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#25 – Valkyrie Vacya

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Day 25 - Valkyrie Vacya by George Ward

Valkyrie Vacya was one of Caitlin’s (Day 3) bodyguards until she was fired for accidentally touching the Lady.  Lady Caitlin was drinking at a tavern, as usual, when a fight broke out. Vacya tried to protect her but a stray blow caused her to be knock off balance and bump into her Ladyship.  She would have been killed on the spot but she managed to escape into the ongoing chaos.  She has started a new life but there is always the fear that she may one day be found and punished.


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#18 – The Dweller

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This character has been in my mind for awhile and now I’m happy that he’s finally drawn out.


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Todays unpolished sketch brought to you by ‘didn’t feel like drawing today but did it anyway.’ I apologize.

This is Delaney. She works at a computer store and fixes computer stuff. In her off time she remixes music. Her youtube channel has a small but devoted following, and she’s convinced she can make it big if she makes one big hit (or at least comes up with the an advertising scheme to get the next big hit). Bottom pic is her working on some music. While she loves working on it, any artist can tell you that there is a lot of tediousness in any project and she just happens to be working on one of those tedious segments.

#17- Rag & Tag

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Rag & Tag are just their aliases, but they’re definitely a pair that I want to further work on.

#14 Mr.Chommers

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Mr.Chommers, a sentient hunk of liquid android plastic.
Part of an RPG project a group of  friends and I are working on.

#16 – Little Stinger

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Little Stinger was though of after thinking about Wasp (Janet) from Marvel. I wanted a hero that changes his/her size, but I didn’t want another Giant. Her wings were created by her and she was given her “Stinger” guns.

#26 Anatoliy Nikolayevich Mikhailov

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Name: Anatoliy Nikolayevich Mikhailov

Nickname: Tolya

Birthday: 7 November

Guardian: Papa

Location: a dacha near Samara, Russia

Handlename: acroamaticGrigori

Typing style: succinct. he does not capitalize anything, but does not forget punctuation. never uses contractions.

Fetch Modus: TETRIS

Items are assigned a random shape and must be put into the sylladex in an unspecified orientation. If the collection of items fills the allotted space, the bottom items are released. Violently. It is also the only way to get anything out of there, too.

Kind Abstratus: SHASHKAKIND

Initially used TASERKIND (a taser made from an old camera).

SHASHKAKIND was never simply a shashka, which he figured out the Captchacode for after some trial and error. After alchemizing a shashka, he combined the code for the shashka and the taser to make an ELECTRIFIED SHASHKA.

Title: The Locum of Power


Tier 1: Papa’s good bear fur coat with the bear’s head for a hood (pre-entry)

Tier 2: a Garden Gnome (pre-entry)

Effect: Bear heads which wear cone hats; tendency towards isolation; faster than they look

Dream: Derse

Planet: The Land of Dust and Mortar

Consorts: Chatty, golden foxes

Associated Element: Earth

Associated Item: Lime

Denizen: Ismenius


Can temporarily harness the power of other players. Limited to one player at a time. Duration is measured in heartbeats, not passing time; this means that the Maven of Time cannot extend it with her powers, and that they last longer when he is calm. After the effect has passed, he must wait certain number of heartbeats before accessing another power. If it is just limited to his session’s players has yet to be seen. It is also unknown if it works on powers granted by the Horrorterrors of the Furthest Ring, because he took one look at that and said “no fucking way.”


For most of the year, Tolya lives in a flat in Samara. However, we first see him in a dacha on a man-made lake that his father owns. How his father came into possession of this lake (which is as old as Tolya) is a mystery that many have tried to figure out: Tolya, his teachers, the government. Somehow, he has managed to evade the authorities on the issue.

Tolya does not like anything. There are just some things WHICH HE DISLIKES LESS THAN OTHERS. These things include CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES and BUILDING THINGS. Of the things he has built, he is the LEAST DISSATISFIED WITH THE HOMEMADE TASER. He has a GRAVEYARD OF COMPUTERS in his room because of his efforts to build a BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER COMPUTER. He also does not hate ELECTRONIC MUSIC, but do not tell the others.

He first met his friends on an ANIME FORUM, where he argued the CULTURAL MISAPPROPRIATIONS which CRANE BOY (the offensively incorrect re-telling of a Russian folktale) was guilty of. Their friendship is not one he can exactly recall because he cannot pinpoint the moment when he stopped hating them. This bothers him, but not nearly as much as his father’s GARDEN GNOME collection does. Those things are creepy.

He is the SECOND PLAYER to play SBURB. He entered the Medium with only moments to spare by opening the CRUXITE MATRYOSHKA DOLL.

