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#8 white ape

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white ape


This one inspired by a prompt from InkGorilla, aka,  Andy Romine.


I have a hard time resiting a good close up in the face of a raging ape, however this version neglects some pretty pivotal details of the ape’s build and weaponry etc.  Therefore I’ll be doing a follow-up version. (stay tuned)



thank you Andy!

#19 Jovian Soldier

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A microgravity-specialized soldier from the Jovian Conglomerate Military. A very powerful force controlling Jupiter and most outlying planetoids, it has been steadily putting pressure on the Saturn Authority for some time now, undermining it’s plans and policies, putting conditions on trade and criticizing it very vocally on the political media scene. Public opinion is largely on the side of the Jovians, with Saturn appearing to be grossly mismanaged and corrupt.

The Jovian Conglomerate invests heavily in it’s military. As the above soldier demonstrates, they have adopted special dazzle camouflage patterns, making their operations difficult to track. About every piece of equipment used by the Jovian military is several steps ahead of Saturn’s.

Trying out halftone shading. Not sure.

Day #20- Karibiana

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From the same pantheon as Marikutonaam and Kirhanna one of the few mortals tunrned godess Karibiana was born in the middle of the desert with the brightest bluest hair imaginable, she was desired by many and had no qualms about turning that to her advantage. As she grew she set her sights on seducing the gods. Although the first god’s attention she gained was the trickster Kirhanna. Kirhannna convinced Karibiana that if she stood outside watching the stars one night Marikutonaam would come down for a liason. As Karibiana waited Kirhanna used her shawl of the sky to distract the woman as she let the storms flood the desert. Karibiana’s hair soaked up the floodwaters until the storms subsided and the sea that remained took to her hair’s shade of blue. Thus Karibiana became the goddess of sea and desert, seducing sailors and travelers alike. She no longer listens to Kirhanna though she still takes time to seduce the other Gods.

#20 – Lien

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a unicorn girl (◡‿◡✿)

#20 Diabla

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By studying magic since childhood Diabla has  managed to acquire the power to cast flashy destructive spells, mind control,  and pretty much bend the whole of reality to her will.

One of the most dangerous beings in the astral plane, she is to be avoided at all costs. Especially when she is cranky!

#20 Rook

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“All those other villains wear black, but I prefer a red costume. It makes it easier for the police choppers to follow me. Every time they put that spot light on me, the adrenaline kicks in and I get that rush.”








#19 Chubby Ninja

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Watch your back and watch your snacks! Chubby Ninja will wheeze his way into taking you and your Doritos out!

#14 Old Noona

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#14 Old Noona


Old Noona is as nutty as a fruitcake.  She’s one of those round little old ladies, gray hair sticking out all crazy, walking in little shuffling steps everywhere she goes.

If she can help it, she won’t walk on anything other than dirt.  Even if it means trampling through the spruce hedges in front of the bank or shuffling like a tightrope walker on the little line of dirt that collects in the crack between the curb’s edge and the sidewalk.  Grass is okay, and any other plant matter is fair game, but she hates having to walk on concrete and asphalt.  She grumbles to herself, shuffling along at her top speed every time she has to cross the street.

And she won’t set foot indoors, not even to sleep away the winter chill.  She’ll sleep next to a heating vent when it gets below freezing, and townsfolk dread the morning they might find her, not having made it through a night that got a little too cold for her old bones.  But she doesn’t seem to mind.  And lots of people look out for her.

She has the cackle of a cartoon witch, and a vocabulary as florid as it is frank, and she’ll gladly talk to anyone who’s looking interested.  Funny thing, she never talks about things you’d think the crazy street lady might talk about.  Instead, she always talks about things that the other person might find interesting, if a little unexpected.  She has this skill.  She calls herself a people person.

But a very few who stop to talk to her know a deeper truth.  When you stop, really stop to look into her eyes, you’ll see they glow with the bright passion of a child’s.  If you bring a hot cup of something with you and sit with her a minute, you might just find her talking about things you never really had the guts to say out loud but carry in your heart.  There’s only a few who could tell you why that is, why any of it is, why she is the way she is.

