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#2 Docteur Fromage

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He prefers his cheese ancient and painfully fragrant.

#2 Shane Montague

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Shane Montague

#2 Estenio

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Found at

Oh, dear. It’s only the second day and I’ve already run into some troubles. The introduction is nothing like I wanted it to be, but hopefully it’s at least average in quality. (I would also like to assure you that I am , in fact, capable of writing characters who speak properly, despite what Sinclair and this young man would have you believe.)

Character Summary: The extraordinarily suspicious adopted son of Mama and Papa val Murri, leaders of the val Murri family. Rumor has it that he’s actually the product of a magic spell—born a weasel, but transformed into a human by Arros Balfe, a man accused of practicing witchcraft. Whether this rumor is true or not has yet to be seen, but Estenio’s aloof attitude and overprotective stance on his past certainly doesn’t help to silence it.

Full Name: Estenio val Murri

Age: 18

Birth Date: Unknown (Claimed to be August 5th by Mama val Murri)

Birthplace: Unknown

Current Residence: The val Murri Mansion

Occupation: “Associate” of the val Murri family


  • Adelaide val Murri (Adoptive Mother)
  • Lizen val Murri (Adoptive Father)
  • Ambrose val Murri (Adoptive Brother)
  • Elroi val Murri (Adoptive Brother)
  • Santin val Murri (Adoptive Brother)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Race/Nationality: NA

Other: His cheeks and nose are covered with freckles, as are his stomach and legs. He has one piercing located on his left earlobe, the likes of which can be found on every male member of his family.

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Day Two – Pixel

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Pixel, the crafty and sneaky desktop helper. However she will do all but help. She goes though your files, scatters things, posts things online. Even goes though your mail. She is however kind and shy. If you discipline her well, she will eventually open up and obey you. She then can help you organize better than before. She is pretty small however, often needing help from your mouse cursor to be carried around.


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SKULLCRACKER is just that- justice through violence. His methods are violent on a street level. He uses the threat of carrying that violence over into a political realm, putting local government in his pocket in his never-ending effort of seeing true justice carried out through criminal practices to see justice served. He realizes his methods of blackmail, murder, and extortion as means to an end. He and his army answer to a plea of a screaming city and will ease her pain or burn it all to hell and everyone in it. He’s either super smart- or super crazy.

#2 Catherine Dubar

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Catherine Dubar

Age: 26
Place of Origin: Region of Ghamia in the continent of Yhun
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 126
Eye color: heavenly blue

Catherine comes from a noble family in Ghamia. Raised as a sorceress, the best in Ghamia, since she was
born she was blessed with the light of Ahrmnahda making the prophecy of this region true, that the
chosen sorceress would be born in golden linen and blessed with the light from above. She grows bored
of constant attention and the noble life, but has an ambition for jewelry making the one hanging from her neck special; symbolizing the mark of the “chosen one”. Catherine prefers quiet and tranquility, specially when she trains. One evening  Catherine got lost while ambushing a group of thugs with the high ranking sorceress order of Yhun, she lost balance and fell from a hill rendering her unconscious. When she woke up she was in Captain Zohar’s ship and ever since she pledges allegiance to him and his cause. Both Catherine and Zohar have an attraction, but their ambition for riches makes them forget about feelings.Catherine is a gatherer for the ship, now sailing the world looking for a good fight, and shinny stuff that Catherine can keep.

Lily Thane

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My goal is to try and at least merge the prose of each of my first few characters. Hope you enjoy.

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair: Auburn Brown
Eyes: Green

Wind roared through the open driver’s side window as strange looking car streaked down a rural highway. Inside the vehicle’s driver seat sits a young woman looking to be in her late twenties. Shifting gears she seems to lack any sort of care for her personal well being as tires squeal around a particular curve. The flash of red and blue reflects into her eyes causing a smug smirk to slide across her face. Pulling her right hand off of the steering wheel, she reaches out to push a series of buttons on the stereo. Almost at once a pulsing sphere begins to expand in front of her, each pulse giving off a white light. Without hesitation she aims directly for the sphere and sends her car hurtling into it.

