced toddler. Moderately chubby.

Hair: An untamed mess of dark brown squiggles.

Eyes: Reddish brown. They have an indescribable fire in them.

Race: White (He is convinced he is the last of his kind, a breed of shape-shifting dragon.)

Age: 7 (He believes he hails from medieval times, but has lost much of his memory since he assumed human form.)

Attire: Eric never takes off his dragon costume. It’s unclear how long he’s been wearing the thing, or how he bathes. To him the costume is a second skin, and removing it would be like being skinned alive.

Superpowers: Eric’s powers make him what he always thought he was: a dragon. Most of the time he remains in his human form, in costume, but if prompted by danger or desperation (or the need to bathe) he changes into his dragon form, which basically involves his body merging with the costume until the costume comes alive. He does not grow huge, or have wings to fly, but he can breathe fire (in both human and dragon form) and while in dragon form his armored skin is virtually impenetrable. As a dragon he moves very quickly and has dangerously sharp claws and teeth.

Personality: Eric is very smart for his age, but overly imaginative. His favorite book is Grendel by John Gardner (he likes the dragon in it). His favorite day is Halloween (his costume is always the same). He doesn’t have many friends on account of his odd behavior, so he goes to The Band when he wants to socialize with someone who understands him. He doesn’t fight alongside The Band, however, unless he is compensated with treasure to add to his slowly growing hoard.


Power Source/Backstory:

a.       Eric was at The Band’s first concert, where overenthusiastic heroes killed a person disguised as a usually robotic police officer.


Theme Song: Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce

#10 – Gelra Mastinde

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Gelra Mastinde is quite the big-boned woman, but she’s got a big enough heart to match. When she’s not working in the metal shop or bodyguarding, she’s usually found either at the bar, or hanging around Haltenti Pan Gherten and Dormere Velhandel.

Gelra specializes in creating metal sculpture and architecture. While she’s quite capable of magic, she has little patience for common practice – she weaves it into her metalwork instead. All of her tools were made by her, each specially crafted to a specific need. Sometimes, she creates cheap weapons to use for her bodyguarding work – which usually pays fairly well, but she doesn’t like to waste good metal on beating around people. She does have one special beating stick, though. She keeps it under her bed in her home.

Gelra is one of very few people who have taken a liking to Haltenti. She finds his arrogant attitude more amusing than annoying, and she’s always trying to get the little guy to drink himself into a stupor. She also thinks of Dormere as a family friend, much to Dormere’s displeasure, as she has a habit of thinking punching his back will make him feel better…

#9 “L’Artiste” Ashley Ash

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Universe/Storyline: The Band

Universe details: In the isolated city of Crescent where these characters live, superpowers spring from close encounters with death. Only people born in the city can gain these powers, and since this is a relatively new settlement, the first generation of people born there are just starting to show signs of super-fication. This means mostly kids and teens. Of the teens, Camille, Max, Amelia, Walter, and Rin decide to team up and form a band. They take it upon themselves to help other kids who are just getting powers/dealing with death. Eventually, when The Band realizes that everyone deserves to be informed about the city’s unique predicament, they try to reach every kid in the city at once by putting on a live concert.

Height: 5’ 5”

Body Type: Somewhat gaunt.

Hair: Just past the shoulder, black, with various colored highlights spaced throughout. The highlights have grown out to about halfway down her hair.

Eyes: Blue

Race: White

Age: 14

Attire: Lately she’s been limited to the generic orange jumpsuit of the jailbird, but before that she wore long, flowing skirts and dresses with t-shirts and leather boots. A mixture of feminine and hardcore. Her style resembles that of Greenbeard.

Superpowers: Anything that Ashley renders (draws, paints, scratches into the wall with a toothbrush) on a flat surface, she can pull out of the 2D world and into the real world. Depending on the crudeness of the illustration, the item drawn may not look exactly as it should, but it always suits the artist’s intended purpose. If she were lost in the desert and hungry and she drew an apple with her finger in the sand, the apple might still look like it was made of sand when she pulled it out, but it would taste like an apple and satiate her hunger. Ashley’s preference seems to be for still life, but she may be capable of creating something a little more complicated given the provocation.

Personality: Ashley has gone a little insane since her power first manifested. (See backstory below.) She babbles, stares into space, and does finger paintings in her own blood because they won’t let her have art supplies in prison. She’s detached but not in a sad way, exactly. Sometimes, in her better moments, her madness can be comedic. During their stint in jail together, Ashley and Camille form a strong bond because they are both fighting off darkness inside of them. Camille helps Ashley put an end to her insanity and use her powers to help people.

Power source/backstory:

a.                  After her mother died, Ashley painted a portrait of her, as beautiful and lifelike as she could make it, which is pretty damn beautiful and lifelike since Ashley is something of an artistic savant. In a moment of grief, she went to touch the finished painting, only to find her hand reached inside and pulled out her mother’s warm, fleshy, living arm. The arm, poking out of the canvas, thrashed and scratched, an angry contrast with her mother’s still smiling face in the portrait. The painting desperately drags itself after Ashley with its one exposed arm, a grotesque creation that Ashley decides could not possibly be her real mother. She sets the canvas aflame, and the exposed arm burns just as easily as the rest of the painting. The fire spreads to consume the rest of Ashley’s house, and she is arrested for arson. Ashley vows never to paint another portrait.