#13 – The Zinger

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The Zinger, or as he is less known, Heriberto Vocce, happens to be one of the most sought after crooners of the 22nd century. At the start of the last ice age, earth’s population, reduced by natural forces, was keeping indoors, and hungry for entertainment. The reigning world leaders, in a bid for world population control, sanctioned experiments in mind control, from which our featured artists sprung. The last of the corporate generated child stars was created to this effect. Heriberto, thanks to the latest genetic alteration technologies, can influence the masses with his voice. A starving public will listen to anything. It is said that our current decline in childbirths is due to his latest 3-D cast. Of course, nothing can be proven. Not even his role in the suspicious end to the last Third World Union revolts.

Day 26: The Eternal Knight

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Young Roland Platt  was a sophomore high school kid in Takoma Park.  Although his grades were extrordinary, he took in no extra carricular activities, or had anything in terms of a real friend.  His father and mother were both absent from his life, so he was raised by his grandparents. He was for the most part a loner in any kind of social circle.  This made him the target of local bullies.  One such night he was on his way home from school when he was chased into a nearby park where he discovered a strange glowing object.  He went to touch it thinking it was some sort of electronic device and was charged with some sort of radioactive glow which caused him to pass out.  When he awoke he returned home, and went about his business.  The next morning however he found that he had begun to manifest powers of flight, super strength, and other abilities that put him head and shoulders above average human beings.  Being a loner kid that although had a good heart, his lack of social interaction had him looking into things like comic books, television, and other media sources to try and find inspiration for what he should do with his powers.  This led him to adopt the moniker of THE ETERNAL KNIGHT, an english translation of his favorite TV wrestler EL CABELLERO ETERNO.  So the Eternal Knight began a crime fighting career.  But often finds what he read in the comics is not how the real world operates…

#25 Spike

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Spike is a crazy biker who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. His super strength comes from massive doses of bourbon and PCP.

#24 Dreadbot

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Dreadbot is murder machine from the year 3050 who has traveled back in time for the sole purpose of killing you! BOO!

#26 –

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#23 Zarna

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Zarna is a Warrior Queen from the realm of Hy-Brasil. She has magical powers as well as super strength. You don’t mess with Zarna period.

#22 Bodger Quickfoot

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Bodger  Quickfoot is a Halfling Thief. One of the best. Watch your valuables and most especially watch your back. He gets double damage on his back stab move!

#15 – Arachnid

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Ugh, this, by far, has been on of the hardest OCs to create. I’ve always been afraid of spiders, but my favorite Marvel superhero is Spider-Man. Arachnid is more of Spider-Woman with the fact that he was born with the DNA in him. I probably give him a better suit once I’m done with the challenge.

#23 – Boy Scout

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#22 – Mad Scientist

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#21 – Rocker Girl

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#26 Prince Leopold

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#26 – Maria

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Nobody really knows who this person is, or what her intentions are, but Maria is a trained assassin for hire.  Her most common targets are possible threats to those who wish to take over the world.  But one day, when she eradicates one of her targets, she begins to realize something terrible:  that target in particular was the person who had saved her from a madman before she ended up becoming an assassin in the first place.


With that in mind, Maria chases after the man who hired her to do that vile deed.

#26-Walter the Wino Walrus

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Walter was just a simple walrus living his life along the Alaskan coastline enjoying all the things a walrus does. That is until one day when a dog sled driver tossed a half full bottle of hooch from his sled. Walter being the curious type picked the bottle up and gave the contents a try. Finding them to be tasty and sweet, along with warming his large bulk against the cold, he was hooked. Now poor Walter can be found lying out on the tundra with empty bottles all around and one sweet, sweet full one in his hand. So if you have ever wanted to make friends with a walrus just bring the booze and Walter the Wino Walrus will bring the fun.

#26 – Game Boy

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#26 – Game Boy

Game Boy is a second generation gamer who takes his games very seriously. While he isn’t endowed with super powers, some say that he has lightning quick reflexes and pin point accuracy in pushing buttons. Born into an era of advanced technology gaming systems, GB has no issue with tackling tough technology turbulence.

His father, Game Boy Original, laid the foundation of the importance of gaming early in life. Training from an early age on Atari, Intellevision, and 8 bit Nintendo, only to encounter his version of kryptonite – the multi button controller. Out of frustration he walked away from gaming after realizing there were advancements beyond the Sega Genesis.

Game Boy now carries on the mantle and eagerly looks forward to amazing graphics, interaction, and as many buttons as you could possibly fit on a plastic controller. No game is too challenging and no button combination too formidable. He lives to fight crime, ogres, vampires, zombies, soldiers, and whatever else is thrown his way.

No. 20 & 21- Mighty White & Whiteout

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Couldn't get hold of a scanner so I switched to low quality camera shots!

