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#2 Obama-Bot

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The Obama-Bot says that he’s a “change” from your previous model of battle-mech, but the longer we see him in action, the more his “pop-out-under-hand-cannons” & other such attack weapons seem to be virtually identical to previous battle-mech’s…

Will we see some new maneuvers from the O-Bot, or will he have us looking for old Gobots reruns?

#25 The Villain

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To capture a sealed city is one thing, to defeat a people with a monopoly on time travel is another. It is 3144, and the great capsule-city of Terra is under siege. This villain, along with a fairly large group of associated forces, has activated a localized temporal interdiction device of his own design. Normally attackers of the city are redacted out of the timeline quickly and easily, but in this case the defence of the city will be far more difficult. He achieved an element of surprise by making sure that his operation had the smallest possible visibility before the attack. All of the city’s time-travelling vehicles were in the city at the moment of the device’s activation, all except for one…

#19 Crazy Leica Fox

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Wildlife photographer Johnston Reynard was tracking foxes for a piece in National Geographic when he was hit in the head by a meteoroid killing him instantaneously. A curious fox approached the mysterious glowing rock and smashy-headed human and was mutated just enough to make his paws more dexterous, develop an interest in photography, and grow a fondness for Hawaiian shirts.

Day 25 Part 2: Calvin White, age 19

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For the last eight years, Calvin has been learning more and more about magic, and about how little of it has anything in common with Harry Potter. In a few months, he’ll be going off to college, and a whole slew of new problems will be facing him in respect to hiding his powers.


#24 Verbatim

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Verbatim : status: heroine but rarely seen

Many within the neovidual community have yet to encounter Verbatim. She possesses the ability to solidify her thoughts of objects and animals. Verbatim does this by way of speaking the words and names of things she wishes to manifest. She must say the word to manifest the energies produced by her thoughts. She’s been spotted manifesting heavy tools that have saved people in various situations such as freeing them from car wreckage after an accident. Verbatim has also created animals that have carried or flown people out of burning buildings to safety.  The animals and objects Verbatim manifests are not sentient. They rely completely on her commands and are solidified extensions of her thoughts.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. on Twitter 

#20 Hessena the Mermaid

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She took another painful step.  One of most likely thousands she had taken.  One of millions she was willing to take.  It wasn’t as though she had been ignorant of the pain she was to feel if she was to walk on land with legs like men- she had been warned, shards of glass and the like.  Being trapped on the ground, incapable of floating upwards, however, had effects she had not considered.  Although Hessenah was well familiar with the rules above the water, having spent more than enough time on outcroppings and seashores, she had not realized quite how confining it would be.  And carrying her own weight- she was fully capable of it, the muscle form needed for it came with the spell which gave her legs and feet- but she had not expected it to make her feel so pinned down.  So constantly trapped.

She knew that she had not been the first to take the offer, to take the spell and walk upright and on dry land.  But she honestly could not understand how the others had not returned within the hour, realizing that no affection or interest could overshadow the fact that they were better off swimming free and unfettered.  She would not compare herself to them.  Her cause was dire, her reason for leaving the waves drove her with deeper pain and heavier weight than any her counterfeit form could assault her with.

Hessenah would not compare herself to her foolish little sister, impulsive and careless, who had allowed herself to be lured onto land by the smooth tongue of a handsome fisherman, into the hands of a ruthless love which in the end had killed her.  With a smile as sharp as the pain of her steps, she wondered what that fisherman think when he realized that he had once again drawn a maiden from the sea.  Before he realized that what he had called up this time little more than vengeance.  Little more than his own slow and painful death.

For a mermaid was just as capable of killing a man with her own bare hands as she was capable of luring him off of a cliff.  the old stories were true, and they were right.  It always ended in blood and tears, and a wise fisherman should count himself lucky to have never met her kind.

#25: Nahid Athari

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Name: Nahid Athari

Birthday: 18 February

Guardian: Mom

Location: Ottawa, ON

Handlename: auxiliaryAssassin

Typing style: Perfect punctuation and capitalization, but has ishues wif spelling.

Fetch Modus: PURSE

This modus acts as an infinite bag of holding, allowing the user to captchalogue an item and store it in the Sylladex. The user may remove any item at any time, no matter what order items were added, but good luck finding it.

Kind Abstratus: LASERKIND

A laser gun made by combining a cap gun with a laser pointer. The combination of the two is, apparently, a lethal combination.

Initially, she wielded a kitchen knife, but she never allocated it to anything . She simply picked it up and used it.