Theme song: Pictures of You- The Cure


#10 Nebula

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#8 Dr. Omnibus

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Dr. Omnibus

Dr. Omnibus was one of the first superly-abled born after the Roswell incident. Gifted with super-intelligence, Dr. Omnibus quickly rose to prominence as a hero, fighting some of the earliest super villains such as the Black Mollusk. Dr. Omnibus made his home in Omni Keep, an advanced lab built on a lake near Megalo City.

In 1974, Dr. Omnibus and Squadron Leader c0-founded The Squadronnaires, the world’s premier super team. The two heroes were co-leaders until Squadron Leader’s death in 1984 during the first Invisible War. Dr. Omnibus lead The Squadronnaires himself until he was killed by the Black Mollusk in 2001.

#10: Omega

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Name: Unknown

Aliases: Omega, That son of a bitch

Hair: Brown

Eyes: White

Height: 6’2

Weight: 178 lb

Bio: Omega is a cross-dimensional immigrant. Next to nothing is known about his universe, save that they have a control of energy far beyond anything we as a society are capable of. Omega refuses to say anything about the dimension he came from.

He came to this dimension in early 2003, and in four years time, he was democratically elected by the United Federation of Super-powered Individuals as Chairman and Commander of all operations.

Powers:  Complete energy manipulation. Omega can generate a functionally limitless amount of energy from his body, both of a highly volatile and explosive “black matter” and a clean-burning ball of light called “white matter”.

It is believed Omega’s body is, in fact, composed of pure energy, for ordinary projectiles go through him and even metaphysical abilities, such as those demonstrated by Carson White AKA Mister Heart Attack, have no effect.

The only figure known to be able to do any sort of damage to Omega is Entropy, who, as an embodiment of decay, can turn the energy into vapor before it reaches him.

Day 10: Doctor Elemental

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Doctor Elemental

Charles Hollingsworth III was already a fourth generation American aristocrat, captain of industry, World War I veteran ace pilot, and world adventurer when he discovered the fabled GAUNTLET OF THE FOUR FATES.  Fabled to have fallen from the sky, and control the four elements of the ancient universe: Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth.  It has popped up in notes of obscure manuscript, half scratched wall etchings, and whispered murmurs around campfires.  Charlie, as his friends call him, found the gauntlet, and soon learned that its powers were indeed real.  He not long afterwards adopted the secret moniker of DOCTOR ELEMENTAL, and began a series of adventures as a costumed crimefighter, that eventually led him to join and become a founding member of the Golden Age’s premiere super hero group: THE ALLIANCE!  He fought alongside the group through World War II and up until 1953 when the group mysteriously disapeared while on a deep space mission.  They re-emerged in 2001 and Hollingsworth along with them.  He assumed the identity for a while until a few years ago, when advanced age forced Hollingsworth to retire.  Occasionally though he has donned the costume to do the odd sporatic mission with his former teamates…

Dan Nokes 2011

#10 – Marco

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#10 Retired Frank

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After years of running from angry villagers, Frank’s knees and back went out, causing him to retire from the monster business. Now he spends his days in Sarasota, Florida playing bingo and complaining about his health.

#11 – Angelico

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Back to a quick sketch this time. Here’s a potential Doodze character who’s not a Doodze herself.



#10 Therese Tesla

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Excerpt from an interview with Therese Tesla:


“So, Ms. Tesla, what would be some of the dangers one might encounter in the alleys of London?”



“Serial killers, steam punkers, and werewolves are pretty standard. Thankfully, a silver bullet will kill all three.”



“And is it your mission to hunt them?”



“Oh, no! I wouldn’t want them all dead. I do this for fun. What the hell would I do if shit wasn’t popping out of alleys at me?”



#11 – Keirie

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Keirie Dickerson, 44. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrible, suffering from severe bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms, Keirie is a good woman that doesn’t know how to let anyone in. She’s struggled with her disease all her life and relies on two things for survival – the emotional support of her daughter and lithium.



#10 – Mykanas

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1/3 of the way done! Phew! Jeez…

Sorry for the awful post yesterday, I was feeling majorly burnt out and just down…

Anywho here’s number 10. Her name is Mykanas, Kana for short. She’s an Orc warrior with a temper. (As you can tell). She is currently taking over her father’s position as head general of their clan’s army (He is sick). Most of the soldiers complain but quickly learn not to as almost all of them have been victims of Kana’s wrath.

More at my tumblr:

#5 The Donor

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The Donor was the first AI created by the company.  Unfortunately, soon after it became activated, the Donor was dismantled because it began harming the staff.  The company was unable to remove the Donor’s  valuable CPU, optioning to instead connect it to the company’s servers.  The Donor now  servers as the company’s central computer system and most of its parts were used to create other AI’s.  Everyday, the Donor is trying to find a way to reassemble itself and become active again, with or without the help of the company.