She made a deal, you see, once, very long ago.  She gave up houses, she gave up the world of built things, in exchange for which she got two things, the skill to sleep outdoors in any sort of weather, and the skill to grant any who would cross her path, not the wishes they would make out loud, but the quiet ones, the ones they didn’t even know they had, but needed more than any others.

#20: The Lady in Waiting

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She’s trapped in a box

there’s no windows or doors

(I venture to say you have heard this before)

She ponders her savior

and when they’ll arrive

(she’s tried everything, she’s left with no drive)

Powerless, waiting

and sometimes quite mad

(she fears that a limit or doom is at hand)

She tears out her hair

and it grows back again

(time is a thing with no start and no end)

Always she’s wondering

when it will come

If she’ll be free

or if there’s no one.

#20: Aidan Carran

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He should not be, but he is.

Like most children, he is born to a mother and a father. His father is sandy haired and hazel eyed, and Aidan takes most after him. They have the same dimpled chin, square, almost-heavy jaw, and mirthful eyes, but Aidan has the same thick, auburn hair as his mother. It’s the only obvious trait he inherited from her, and growing up, he thinks that it is as if she is leaving no trace on the world. Except not. He doesn’t think it for the longest time because things like mendelian inheritance and polymorphic traits are nothing but too many letters strung together.

He doesn’t really think about his family much until an assignment from school makes him discover his family tree. The assignment upsets him a bit, mostly because some kids in his class already had relatives do it for them, but he has to look up dead relatives who mean nothing to him on his own. Names and names, some similar to his and some not, and he puts numbers next to them and draws lines between them. Brothers and sisters, parents and child, cousins and cousins. His father’s family is huge, and he wonders if they could have been kings and queens in a different world than this.


He nearly fails the assignment though, because as detailed as his father’s side of the tree is, his mother’s is so severely pruned that it’s a twig, connecting mother to son. Try as he might, he can find no information about her, no blood connecting him to relatives she no longer speaks to. He is her only family, as far as he can tell.

The same week he comes home in tears, holding his water-stained assignment, his mother talks with the teacher. Aidan doesn’t know what she says to his teacher, but he gets full marks the next day. He imagines that she tells him that she was not born but hewn from dust. She has no earthly family that mere humans would understand.

(Things he should never know but finds out much later: his mother was not born but created, DNA copied from her own future (or is it past?) and woven into being. She is a paradox that must exist.)


When he was much younger, he wanted a little brother or sister. Mostly a little brother because he had heard that little sisters were Annoying. Any sort of sibling would do, though. He would have someone to play with after lessons ended, and because he would be the older one he would show them how to do things, too. His favourite part of learning a new game was to teach it to others, and that was hard when all of his friends already knew.

But his mother would always shake her head no, even if his father gave a non-committal maybe. One night, when he had asked a little too often the eternal question ‘why?’, his father asks, too, and his parents proceed to have the Worst Row Ever. Not that he sees it. He gets shooed out of the room quickly by his mother, her blue eyes as hard as diamonds, but the remnants last for days: frigid silences, awkward hair smoothing, and a few empty bottles of Guinness, which is a Truly Bad Sign because Dad hates that piss water except on Special Occasions, like rows.

He doesn’t ask why again, and proceeds to make every other kid on the street his little brother or sister, even if they were, technically, older than him.


He is twelve when his father leaves. The last night he sees his father alive, he comes into Aidan’s bedroom. His father doesn’t know he is awake. If he did, he wouldn’t have said those words:

“I can’t stay,” he says. He strokes Aidan’s hair and kisses him on the forehead. “I thought I could. I thought that maybe if I loved her hard enough that she would come around, but I can’t do it anymore. Be strong.”

He kisses Aidan one last time, closes the door, and walks out of his life forever.


He spends the next six years of his life wondering if his father didn’t love him, or didn’t love him enough to stay.

Six years, because freak accidents happen.


He is fifteen when he loses his virginity to a classmate. She is hardly a sweet girl, but you wouldn’t know that from the way she wears her uniform at school (completely within regulation, right down to the freshly pressed, perfect pleats of her skirt) or the sensible ponytail her hair is (almost) always tied back in (easy and quick, like she is). But he knows because they are too similar not to know. The broken, jagged pieces he sees in himself – because he is fifteen and every fifteen year old sees them even if they are, in fact, rather dull – are in her, too. She knows what it is like to lose a father (and it is loss, because they are still alive somewhere but in uncharted lands).