Title: The Maven of Time


Tier 1: Green octopus plush toy (pre-entry)

Tier 2: The lobster which was supposed to have been dinner (pre-entry)

Effect: Tentacles with suckers and claws

Dream: Prospit

Planet: The Land of Wheels and Icicles

Consorts: polite, chartreuse seals

Associated Element: Water

Associated Item: Glass

Denizen: Phorcys


Time-travel. Can jump to different moments in time and exist simultaneously at a single moment in time. Can travel backwards in time and return to initial time period. Creating “new” instances of herself can lead to the discovery of “omega timelines”, which are ones which have deviated from the alpha timeline so much that they have been marked for destruction. If that Omega Maven returns to the alpha timeline and merges with the Alpha Maven, she can remember what doomed that timeline and avoid it (the effect of merging with versions of herself which are marked for destruction has yet to be seen).


Nahid Athari came from Iran to Canada when she was just a baby, so she has no memories of it. She lives with only her mother and is strictly forbidden from asking about her father. She assumes he was the reason she left Iran. Her interests lie in MARINE BIOLOGY, but not to the extent her mother believes. She just finds it fascinating. There is really no need to keep buying her PLUSH TOYS of MARINE FAUNA. She is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, for crying out loud.

She can read and write in English, speak Farsi, and mock French. For some reason, she sleep-graffitis her walls with the word “AEON” a lot. She enjoys SOUNDTRACK MUSIC and FILM REMAKES OF MUSICALS. She likes to sing these songs, which she does badly. ANIME is her guilty pleasure. Discussion of the latest episode of CRANE BOY (the epic tale of a boy who learns that his mother was a bird) is what introduced her to her BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. The fact that they have never met face-to-face does not detract from that in any way.

She is the FOURTH PLAYER to play SBURB. She entered the Medium well before the countdown on the CURXTRUDER reached zero by turning over an CRUXITE HOURGLASS.

#11 – Scowl

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Scowl serves as the lookout on the ship of the feared pirate, Captain Fancypants.

Although, being nocturnal, he fails to spot most things.


Shane S

Day 25: Ghor The Ahnililator

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There are no concrete accounts of the origins of the being known as Ghor.  One of the most popular amoungst the spacefaring beings of the cosmos, is that he was born in and was nurtured in the heart of a star.  That his people were the basis of distilled tales of gods and spirits of a thousand world.  But whatever account to his origins, his name means the same to all who speak it out loud or hear it upon the whisper of the winds….WAR.  He sits at the helm of a manmade world ship that travels the cosmos in search of planets to wage it upon. Its inhabitants are the twisted, hell sundered beings of a million points in the Universe.  He renders all he comes accross to ash and husk.  He takes what he wants, and destroys the rest!  He is Ghor…To those who see the red and black monstrous omen in the sky it is the harbringer of sudden death or eternal woe…

#25-Black Friday

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Black Friday is the ultimate shopper. The day after Thanksgiving no one better get in this masked heroes way. With electric prod in hand to move everyone out of his way he will be the first to all the bargains. His satchel contains all the ads and coupons for the best deals along with maps for the fastest ways to all the stores. Watch out world Black Friday is here and all the slow shoppers better beware.

#27 Tybalt Lavandula “Captain Lavender”

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Was considering making him an airship captain, but I may try something more modern.

Noooot sure.

#25 Widowmaker

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The Ghint are thee most evil race in the known universe.  A species of Psychic Vampires, they feed off the fear, and sorrow of others.  The Widow-maker(or Kha’Ahk Hah’Kor in their native tongue), is a fierce assassin, and widely regarded as the most deadly woman in the universe.

#25 – Nadia

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Nadia spent much of her childhood wanting to become an actress, and maybe even, at some point or another, a director.  Then, in high school, Julia, who sarcastically suggested she should be an action star, invited her to a “really cool club”.  Nadia reluctantly accepted the invitation, and followed the sophomore to a classroom in the 2nd floor.


Turns out that Nadia had been tricked into joining Julia’s group with the big emphasis on game shows and obstacle courses.  This scam was what prompted Megumi (Meg) to devise a rule that Julia must now follow:  No recruiting students without their permission.  Nadia was Julia’s 4th “recruit”.


Between Julia’s lectures about her plans and her keeping an eye on the other members, Nadia feels very uncomfortable about being watched over by such a strict leader.  In fact, she’s even scared of trying to sneak out.


Nadia is very shy and gets nervous easily.  She also worries a lot about the possible future that awaits if something were to go wrong.


Nadia is 18 years old.

#20 Boombox Slacker

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#19 – A Skinny Boxer

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He may be in over his head this time.

