Day 25: Ghor The Ahnililator

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There are no concrete accounts of the origins of the being known as Ghor.  One of the most popular amoungst the spacefaring beings of the cosmos, is that he was born in and was nurtured in the heart of a star.  That his people were the basis of distilled tales of gods and spirits of a thousand world.  But whatever account to his origins, his name means the same to all who speak it out loud or hear it upon the whisper of the winds….WAR.  He sits at the helm of a manmade world ship that travels the cosmos in search of planets to wage it upon. Its inhabitants are the twisted, hell sundered beings of a million points in the Universe.  He renders all he comes accross to ash and husk.  He takes what he wants, and destroys the rest!  He is Ghor…To those who see the red and black monstrous omen in the sky it is the harbringer of sudden death or eternal woe…

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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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