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#19 – High Valkyrie Regine

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While the valkyries are known in legend as women who decided who died in the battlefield, in more recent years they seemed to have secluded themselves to the demon realms to study the ancient demon rune language, and use it to teach humans to defend themselves from the more vengeful demons. Regine, one of the oldest and most powerful valkyries, is known as one of the most skilled in the way of turning the defensively-based rune spells into an offensive assault.

Regine is not a very trusting woman, and was one of the first to try to expel the rogue high valkyrie Sanngri from the order of the valkyires, and from the living world. She has a powerful presence and a notorious heart of cold steel. Many of the Protectors, the loosely connected faction of demonhunter humans, refer to Regine in their native tongues as the Sword of Justice, in reference to her legendary runed sword, which has never failed to fall an enemy except one – the rogue Sanngri. Regine has sworn to take vengeance on Sanngri if she should ever be reawoken from her sealed chamber, and promises to be on the front line of the first battle on that day. It’s said that she sharpens her sword every day in preparation.

#18 – Bloodwolf King

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The Bloodwolves are demonic wolves that are infamous for having the personality range of a teaspoon – nothing more than vicious, violent, and cruel. They’re born with dark, navy blue fur. It’s said that they never wash off the blood stains from their enemies, and that the stains turn into permanent red markings that seem to shimmer and glow in the dim light.

Nobody’s quite sure what corrupted these wolves, but many claim that their king might have something to do with it. The Bloodwolf King, one of the demon lords, is known as the most vicious and domineering of the lot. Every single bloodwolf seems to be under the strict control of this king, and his goals are quite clear – to exterminate all other species, demon and human alike, and gain complete control of the realms. At least, thats what people think. Demons and humans find it hard to talk to the Bloodwolf King at all, as he doesn’t seem to understand spoken or written language very well – just lots of killing. Wall and Garden has suggested trying to get him to look at the ancient rune-text, but nobody seems very keen on trying to get a bloodthirsty monster trying to kill them to sit still long enough to read some dead rune language.

Still, while the Bloodwolves are a credible threat to the demon realm, the concern over them is usually shunted aside for more immediate issues. The Bloodwolf King, at least, seems very aware of this, and uses this to his advantage by just doing what he and his enormous “pack” does best.

#19 Tom Cloth

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” there’s something strange about the shop owner down the street…”


#14 – Goldfish

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Hurried this one, but at least its done. Based on a Teenagers From Outer Space character my brother played.


#18 Amelia

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Tired of rush hour traffic, Amelia invented a new way to get to work.


#19: Innes, Boss of Spades

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Day19, Innes, the boss of Spades. 3/4 in the Suite mafia. Collected middle-aged man. Had a rougher youth, but you don’t become the boss of the most powerful suite without being rough around the edges. Now that he’s mellowed out, they’re talking about replacing him….

Works alongside Felicia and Jack. The last one’ll be out tomorrow.


#13 – Bull Leader

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He’s a little stuck up…

Day 19: Partners in Crime

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I am super tired today so prolly not up to par LOL 🙂 Once Sassy figured out she couldn’t eat the new parakeet…she discovered he had much better uses. 🙂

#18- Uli the Woolly, a barbarian

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Uli’s a nice guy. That is, if you keep your bear jokes home.

#19 Dolores Hardcourt – Mother

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The project’s been complete for three months now, and I don’t know how much longer I have. The Director stops by every day, asking when they’ll be ready to show to the Brass. The 5-Star Crowd really likes to see what it spends two billion dollars making.

He’s beginning to get a little fed up with my constant cries of “more testing, more testing.” I know that Dr Lorenz is slipping him the results, and he’s just as impressed as I am. The subjects meet or surpass every goal that was set for the project. Even Los Alamos didn’t have this much success.

