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#4 – Saneh

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Originally Phileo, the spirit of love, he fell from grace after becoming a victim of his own spiritual nature. The loss of a human under his protection whom he had loved caused him to become consumed with hatred and fury for the fallen spirit who caused her death. A spirit of love can’t live with hate in his heart, however, thus Phileo fell into darkness, his nature corrupted. He became Saneh, the spirit of hatred, and lives now in a constant state of unrest, despising what he has become as well as all of the other fallen spirits around him.

Saneh exists in a universe with numerous other angels and fallen angels I’ve created over the years. I probably won’t ever tell their story, but I enjoy drawing them and adding new characters from time to time.

#6 Space Carrie

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The time is the far off future, in the year 2002. Outer space is full of criminals, bandits, and outlaws. Only one bounty hunter can bring them to justice. And that is Space Carrie!

#6 – Lawrence

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Lawrence is a detective whose martial arts skills have greatly helped him in his fight against crime.  When he isn’t fighting crime, his breaks are spent hanging out with his best friends.

Day 6: The Soulbroker

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Bagmorgan as he is known, is a THIRD PARTY BROKER in the war of souls between heaven and hell.  He was once worked in AQUISITIONS for the devil, but found a loophole to escape his own contract and become freelance on his own.  Now he finds the choicest most promising individuals, leases them very lucrative contracts in exchange for their eternal spirits, then upsells them to Heaven, Hell or even other interested parties, such as demons, warlocks, and other supernatural folk!  He does this with the help of his COLLECTION DIVISION known as Lucius, Bruno, and Salvatore: THE BROTHER’S VALENTINE, as well as his chipper but elusive personal assistant known as ALICE…He has few friends and many enemies on both sides…But is best known as THE SOULBROKER!


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#6 –

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ONCE AGAIN NO NAME because it’s my bedtime and I’m in a huge rush!!!

This chick is going to be in a space story I’m thinking of!  She works with computers and spacecraft all the time, and she likes being a cutie while doing so yeah!!!


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No freaking idea. Just one of the multitude of creatures that is bouncing around in my head. 😀 Certainly could find a home in the Zgirl and the 4 Tigers universe.


#1: Mimi Necco

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When I first heard about this challenge last November, it was too late in the month for me to actually join, but I thought it was a fun exercise and did a couple on my own. Two character designs that came out of it were Captain Neckbeard and The Skunge, the most fearsome pirates you’d find in any basement.

I almost wanted to revamp their designs for the official challenge, but I felt like that’d be cheating, so I decided to add another member to their nerdy crew. She’s probably a navigator of sorts, definitely convinced she’s a cute little kitty cat in the body of a grown woman.

#5 CR-11

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CR-11 is one in a series of sophisticated robot observers that record and inventory the history of the universe. Created a millennium ago by a race of space faring beings that no longer exist the CR’s dutifully record the history of the universe like robotic librarians. What happened to the technologically advanced race that created the CR’s is unknown. It is the only history of the universe that the CR’s do not have recorded or preserved, keeping their creators a mystery.

#6 Illiad

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AKA Sassy Blind Lady

Sweetheart with a whip for a tongue. u w u

#6 The Flying Pig!!

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# 5 Binko the Clown

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#5 Romulus “Bones” Ickenboker Santiago Fortuna III

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Freakishly tall, freakishly undead.

#5 Dualiet

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This is Dualiet, another monster for my comic. Dualiet is unique in that there is only one of its kind. It is also male nor female, it simply just is. Dualiet is composed of two bodies and one brain. Their bodies form and mold through and around each other like clay, passing on the brain from one body to another and back again. So technically, it is only one being.

I’m guessing Dualiet will be important at some point in my comic, but I’m not exactly sure what yet. Also I’m falling behind aaaaah!

Number Six – Annalysa

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Here we have another rushed  character because I cant really draw on the weekends…;;

Well, she is basically a Harvest Moon Bachelorette that I conjured up from playing HM too much. lol

I dont know what else to say about her :I

#6 – Lyla

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(phew running out of steam…)

This is Lyla, wife of Lothario and head waitress at his pasta stand. She is a humanized cat that was once part of someone else’s dreams and decided to live in the dreamsphere. She has a very low tolerance for those who misbehave or those who don’t pay their bill. Loth and Lyla are constantly bickering, and usually Lothario loses horribly and then spends the rest of the week trying to make it up to Lyla.

She doesn’t act like a cat most of the time but she does hiss when angry and she has an unnatural obsession with seafood.


#6: Cell Phone Man

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If you are thinking… “Why Cell Phone Man?”  I’ll admit, I’m thinking the same thing.


#6 Yoli Ming Farrell

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Name: Yoli Ming Farrell

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Japanese

Religion: Agnostic

Eyes: Black. She wears blue glasses.

Hair: Straight black hair that is dyed pink and blonde.

Phsyique: She’s big boned.

Yoli is Naomi’s best friend. She’s a DNA (Dave Navarro Addict) and enjoys all types of music. She plays the banjo in her spare time and is an avid skater.

Her fashion sense is her own. She’s inspired by Nicki Minaj and doesn’t really care what people think. Yoli speaks her mind and isn’t ashamed of who she is. She does have a temper and gets into skirmishes from time to time with with different folks.