Almost as soon as it hits the sphere the car begins to seemingly melt away and reform into something else. Moments later the girl leans forward, the steering wheel she was gripping now just a simple piece of rope. Attached to the rope is a metal bar that is firmly lodged into the mouth of a pterodactyl. Tightening her grip on the rope she pulls back sending the her upwards towards the sky. Letting out a squeal of exhilaration, she all but closes her eyes letting the wind wash over her. Leveling out she finally takes a moment to glance around herself and that’s when she notices the cop car lodged into the greenery below.

“Aw piss,” she huffs, seeing that the police officer has already noticed her.

Pulling to the right she forces the Pterodactyl into a dive, the wind lashing at her face. Pulling back at almost the last moment she manages to land the creature as soft as possible. Staring out with piercing emerald eyes at the officer hiding behind a tree, pistol drawn.

“You’ve nothing to be afraid of there fella, this wasn’t meant to happen,” she states matter of factly.

“Meant ta happen?! What the hell are y’talking about!? How d’you even know muh language?!” the young officer yells out, terrified out of his mind.

“Look. I can explain, just calm down.”

Day 3

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Steve Harpster

#2 Angelos [Satyr]

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NAME: angelos

AGE: young–pre-pubescent (not sure how long these guys live, though)

BASIC INFO: your typical energetic, good-hearted but sometimes difficult kid.

# 2 Peeps

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Peeps is a cloud jumping raccoon with a LOVE for WAFFLES!!!

#2 Trent Kenna

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Trent used to be your average jock. He played soccer from middle school through freshman year of college, slept with more girls than he could name, and was generally an asshole to anybody he could get away with. And to be honest, this was getting him through life far better than he would have ever imagined, except for when it ended up with him on a hotel room floor, attacked by vampires.

Now living life as a vampire, he rooms with his once-hated college roommate, Val, who is the only one who knows his secret. Cut off from the sunlight and stuck using Val as a renewable food resource, Trent has notsomuch come to terms with his situation as much as he’s tolerated it for the sake of his continued existence. Being technically undead is beyond depressing, and the vibrant jock has morphed into a loner even more reclusive than his bookworm roommate.

Trent wants nothing more than to be human again, but he knows he’s nowhere near smart enough to understand what vampirism even technically is, let alone how he might cure it. Sure, he can’t die (easily), won’t age, et cetera, but all of that is worthless now that his life has lost its meaning. He works the night shift at a local supermarket to help pay the bills, since Val has promised to find a cure for his ailment, and the least he can do is keep the electric on. The rest of his time is spent either sleeping, or, more typically, playing as many sports video games as he can afford.

#3 Rabeka

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Rabeka is mentally stuck in the 80’s! Almost literally! Now she must navigate almost 30 years in the future with her lizard Iskabibble, trying to figure out what the hell an ipod is and why no one uses the word “wicked” anymore!


#2 Agnes

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This is my second character and main protagonist of the comic playing around in my head, Agnes. Agnes is a little girl who enjoys running about and exploring and other little girl things. She lives with both of her parents and leads a fairly normal life, until she is whisked away by an imp when she was carelessly wandering around and is taken into a realm of faeries and monsters. She manages to escape her captor with the help of another monster, but now she finds herself in this world she didn’t even know existed! She needs to find a way back home through this foreign realm with the help of the monster who ended up accidentally saving her.

(Sorry for not using up all of the space of this thing I didn’t realize she would be so tiny ahah…)

#2 Comic Fan

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#2 – Kevin

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Kevin was just an ordinary guy, one who had an ordinary job.  That is, until he decides to become a competitor in various game shows.  Eventually, he simply wanted a more exciting experience, and that’s where he begins to travel the world, seeking competition in more sports related events.


He’s kind of a quiet guy, but he knows what’s going on and is sometimes prone to getting carried away.  He does, however, have a sense of humor.

#2 – Larveye

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Though it belongs to the genus related to slugs and snails, this great creature’s name is translated as such in English. It is not understood how this monster devours its prey, or what the function of its singular eye is; there is no optic nerve connected, and it finds its way through its territory on touch alone.

#2 Vivacious Vixen

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Her real name unknown, she is called ‘Vivacious Vixen’ – an odd misnomer for such a quiet girl. Often shrouded in darkness, she has grown into something of a legend. It’s common knowledge that she’s a thief (with quirky modi operandi), and she does her job well. Anybody who tries to interfere with mission will get eliminated – always.

This could have been so much better D: I probably just need some sleep ): Hopefully, tomorrow will be better

#2 – hillbillies

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The hillbilly clans survived the zombie apocalypse by learning to distill a sort of anti venom from the flesh of the zombies. It’s not without its side effects though, as seen here. 