#10 Tirrin

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Tirrin, the “King Reaper”, the bad guy, the brat/loyal soldier. As of late, he’s become quite bored of sitting on (nonexistent) throne and the weight of his (metaphorical) crown. He didn’t want this job. He was fine with just being a lieutenant under the old king. The one who retired to the human world to chase after the girl who keeps coming back(coming soon~) Which he doesn’t think is fair, at all.

He saw her first anyways.

#10 – Sandy Allenson

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Day 10 - Sandy Allenson by George WardSandy is a university student who is experience life away from home for the first time.  This isn’t that unusual it itself, but he also likes to experiment with gender roles.  He wants to be a transvestite and spends his free time trying to look and act like a woman.  He’s a bit shy about his alternate life style and tries to act normal whenever he’s around people of either gender.

Day # 9 – Kahale

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Kahale is of the same species as Another Mo’o forced into servitude. Though right now I can’t tell if he’s removing nets or fishing for his master’s supper. Kahale, isn’t overly distraught with his lot in life, he enjoys the physical work, and keeping busy. Yeah his situation isn’t ideal but it could be worse.

#10 Formerly the kid known as Frederick Barnet X

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Wasn’t life wonderful?

It was indeed, and you’re sitting on your bed, curled up into a little ball as if making yourself smaller would mean that he wouldn’t find you. Get you. Kill you.

It’s not really dying, said Mum. Mother. That person who met another person, shoved their DNA in the metaphorical blender of life, and made you. You’re just living a different way.

But it was dying. You wouldn’t get to go skiing again. Hang out at the theatre with friends. Finish reading those books, that whole pile of half-read stories and lives. Running. Feeling the sun and wind on your face, Winter’s bite and Summer’s burn, Spring’s beginning and Autumn’s ending. You’ll never do anything again.

You’ll never breathe again.

No, it’ll be your body breathing, your body running, playing, learning, sleeping, loving, living. But it won’t be you. You’ll never be older than fifteen, but he will be over six hundred.

Somehow, it was right. Somehow, it was fair. Just. Destined. Somehow, you are supposed to stand on your own two feet and walk to your death like the cattle you were raised to be. And how like cattle, you were never supposed to know, not until the end of his life and the soon-to-be end of yours, too.

You were never meant to live. You were raised to die.

You were never supposed to know that, just like you were never supposed to (never should have) read that book, the one that left you with nightmares of blinding lights and warped shadows, curling around you in impossible shapes because there was nothing to cast them. Except there was, there always was, has been, and will be. Shadows can’t exist without light, light can’t be noticed without shadows.

You learnt real fast why dark grimoires aren’t real.

You know, though. You know, you know, you know too much now. You see the shadows in the light and the light in the shadows, the workings of Air (Aether, they call it, the Whispering Ones, slumbering no more), the way your life line splintered in two and one side continues on and the other stops short. You know which one you want to be, but that choice isn’t yours. It was never yours.









                                                                               ha             ve

the crown


                   d             surcle


ou c

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       an m






For Whispers, they are awfully loud. So loud, you almost miss your genetic donor’s footsteps. The door is opening, it’s now or never.

You’re fifteen years old and going to die.

Do you want to live?


Then live, says the Ivy, little green vines growing out of the shadows and wrapping round you like a lover,  live, Frederick Barnet X.

The crown digs into your skin, making new lines on the palms of your hands (new futures, new lives, and all of them yours), and sings to you, You need a new name.

The door is open, and she’s there, dressed in black silks and jet jewellery, like you’re dead already but didn’t she tell you that it wasn’t really dying. Liar. Liar liar liar who can’t even believe her own lies. She’s dressed for the funeral you’ll never have.

Because you won’t die here.

Frederick Barnet X might, but he was never supposed to live.

You don’t know who you’re going to become (ou              rs, they Whisper, because they always have to have the last words), but for the first time in your life (all of your fifteen years, and it isn’t splintering any more, it’s black and white and green and grey and red red redredredred she’s bleeding you’re bleeding oh god there’s so much) you feel alive.

You’re fifteen years old, nameless, and jumping out your bedroom window to the rest of your life.

#9 Gorem Pavallion

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 In the same universe as Claudius Khrietz, being the his student briefly, he is the second in line to the throne of a race of slate grey-skinned, red-haired and shark-toothed faeries(what kind actually?..have no idea atm). As a child, Claudius was hired by his father to teach him and his older brother but they never completed their lesson, not even close, before the king banished Claudius from his land for trying to teach “weak ideals”. Resulting in Gorem only learning the first half of Claudius’ teachings. War, rage, poverty, trickery and death. The books that Claudius read to him were ingrained in his mind with no chance that Claudius would be able to read him the books that completed his lessons. Books that descibed adventures, courage, love, peace and compassion.

So, in conclusion…

he’s not so nice/


(this is late because my power went out last night and then my internet wasn’t working!! ;-; stupid storms)

#10 Weretopus

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WERETOPUS!!!!  Half werewolf, half octopus!!!!

#10 – Eugene The Dragonborn

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