#16 – Little Stinger

| November 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Little Stinger was though of after thinking about Wasp (Janet) from Marvel. I wanted a hero that changes his/her size, but I didn’t want another Giant. Her wings were created by her and she was given her “Stinger” guns.

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For those who have participated in the previous 30characters challenge, I am Pitang, or Faith Orcino as I am called in the real world. This time, my friend Joseph Noblit is teaming up with me as The Horchata Crew to complete this challenge and expand our artistic limits and character roster. My friends and I are slowly working on stories we hope to publish. I currently work with my university's newspaper as a writer and artist. "Student A" is the small comic series I make for them. Some have been posted on the paper's website (csusmchronicle.com) It is just a small start to make my big dream real.

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