They don’t go to school the next day, suddenly girlfriend and boyfriend, nor do they come to school, suddenly ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. They completely ignore each other until the next school-wide party, when she’s drunk and talking about how he was in bed (vanilla, she says, with a slur that makes it more like bani’a) so he starts to talk about how he got her there.

He never hated her until that moment. She just wasn’t broken enough to understand.

(He thinks that in another world than this, because he still believes in those more than he believes in things like God and other people, that they could have loved each other, fitting their broken pieces together until they were whole again.)

(He is wrong.)


He knows his mother is strange because she has no family. She had no support system, not after his father left and took his whole family with him. Without him, it was just Aidan and Erin. That wasn’t too strange, though. He wasn’t the only kid to be raised by just a mother.

It’s the other things, though. The things that made his father run away and never come back, and probably drove other men away, too.

The way she looks at people as if trying to find someone. She doesn’t know quite what they look like, but when (if) she finds them she will know who (what) they are.

(She did once, lips turning into such a large smile that Aidan wondered how her face even had room for it, but Aidan hauled her off  down a street before she could run up to the Russian and do whatever to him.)

The way she looks at the sky, night and morning and every hour between, as if it might be the last time she will see it.

(Worse is when she stares at it as though it is supposed to do something for her. Give her back her ex-husband, except she never cried once over losing him like Aidan had.)

The way she looks at Aidan in amazement.

(Like he is not supposed to exist.)


The weirdest thing about her is the fact that she knows how to use a spear. It’s strange enough that she knows how to fight in the first place and used to work as the World’s Little Bouncer. She could outmuscle his dad on any occasion and beat anyone at a wrestling match. She’s five foot six, always wears heels, and has embarrassed more than one drunk. All of that is not nearly as weird as the fact that she can use a f***ing spear.

Why and how, he has no idea. It’s just another of his mother’s many quirks, and one of the more benign ones (to him, at least), so he tries not to think about it too much.


He is eighteen when he dies because freak accidents can also be called Really Sudden Accidents.


He is eighteen when he wakes up again, his body red and wispy, like a bloody ghost. Light shines from his body and he knows. He knows everything or near to it – this Game he is now a part of, that his mother was created for, and the rules of it – and he knows what his purpose is.

And he knows who this boy is in front of him, who never knew any father and was more loved by his (their) mother and brought about this end, and he doesn’t care if this boy is supposed to create the new world because there will be no place in it for Aidan, the Boy Who Shouldn’t Have Been (and he knows this, too, and it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as the fact that this is the son his mother was waiting for), and–

–he might not be able to break the Game with his own hands now, but he can break this boy.

#20 – “Candi” the Succubus

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Day 20 - Candi the Succubus by George Ward

Candi is a friend of Ian (day 19) and is jealous of his and Shaylah’s (day 7) relationship. She acts pleasant and supportive but she secretly wants to split them appart.  She doesn’t think Shaylah is good enough for him and wishes she would just disappear.  She knows about the secret meetings but she fears that Ian would suffer if she were to expose them.

#21 Captain Bicentennial

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Captain Bicentennial

Another in the first generation to be born as super-abled after the Roswell Incident, Jack Tremain was born with super-strength, super-agility and telescopic vision.

In the late 60s, Tremain joined the army and served in Vietnam. In 1975, Tremain was commissioned by the U.S. government to become the first government sanctioned hero, Captain Bicentennial.

Intended as a symbolic gesture tying into the Bicentennial celebrations in ’76, Captain Bicentennial became a national figurehead and was granted honorary membership in The Squadronnaires.

In 1980, Captain Bicentennial rescued American hostages in Iran, punching out the Ayatollah. He also took part in the first Invisible War, battling other villains until Dr. Omnibus was able to save them from The Event.

Captain Bicentennial retired in 1986 after the Iran-Contra Affair was revealed and Tremain became disgusted with the government. Thinking he could do more good changing the system itself, Tremain was elected to the House of Representatives.