Names: Mighty White and Whiteout

Actual Names: (Mighty White) Samuel Murphy, (Whiteout) Stan Murphy

Ages: (Mighty White) 72, (Whiteout) 22

Occupations: (Mighty White) Former Superhero, (Whiteout) Mercenary/Assassin/ Vigilante

Short Background:
For a time, there were very few superheroes in Birmingham during the Civil Rights Movement. Most heroes stayed on the north side of the Mason-Dixon line or moved north to avoid getting entangled in politics. Only one hero stayed in the South, and that hero was Mighty White. Samuel Murphy gained powers after being exposed to a strange aircraft. He soon found himself with the strength of one hundred men and the ability to fly. He decided to use his powers for the good of all mankind.

His father, a member of the KKK, figured that it would be best to use his son as the face of Jim Crow. He convinced his son that a law can’t be wrong and that it was his job to enforce them. Genuinely believing this, Sam set out to do his part in maintaining the status quo.

But then, things changed. The world suddenly became a different place and Sam found himself on the losing side of the battle. Many heroes finally had enough and came to support the Civil Rights Movement. Eventually, integration was allowed and became the new status quo.
Because history is written by the winners, Sam was vilified and heavily criticized by heroes and citizens alike. Confused and disillusioned, he vanished from the public eye and was never seen again.

He eventually grew into an angry bitter old man filled with resentment towards a world that didn’t understand what he had been trying to do. His anger was passed down to his son and then finally to his grandson, Stanley.
Stanley spent his entire life being taught that the world was already against him and that there was no such thing as real heroes. Because of this, he dedicated his life to training and became a mercenary to finance his ultimate goal. To set the scales right and return the status quo.

#13 Mr. Jackson

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Dimensional traveler and all around badass, Mr. Jackson.
Part of an RPG project a group of  friends and I are working on. 

#8 George and #9 Specs

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So now here’s George and Specs. Phew. After this I’m gonna take a break until tomorrow.

George is a jock. He’s popular and athletic, the quarterback of his football team. His girlfriend recently broke up with him because she was getting sick of having every single plan of theirs getting canceled in lieu of football practices or games or having to hang out with his team members. She kicked him out of her locker. He’d never bothered getting his own since he shared hers but he’s forced to now.
George takes football pretty seriously and is hoping to go to college on a sports scholarship. If he gets injured he’d rather hide it and try to work through the pain. He likes to take care of problems as soon as possible so they won’t bother him later. If he can’t take care of them he’ll agressively ignore then instead.

Specs was a girl that died in the same school about 50 years before. She doesn’t remember her real name anymore. Her nickname is a play off of her giant spectacles and the word spectre since she becomes a ghost. Ghosts are pretty uncommon and she’s only one because she unwittingly made a deal with the devil. Ya see, when she died, she didn’t really want to acknowledge the fact. She turned away from the light and in the opposite direction was not the physical world again but a mysterious figure. He told her that he was an angel that could bring her back to Earth if only she would promise him something. She said yes without thinking and he informed her the promise was that, since she didn’t want to give her soul up, she would have to take another in exchange. She then came back as a ghost, haunting her old locker (she can also haunt the lock) She was horrified at what she had promised to and decided to just hide in the locker and never come out. Unfortunately the ‘angel’ has grown impatient and is demanding she give him a soul soon or he’ll take hers now. She doesn’t want either to happen.

Specs appears to George (and only George) as soon as he’s assigned the locker and, even though she doesn’t even know if he can help, pleads for it. This seems like a problem that’s definitely out of his league so he tries to ignore the whole thing. However it turns out that she is involuntarily taking his life and energy anyway with every interaction. He can’t ignore this anymore and they both try to figure out a solution before he out and out dies.
George is frustrated and angry that this ghost girl has invaded his very happy life. He grows worse and worse at football and his teammates are startung to think he’s going crazy, talking to his lock and all.

Day #26 Zombie

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#26 Nygel Noogieman

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Nygel Noogieman is an obnoxious hero. He defeats his enemies by putting them in headlocks and giving them noogies. He’s the relative you always steer clear of at family events.


#7 Sybil

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#7 is a hamadryad named Sybil (hamadryad meaning that she dies if her tree does). She is an evergreen tree born in Canada around the 1960’s. She was bored being in basically the middle-of-nowhere and, after hearing so much about it from other trees (they have a rather large network) decided to dig up her tree and replant it in Central Park. She was a bit of an outcast among the other trees at first but because she was very friendly and told them strange tales of such a faraway place, she became very popular. She loves to gossip and also adores the hustle and bustle of the new, high technology place that is NYC. The only time she isn’t walking about the city is Christmastime. So many cut down evergreens…
Alcina came across her one day, deeply puzzled at what an evergreen was doing among plane trees. Sybil told her story and now the two are good friends. Although Sybil is generally more hyper about everything, she is laid back about the issues that Alcina loves so much.

#25 Hank the Hand Talker

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Hank is one of those annoying hand talkers. He defeats his enemies by causing nausea from flailing his arms about while engaging in horribly boring monologues.