Yoli is the editor of the school newspaper The Knight Bugle and is dedicated to making thepaper the best high school paper ever.  Her model for the paper is the New York Times.  She runs the paper with an iron fist (almost like Paris did in Gilmore Girls).

Yoli and Naomi are very close-Yoli feels that Naomi is the sister that she’s never had.

Though Yoli comes from a rich some what stuck up family, she’s the black sheep due to her rebellious ways. Yoli has three siblings-an elder brother and sister and a younger brother.

Created by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

Copyright November 6th 2011

Day 06 – Zanala Paxx

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Zanala Paxx  is a young scientist from the Earth Colony.  She is only 24 and already one of the leading scientist in her field.

6 Angélico

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He didn’t have much experience as dealing with the weird, viscous and neon coloured small creatures that seemed to like to possess people nowadays – he was only 16 after all, and it’s not like there were many before the whole… infestation that came. And time freezing. And stuff.

He managed not to get bitten ever however, which is great compared to many. And I mean /many/. One would say he was just lucky, given that his first impression is of a somewhat boring and lazy young man. As one interacts more with this boy and one can see that it’s quite the opposite. One also notices how charming and well-spoken he can be. In the end of the day, it’s hard to resist him. Unless the times he becomes annoying with too many personal questions to your person.

Sucks with guns, but is learning. Prefers to use his motorcycle to do any dirty job, no matter how awkward it can be at times, given how small the creatures are.

The star is a gang thing he failed to convince people to get into, but does anyway.

Day 6: Rainboa NagaHyde

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Rainboa is a skilled seductress who can sing a sirens song. She then coils around her victim as she lulls them in to a permanent sleep.


Day 1: Gregory Gnome

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I decided to keep it light and go with a fun fantasy theme. Say hello to Gregory Gnome 🙂

#6 Colette

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Colette’s based on the ’61 Corvette that my Dad had.  He crashed it before I was born and we kept it in our garage until he sold sometime in the late 90’s.  Friend of mine spilled sunflower seeds all over it when we were little and it attracted a lot of mice.

The feel of the fiberglass body reminded me of a bug.


#5 Veyron

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Another Puca, this one based on the Bugatti Veyron.

He’s a touch more malicious than Emma.  Probably because his stint as the mount to a High King of Ireland years and years ago.  Veyron only goes back to Ireland if a situation is dire.

#6 Calvin Adarsh

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Calvin suffers from something referred to as the Corner Stone syndrome. The main symptom is the inability to permanently die.  Sure you can kill his current physical form but then a molecular facsimile is created directly corresponding the time of his death. This new Calvin is almost identical save for a temporary .5712% increase in all physical attributes. He also appears directly next to his old body and can remember everything up unto the point he was terminated and reassembled with new matter. The universe will not let him die and he has no idea why. The marginal increase in his abilities doesn’t amount to much, but if he were to die several times in succession the effects would be quite dramatic. This increase is only temporary though and will fade after falling asleep.


(Picture is a pass for me, just created a character in DCUO’s interface to you for this. I am no 3d modeler. )



#5 Carradine Phillips

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Name: Carradine Phillips

Age: 54

Religion: Buddhism

Ethnicity: He’s  biracial-Chinese & Japanese on his mother side and French & Russian on his father’s side.

Eye: Blue

Hair: Neck length Black with some wisps of grey in the front.

Height: 6 ft.

A well-known respected and feared thief in the criminal underworld, Carridine has his own thief syndicate which is one of the most powerful and realiable.

He doesn’t have any qualms about stealing and views it as a noble profession. He doesn’t like killing but will do so in order to protect himself, or innocent bystanders. And if he’s put in a position to do so, he will do with an intensity that puts the aggressors in terror.  Even though he’s a thief he does have a moral code and won’t hurt women, children, or the elderly-but he doesn’t have a problem stealing from anyone.

Carradine is also the father-figure of Willehmina.  Hetakes her in and trains and teaches her the art of thievery.  Every year, he would have a different martial artist to train Willehmina and he would also teach her weaponry, bomb making, and the art of disguise.

Created by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

Coyright November 5th 2011

#6 – Rastok

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Rastok is the patriarch of an ancient race of dragons known as the Vorchoveks who lived deep in the icy caverns of the Traldonian Mountains.  Although everyone in Traldon thinks they are merely legends and fantasy they eventually discover that Rastok and his clan did exist and they never died out, they were simply in one of their millennia-long hibernation cycles.   Rastok is very old and very wise, but is also arrogant and thinks humans are little more than annoying ants with long metal sticks.

#6 Vita

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Vita was created by the Gardener(i should submit his design later) for the sole purpose of making music for his wife. She became attachd to him and instead of creating music, she spent her time adoring the Gardener from a distance.

(I was thinking she is some kind of robot made of marble)

Day 5

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Trying to catch up.

Steve Harpster

Day 4

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A few days late but still into the challenge

Steve Harpster

#6 Darmakhian Golem

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Darmakhian Golem
Age: Lives until smashed
Origin: Darmakh region
Eye color: Yellow and red

One of the Golems from Darmakh, This foul creature has been responsible for many casualties in this
Continent. The Darmakhian Golem possesses incredible strength and a vicious appetite for destruction.
Darmakhian Golems are 15 feet tall with a stench of death. They love to pillage and sink ships and
eating pirates (mermaids are a delicacy). They recently invaded the village of Amassia but were driven
off by Zohar, his crew and Didrik.