Every one of the subjects is a marvel of modern science. Through gene therapy, cybernetic enhancement and good old fashion pharmaceuticals, we have taken soldiers and created something better. They have reflexes and agility that make a cheetah look like a stone statue. They’re strong enough to drag a tank a mile and have the endurance to run a marathon afterwards. They learn and assimilate information so fast, that when they read Shakespeare in the morning, they’re putting on Hamlet before lights out. They are the best of the best made better.

I should be happy.  My work has revolutionized combat and could save thousand if not millions of lives by ending wars all over the globe quickly and with minimum casualties. But all I can do is look at these fresh young men and women, barely more than children.

They came to me and put their lives in my hands, to turn them into something more than they were. Now that I’ve succeeded, I can only sit here and imagine all the battlefields they’ll see, all the corpses that they’ll leave behind them, the world of death and violence that will be their life until they’re too broken down to fight anymore. And I just want to keep them here, if only to let them have one more day of peace.


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Sometimes you never grow out of that awkward phase….

#18 Noodles

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Unfortunately not a very creative piece-this is really a tribute to my cat-Noodles. Fun and quick piece though! (I need to catch up still!)

#19 – Demon Luv

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I ran through a bunch of monkey pictures and picked one that I liked – the Golden Lion Tamarin. After that I had a vision of a guy with a kendo stick on his shoulder so i just ran with it from there.

In hindsight I should have picked a Japanese monkey instead of a brazillian one, but what can you do?

Lessee… Tadashi Platyr. Japanese monkey swordsman. Stoic, perhaps a bit brash, pretty archetypal. Didn’t really have any unique personality or background in mind for him. I guess that’s pretty boring, sorry.

#12 – Crossing Guard

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This cartoon marks the two firsts.

The first of a new coloring scheme (trying a new technique to speed things up)

And the first time I’ve done Highlights and Shading.  Still got some work todo there, but I’m happy with it in general!

#7 Little Ninja

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#19 Kira Talon

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Leader of the non-aligned peoples of The Republic of Freedom.  If the far future, several major factions are at war, trying to take over the galaxy, the Republic of Freedom tried to stay neutral, and out of the war.  Kira is their headstrong, fearless leader.

#11 – Time Management

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A coworker was told he had ‘Bad Time Management’ skills (a ridiculous notion as he was the only system administrator and was swamped with work).  I drew this for him.

#10 – Hall Monitor

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#9 – Maniacal Elf

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#8 – Air Headed Girl

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Been uber busy, but I’m catching up, slowly but surely!

This one was inspired by a fellow cartoonist on WebComics Study Group.  🙂

#19: Gadsden

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He is not born in the strict sense of the word. It is best to describe his coming to existence as creation. Letters from an unprecedented code strung together into words into blood into bone and flesh and scales. The Green Sun burnt his eyes out as soon as he was, but he never needed physical vision to begin with. He knows nearly all things which are, have been, and will exist, and thus sees nearly all things, too. He knows a few things which Must Never Be, warnings of damnable but not doomed futures, and he must see that these do not occur.

Didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt like hell, though.


For a very long time, he is bored.

His planet is so boring at the moment. It will be years before they do anything remotely interesting. He had to show them how to make fire, of all things. (And they will use it magnificently, he has decided, as they will use all things he teaches them.)

Boring, boring, boring. He winds across this planet, still young and fresh, waiting for his dominoes to fall. Waiting for dominoes to exist. He likes those, and his scales turn black and white. It will be ages before someone makes them, though, given that they are still struggling to speak in more than grunts and whines. If only he had a proper voice and not this infernal hiss. He can’t get anything across, can’t make things go any faster. He pokes and prods and occasionally bites things, but his efforts are futile. This is how this world works: he nudges (and can only nudge and gently push, cannot even whisper suggestions into ears like they think he can. Will think he can. Had thought he could) knowledge onto these stupid beings in hopes that they will become less stupid. It’s a painful process.


He waits and plans out the lessons he will teach them. He does not decide what those things are because he already knows what they are. They have been taught so many things, and all by him, so he must teach them. He doesn’t have the option of forgoing something and watching that time pocket collapse. Not for a very long time, at least. He must take the slow path, the painful path to reach the Final Reckoning.