#1 Mirilena Chontal

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character 1After some initial issues with the PSD I finally figured out how to upload my first character. Ahaha…. I’m a wittle late, huh?


Mirilena Chontal comes from a tribe of people who are extremely in tune with nature. They hone their senses by tattooing themselves with meaningful symbols and markings that resemble a living thing. Plants, animals, it doesn’t really matter. Older people of her tribe are covered head-to-toe in tattoos and most of them aren’t quite human anymore. Mirilena had always been fond of owls, and although she’s still pretty young, many of the owl’s traits are beginning to show through. The people of her tribe believe her to be a prodigy.

#2 Farmer Mac and Granny Smith

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No real back story to these humble farmers. They just love farming apples!

#2 Schadenfreude

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Schadenfreude : Status: Villain

Neovidual abilities: Schadenfreude possesses the unpredictable power of bad luck. Anyone he is annoyed by within a 30 foot radius befalls misfortune of an unknown type after being that close to him within 30 seconds. Schadenfreude uses his agility and electrically charged staffs in order to stay in close proximity to his enemies so that his powers can activate. With a strict activation time of 30 seconds he uses time clocks strapped to his legs to “countdown their misfortune.”

(Webcomic : Internal Hero Presents)

Day 2: Jessamine

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Did you know Nov 2 is Dia de los Muertos?

Now you do.

Meet Jessamine.

She’s basically a “bonesona” from a webcomic called Helvetica (I suggest you check it out.)

Jessamine is a lovely young skeleton lady who died an early death (reasons as yet untold). In the world of Helvetica, the first word you say after death is your name.
Jessamine apparently smelled some Carolina Jessamine (a beautifully scented flowering ivy) when she awoke into death and noted it.

She enjoys spending her time crafting clothes for herself and prefers to hide her face (reasons untold).

Jessamine died in her early 20s, she’s shy and quiet . One could assume she died a lonely death.

Day 2: Agent John Washington

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Jake’s mentor and former partner, agent Washington is a tough as nails cop who was hiding something dark when he suffered an alleged mental break and disappeared. When and where will Washington show up or is he even alive?

Inspirations for Washington are shown in the photo

#2 – Enki

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This is Enki, the sidekick of my Day 1 character Sierra.

Enki is a 7 year old girl with a huge imagination. She is bubbly and humorous, but she is also very absent-minded and way too carefree. She also walks around in a bunny suit which she wears 24/7. She is seen here in the larger picture without her bunny hood on which is rare. She is also a dream hunter. Her weapon is her photographic memory and her ability to make her drawings come to life. In her little pouch she carries is a small sketchpad and some crayons so she is always ready.

More info on my tumblr:

#2 Dr. Oculus

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Optpmetrical EvilQuestion: when you are born with one gigantic eyeball in the center of your forehead, what else is there to do other than grow up, build a sweet protective goggle (singular) and get your PhD in Optometrical Evil?

Answer: Nothing.


…dont blink…

Raz Mataz

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The Showman in Pink

#2 – Sven (the Gentle Sailor)

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This is Sven, the Gentle Sailor.  Not at all typical of the usual kind of character I come up with, but I’ve sketched him a few times and wanted to bring him to life a bit more (besides it’s fun to explore new territory :)).  I don’t know too much about Sven, except that he used to be a circus strongman, can lift 100x his weight, and does not like spinach.

#2 Ellie

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Ellie, a snarky, sarcastic woman, is a surprisingly resourcful person. She teaches a martial arts class for children,but doesn’t make a lot from it. Because of this, she has developed many tips and tricks to getting around the system and saving money. She is generally laid back, although she is very particular about her daily scheldue and almost religously goes through it every day.


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Discription to come later.

Day 2: Marshall “Marsh” Vargos

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Name: Marshall “Marsh” Vargos

Gang: The Renegades of Tyr
Age: 27
Marsh is tries to keep the club from falling apart. The split that Damien has put on the club is causing some major issues within the club that Marsh is trying to keep together. Marsh is in charge of relations between The Renegades of Tyr and neighboring clubs. Marsh is torn up with about his brothers death just like Damien however instead of hiding in the bottle he has started stockpiling weapons and money. 

Character Created by Travis Gibb and Robert Herbes