#2 Ellie

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Ellie, a snarky, sarcastic woman, is a surprisingly resourcful person. She teaches a martial arts class for children,but doesn’t make a lot from it.├é┬áBecause of this, she has developed many tips and tricks to getting around the system and saving money. She is generally laid back, although she is very particular about her daily scheldue and almost religously goes through it every day.

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Hi! I'm Riley and this is my first time every trying the 30 day character challenge. I am really excited for this, and I hope to improve and grow in the coming month. I am only 14 years old, and so rather inexperienced. However, with this challenge I hope to gain new insight and ideas on improvement. My tumblr (although you may need to do some searching to find my art) : http://lillytira.tumblr.com/

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