After serving in Congress for 10 years, Tremain retired again and became a news expert on the superly-abled for Exposition News Network.

#15 – Gesicht

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To read the villainous Gesicht’s origin story, as well as all my other 30 Characters entries, please click over to now!

#20 – Adrenaline Town Werewolves

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Below are some myths dispelled in the Adrenaline Town series.
Myth Number One:
Werewolves are savage creatures with no rational thoughts. When they transform, they become animalistic and unable to stay in control of their urges.
False. In fact, werewolves conform to a system of order common to the animal kingdom called the pack system. The pack system is as follows; a leader is established (usually the oldest and strongest wolf) and the rest of the pack follows that wolfs lead. The leader can be challenged if one or many of the pack believe he has become incompetent, but usually the wolves don’t like to make waves in their packs, so they hesitate to take action unless things become drastic.
Werewolf packs consist of between seven and nine members. If a member of the pack loses control and begins to lash out and kill regular humans, then that member must be destroyed for the good of all packs. When you first become a werewolf, you are drawn to the pack closest to you by an incredible urge. In your first meeting with the pack, you will be taught of what you are and what you are capable of doing. After that you will be a member of the pack and you will remain with the pack you first meet, werewolves shun those who leave to join another pack or avoid their own kind.
Myth Number Two:
You must be bitten by a werewolf to become a werewolf. Werewolf genes can also be passed down through the family line, father to son and so on.
The truth is werewolf’s blood and saliva contains a special element that is virtually undetectable. In the rare occurrence (odds about sixteen million to one) that your bodies DNA structure accepts the element, your body will undergo a gestation period. Depending on the person, this period can take between six months and two years. After the gestation period, you will begin to feel your senses begin to heighten and change. You’ll want to tell people about the changes occurring, but you won’t be able to. You will begin to exhibit animalistic characteristics, little ones at first, but they will gradually increase.
Then, on a night of an eclipse of the moon, you will be drawn to a place you have never seen or thought of before. Guided by instinct, you will know the exact location and how to arrive at your destination. When you arrive, you’ll meet a small group of people who will be part of your pack and share a sort of unspoken bond with you.
Through research, there have been found some exceptions to the rules of changing into a werewolf. For example, if a small child’s DNA accepts the werewolf element, the gene will lay dormant until puberty. The hormones released during puberty will activate the gene and gestation will usually occur 2 to 3 years after puberty. There are never cases of children or young teenagers becoming werewolves.
Women rarely become werewolves because they have a special chromosome that fights against and 99% of the time kills the werewolf element. If a female werewolf and male werewolf have a child, the child will usually be a stronger, more powerful form of werewolf called a second-generation leader. He or she will, of course, not become a werewolf until after puberty, but when the change does occur, there is a great celebration called the Ratall. All of the packs in the surrounding areas come together to celebrate and welcome a second-generation wolf.
Unfortunately, the children of two werewolves rarely survive birth or past the age of five. They are plagued by illness throughout infancy and are sometimes killed by another pack out of jealousy. If a male or female werewolf has a child with an ordinary human, the child will be immune to the werewolf element and remain a normal human for its life.
Myth Number Three:
Only in the light of a full moon will a werewolf change. The person who is a werewolf has no control over the change. When not in werewolf form, the human is just an average person.
Unlike myths and movies, a real werewolf can change his/her form at anytime day or night. Rarely will a werewolf change during the day because they are less powerful and more likely to be seen. Werewolves pride themselves in their unknown status and will do anything to keep things that way. Since werewolves can change at any time, they must stay in control of their form and every situation at all times. When they are not in control, it drives them crazy. The control factor causes werewolves to avoid certain things.
The first is drinking alcohol at any time. Alcohol affects the amount of control they have over their form. When a werewolf does drink, it is usually with another member of his/her pack. That person provides company and will get them out of sight if or when they begin to lose control.
The second is anger. A werewolf must take on a peaceful nature because when you become angry you lose your rational thought. Without the rational thought process, control is easily lost. Being human, a werewolf will indeed become angry at time and lose control for a second, but they quickly realize what the consequences will be and regain control. Usually in anger situation, such as a fight, the werewolf will simply turn and walk or run away. The only time that is not true is when a werewolf is protecting something or someone it holds dear, because werewolves are taught from the beginning how important honor is. In the old days, the packs used to call each other “Original Samurai’s”. Even in these modern times, a wolf’s word is their bond.
A warning sign for werewolves that they are losing control are various facial ticks. These ticks are the first sign of losing control of their form because they are a sign of the transformation process. To be a werewolf today, you must realize the power you are capable of and Misuse of that power and lashing out or killing a regular human means to be destroyed by the pack.
Myth Number Four:
A werewolf is chaotic. They are naturally evil and enjoy causing or inflicting pain upon others.
The only ways werewolves can become evil, pain-inflicting creatures is, if they lose control when in wolf form or when someone is naturally evil and becomes a werewolf. When the latter occurs, the evil person usually ignores the laws of the pack, goes rogue and must be hunted and destroyed.
A werewolf retains the full capacity of his/her mind when they are in wolf form. Many have great senses of humor. During deer, moose, and elk hunting seasons, packs sometimes take retreats in the mountains seeing which wolf can scare the most hunters. The game is popular here in Utah.