#26 Staniforth and Plushie Staniforth

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Second resistance leader opposing Le Fin! and Turid Dandelion, Staniforth commands unearthly powers and the darker aspects of his soul possess a plushie likeness, free to act in the interests of the whole.

(…and that makes 12 in the ‘Extremely cute (and very evil) dictators of a fractured future Earth’ Series.)


#10 – Herman Horn Poker

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With his empty, maleable mind, it wasn’t long before Herman was recruited by Captain Fancypants. He was a perfect addition to the crew, loyal, obedient and stronge enough to hauling around cannons, gunpowder, hostages or pretty much anything else the Capt desired.


Shane S


#19 Bear Daddy

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He's into leather. Especially gnawing on it.


When I asked Bear Daddy if he was a top or a bottom, he responded “MWWWRRRRHH”



#18 OccupyThanksgiving Turkey

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I may get high but I refuse to be baked


OccupyThanksgiving turkey.


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#17 Jim

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Seasonal depression can be rough.


Jim, the suicidal maple leaf. This autumn has been rough.

#16 Tep

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God of Nile ripples.


Tep is the littlest god of the Nile.

#15 Laverne

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My doctor says aphids are bad for my cholesterol


Laverne is a ladybug with her own sense of style.

Day 25: Calvin White

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For years Calvin has been trying to persuade his parents that he is a wizard, to no avail. On his eleventh birthday, the 31st of of July (the same as Harry’s), he had not yet received his letter from Hogwarts. His parents tried to comfort him, assuming that he had finally given up on the idea. However, even though no letter had arrived, Calvin was still convinced that he must be a wizard, and would not let them near him. He grabbed his plastic cauldron full of stuffed owls and fake potions and spell books and hid them in his closet.

After a few days of not speaking to his parents, and hearing them discuss therapy options, he decided it would be more prudent to just pretend that he did not believe in magic any more. It was about this point that he noticed that he actually did have magical abilities that were not only his imagination. Unfortunately, he is not able to tell anyone without them thinking he is making it up or mentally ill.


Day 25: Uchillin

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Character #25 is known as a “Uchillin”, a subspecies of the “Uchilla”, an older OC of mine.

Uchillins are made completely of ice and snow. Their skeletal structure is hard ice and everything else is snow. The “mane” around their necks are usually frozen patches of grass that they pick up. Their eyes are thin sheets of ice and behind them is a reflection of ice inside its head. They can only thrive in very cold areas, as where the Uchilla can sometimes go to somewhat warmer areas.

#9 – Captain Fancypants

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Bored of being caged up for tourists to gawp at, the alligator formerly known as “Snappy” mutineed against the zoo staff and escaped into the lake surrounding the island zoo.
There he hid patiently, planning a revolution and gradually gathering anything that might be useful for building his pirate vessel.  Luckily, the lake was in the middle of a huge theme park which provided a plentiful supply of swashbuckling merchendise that was often dropped into the water by careless children and littering man-babies.

But before he could launch his attack he needed a crew…


Shane S



#23 Kat Ealing

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Seven-year senior. Knitting fanatic. Womanist upstart.

Image from Feminist Hope

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#25 – Gong Yang and Huli Jing

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#25 – Joleen Cassarubias

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#25 Weasel

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The Weasel
What does it take to be a hero? Courage? Dedication? Obsession? Delusion? When his father would come home early in the morning, he would share his stories of fighting crime by night, and when the old man was found dead one morning, young Mack Carlson decided he would grow up to be a superhero, though he had no powers. He learned to prowl, hunt and fight. He used planning and deception to convince criminals and other heroes that he was more than a mere man. He was so obsessed he even began to train his nephew, who was barely old enough to walk. But will his world crumble apart when he discovers his father was a thug-for-hire who created stories to impress his only son?

#25 – The Cart Protector

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#25 – The Cart Protector

Every Black Friday shopping event has this colorful character, typically working in unison with a woman dashing about and picking up things from store shelves. The Cart Protector’s job is to do just that, protect the cart and items within it from people who would unscrupulously try to steal them because the store has run out.

His primary characteristic is a hovering motion around the cart and eyeing everyone that comes within two feet with suspicion. Heaven help the person who wants to look at a shelf or rack near the cart protectors cart because they are usually snapped at.

In the end, the Cart Protector has no desire to spend his morning chained to a shopping cart as his wife darts back and forth, but has come to realize that trying to sit at home and relax on his day off will only result in incessant bickering for the rest of the evening. This tends to make the Cart Protector rather grumpy toward everyone in his vicinity.