Other interesting facts about modern werewolves:

• Werewolves have a high threshold for pain in human form and even higher in wolf form. When a werewolf is wounded, the wounds heal about five times faster when they are in wolf or wolfen form.
• Werewolves are three to five times stronger than regular humans, but their need for secrecy makes it so they will rarely, if ever show their full strength.
• In human form, werewolves cannot stand creatures doing violence to other creatures. They are strongly against humans hunting animals, but they don’t protest hunting for fear of drawing attention upon themselves. In their wolf form, however, their attitude becomes survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom. They take part in many hunting expeditions to keep their skills and senses at their peak.
• With their heightened senses, werewolves are very insightful about people. Their belief is that you should know more about a person than that person thinks you could ever know. Werewolves have the ability to identify a threatening person and avoid contact to keep out of a dangerous situation.


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Quick sketch of an old cranky eel monster


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sick of  always being described as the skinny aliens with  huge eyes and big heads, Al secretly  uses steroids found in Area 52 .

#20: Ge, Boss of Diamonds

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Day 20, Ge, the boss of Diamonds. The last of the Suite Mafia series. I’m thinking about keeping it just to “card gang”, because the word “mafia” is so strongly associated with conventions, and the story behind these guys really cannot follow those conventions without getting scrutinized, I think. Ge is the most deceptive one out of the four bosses. Using this to his advantage, he is also rarely seen, and the latter half of his first name is unknown.

He’s probably better than Felicia at his card games, and tricks, even. So their leisure games mostly end in one-sided arguments. Works alongside the rest of the card gang: Jack and Innes.



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Another Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines character. Is that cheating?

Anyway Serif is a Tremere, who is a vampire clan rumored to have been a clan of humans that raised themselves to vampires through self-studied magic.  She is a master of Thaumatology, or blood magic, as well as Domination – so she can command someone to die, and if that doesn’t work she can just magic all the blood out of their body. The game loaded her with a kind of sexy-librarian look, but as the case with Escher, the game gives little in the way of outfit customization besides each clan coming with a preloaded set of four outfits that give different ‘armor’ values, so here she is with a reinterpreted wardobe. I pushed the ‘librarian’ bit, giving her a head bob to go with her glasses – there for style purposes only, I assume.

Serif revels in the simple joy of manipulating people, through lies, intimidation, seduction, what have you. That said she takes no pleasure in violence and dislikes killing people, avoiding it whenever she can. Serif is ambitious, and doesn’t mind brown-nosing to do it. She has an eternity to wait for the proper opportunities, so she keeps the witty retorts and vitriolic slurs that are ever on the tip of her tongue wrangled in the presence of anyone she thinks can remotely be of use to her.

11- Face

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We have no idea if Face is a woman or a man, if they are good or bad.

#14 S.C.O.P.E. : M.A.S.S. Unit

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M.A.S.S. – Mass Access and Surveillance System

Millions of M.A.S.S. units are the most abundant source of information gathering and neovidual study used by the S.C.O.P.E. (Secure Constant Observation and Protection for Everyone). M.A.S.S. units are created in a multitude of different sizes depending on their location and altitude of surveillance, from bowling ball – melon sized units to those as small as a dime.

The S.C.O.P.E. has deployed M.A.S.S. units all around the globe. The S.C.O.P.E. have used these semi-sentient robot units to record an impressive amount of history; including the activities of the neovidual hero Moonwill.

The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. on Twitter




10 Cannibal Chef

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They have a cook?!

#20 – Lilith

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#19 and #20 – Colossus and Grimel

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And life catches up with me…I missed yesterday, argh. I had a really busy night. Out of the house from 11 am to midnight, forgot to do one in the morning aghh…

And I am running short on time today too so I apologize for the quality of this drawing it’s abysmal.

This is Colossus and Grimel. Colossus couldn’t focus on being a kung fu master with all the devilish thoughts clouding his mind. So he found a way to remove them and Grimel was born. Now Grimel runs around wrecking havoc while Colossus tries to control him.

#18 – The Masked Guardian

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A spirit given flesh, to guard the secrets of an ancient way of magic.

#20 Kraka-Düm

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Kraka-Düm is the Lemurian storm god. While the Lemurian civilization was lost, and the rest of the pantheon gone, Kraka-Düm only survived due to his main temple remaining surviving in the sunken city of Mu off the coast of Japan.

Being a storm god, Kraka-Düm is able to create rain and lightning. His Thunderstone dagger allows him to shoot lightning. He can also use his dagger to hitch rides on lightning bolts, catching onto bolts to pull him up into the clouds and riding other bolts back down to earth.

Kraka-Düm is a member of the Last Pantheon, a group of mythical beings formed to prevent the Ragnarokalypse.

#17 – Captain Star

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Captain Star is a character I came up with when I was a little kid. Back then, he had an underground base with a supercar and a super doggie sidekick. His uniform was red, white & blue with a big gold star on his chest. He was the first superhero I had created; I thought it would be cool to update him 30 years later. His current look comes from a design I did for a dead end project I worked on a few years ago. I always thought the suit was cool and a perfect fit for Captain Star. When I created him, he was just a Do-gooder, nothing to deep or dramatic. I was about 7 so nothing too complicated. But I thought it would be interesting to have a Superman type ‘hero’ who didn’t answer to countries or governments or operated within the laws of the land. He would save those who need saved, help the helpless, but also punish the guilty and eliminate those who pose a serious enough threat to global peace. No more peace talks, sanctions, negotiations, etc. in order to haggle out peace with dictators. Captain Star would drop down in the middle of a nasty dictator’s military parade of weapons, nukes and troops and would wipe everything off the map. Kind of WATCHMEN-esque, I suppose.


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one day i’ll run out of names

#13 Lip Service

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Lip Service :status: hired assassin

Lip Service uses his neovidual ability to project destructive sound vibrations at various levels to carve out a formidable reputation as a hired assassin in criminal circles. Preferring a method of focussed sound waves to vibrate the vital organs of his targets his assignments are often carried out quickly and without warning (save the strange echoing sound that is the by product of using his powers). Without anyone realizing who was responsible he is often successful in his missions and is rarely ever seen. Much like a marksman Lip Service prefers a sniper type method of using his powers in which he is never identified by eye witnesses. Those who employ him appreciate this level of stealth & secrecy. However, when face to face conflicts with neovidual heroes occurs Lip Service reacts with sound blasts emitting from his dual tongued mouth. These sonic blasts can punch holes in tanks is if they were tissue paper. His power originates from the vibrations of his twin tongues. When Lip Service speaks there is a constant , erie , echo type stereo effect to the sound of his voice.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. on Twitter

#19 The Cubist

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The Cubist

Arthur House was an art lover. A HUGE art lover, especially of cubism. Arthur spent a lot of time in the Megalo City Modern Art museum studying the works of Picasso, Braque, Duchamp and others.

After days, months and years of analyzing the cubist masterpieces, Arthur finally wrapped his mind around cubism, learning to see the four-dimensional reality implied by the two-dimensional paintings. As a side effect, Arthur actually began to exist in the fourth-dimension, broken down into simple shapes and able to exist simultaneously in multiple places at once.

Traumatized by having his perceptions suddenly opened, Arthur went insane, becoming a threat and a menace.

#20 Solstice

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Solstice, is a powerful magic user from the Arcanum Society, formerly a staunch defender, she was lured away and now works for The Organization the evil mega corporation bent on galactic domination.  Now she reveals the Societies secrets for more freedom to pursue her own dark arts.

#20 – The Occultist – Sorcerer & Summoner of Demons

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Excerpt from Dark Star Rising: Meanwhile, Thornton Oswald III completed his summoning ritual with the King of Netherbeasts. Grimmammon took the form of a great cat of immense size.

“Grimmammon, I invoke your service as in the pacts defined by my ancestors.”

“Bah, mortal, why should I bother with your family’s ancient pacts? You have been notoriously lax in your relationship to us. Where are the rituals of blood and souls as in the past?”

“Spare me your pathetic bargaining, hell-beast. Without me and mine, you and yours would have passed into your final existence decades ago. Our world stopped worshipping your kind hundreds of years ago. Look around you. Ask where Lord Arioch and his brethren have gone. Provide your services and enjoy the benefits of our continued relationship.”

“Show me why you summoned me.”

“Look, oh Great One. Tell me what you see.”

Grimmammon looked over the edge of the roof, and his demonic mien grew more stoic. “Our pact ends at the edge of this world, sorcerer. That is an eldritch being from beyond our world.”

“And evidently frightening enough to remove most of your bluster. Tell me more, Great One. Who or what is that creature?”

“A Chaos god from before the time of Arioch, from before time as you measure it.”

“You lie. There were no gods before that time.”

“Silence, pup. There are secrets even the gods keep. These creatures were imprisoned here in an age before yours. You are not the first masters of the Earth. Did you think you were? Ha.”


“By the First People. They could not destroy them, but they could lock them beneath the Earth, or the Sea, or in Fire. It is said even the very Air imprisons one. I will have no truck with that one, no matter what the price you offer. Its powers likely dwarf mine, the same way mine dwarf yours.”

Oswald thought about what Grimmammon told him, and realized they were out of their depth. Even if Shango and Kali were here, this was a threat greater than they could manage on their own. Since neither of them were here, it was likely they were working on this menace in their own way. “So we will do what we can until they arrive.”

“I know you can see the boy in that conflagration. Bring him here; deposit the flames on the creature. Then you can take your leave. We would not want you to be injured before I can make use of you again. You are weakening with age; perhaps I shall call your rival Shunmaburan instead.”

“As you request, so shall it be. But if you seek to wound my pride, you will find no demon has pride when its survival is at stake. But by all means, if you wish to call Shunmaburan today, and he were not to survive, I would be in your debt. Farewell.”

The old demon stood at the edge of the roof and the flames rose from the crater in the street. The flames swirled as if they were a fire vortex and flew from the crater to surround the otherworldly invader with the terrible fires. The Kid disappeared from the crater and appeared on the roof next to Oswald. Oswald saw the daemon link the fire to the creature, and realized the fire would only last a few minutes before exhausting its fuel. Once surrounded, the creature stopped moving forward, and this bought them some time.

Grimmammon turned away from the roof’s edge. He looked at the boy and said, “Tough, that little one is. A parting gift.” And with that he nodded and stepped back into the gateway in the floor of the roof.

Oswald was not happy with Grimmammon’s parting words. No good comes from gifts from demons. Looking down at The Kid, he saw the boy’s amazing recuperative powers rebuilding him, and in less than two minutes, he sat up, looking angry.

“Wait. We need to talk. There are things you need to know.”

First Appearance: The Occultist, originally a villain, works with the Paragons because the government in their world, attempted to kill all metahumans, to be rid of the threat of super-powered beings. Reformed, he turns his sorcerous might to the protection of humanity from demonic predators.

About the Art: Created by Gerald Ramos Fernadez, known as *rhardo by his fans on deviantART, his strong colors, expressive faces and fantastic panoply of superheroic art made his magician Dr. Presto, the perfect choice for my magical protagonist, The Occultist. An accomplished artist in the Philippines, he creates superheroes on contract, of which I will be taking advantage of, when this contest is over.