(He thinks that this is stupid phrase for it, so he teaches them new words for it. Apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarǫk, Doomsday, Yawm al-Qiyāmah, the Great Cycle of the Long Count.)

At the same time, because while there is so much to do, there is so little to think about. These creatures are dumb now, still so foolish, believing every putrid thought he gives them because it is the only way they understand. A few are smarter, know better, and he spends time with them. Diamonds in the rough. Stars to navigate by. If not for them, he would have–

–not given up, no, he cannot because he does not. The future is unreachable if he gives up moulding this world to its final purpose (and maybe more, if he can plan it right).

These minds, rich and succulent like fresh fruit (which he cannot eat, not with this body, but he knows what it tastes like and longs to bite into that flesh himself and savour its sticky, sweet blood), make the wait bearable.


He gives them language so that they may warn each other of the coming future, full of fire and destruction.

He gives them mathematics so that they may calculate when that day will come and make amends and pay their dues.

He gives them weapons so that They may use them to defend Themselves, planting the seeds of fire and power and metal long in the past so that others may perfect them and Their Guardians may teach Them.

He does not teach them how to kill. They figure it out themselves.


When there is time, he plans accordingly for a time he does not know (not past, not present, not future, not Time That Must Not Be). He ponders the ways it could occur, and deduces the ideas which will not work, having seen the way this species operates. He has a long time to plan and a (relatively) short time to execute it. A good plan must have structure and strategy, but also allow for flexibility. Those Children (and they are, but there is no room for pity in his heart) are blind spots in his Vision, which is still too green for his liking, but he can predict how they will act.

They are young. Will be young. (And will always be young.)

(And if it all goes right, never were young.)


Among the plans to make sure that the Fifth Universe comes (he likes that name best), he also makes plans to die.

He is so very tired and old.


He lists the Things Which Must Never Be:

She must not become powerful (he has made her influence weak. The company she built across the multiverse is only a continental giant, and that is good enough. He makes sure there are people who appreciate creating things from scratch and tasting them, too).

He must not be here (too late, this is a silly event to avoid. He is always here).

That Doll cannot exist (this is more of a personal preference. That Doll frightens him).

That Silly Man cannot steal the Wall (which does not make sense, but he executes plans to avoid this anyway, even if he must work harder to make up for the development lost).


The Guardians come, and he wishes he could feel some sort of kinship to them. They, like him, are bred for this Game. Without it, they would not exist. Their existence is paradoxical just as his is (the code that he is forged from does not exist yet, will not exist yet for another generation, and he will make it happen).

(So close now.)

But they do not have to live for billions of years, watching these creatures climb out of the primordial soup and then proceed to get even that wrong. They only have to live for a few decades, knowing only in their dreams (the ones he gives them because they must know their purpose, the sole reason why they exist) that they were created to Guard Those Children.

(They are yours, he tells them in their dreams, the only place he has a voice they can hear. You will find them one day, and you will expect it. You will teach them how to live and to fight, to struggle in the face of adversity and to strive against all odds.)

(Teaching them to love is not what he does. They will learn that on their own.)


A blind spot:

One of the Guardians has a child, a flesh and blood child of her own.

He does not know what to make of this development, and lets it figure itself out.

(It does.)

(And doesn’t.)


The First Child comes, the light of Her Meteor shining like a new sun in the twilight. She lands in one country, is picked up, and Guardian and Child flee to another.

The Second Child comes and solves the problem of the scotomic child.

The Third Child comes, and the dust does not settle for a long time.

The Fourth Child comes and confuses a lot of people into thinking that the sun had risen twice. Stupid humans.

The Fifth Child comes and he goes to the place where the Meteorite landed. This Child is his, and will have two Guardians instead of one, because if he has any hope at all of getting what he wants (an end), it is with This Child.


He watches This Child grow up, whispers into His (no–Her now) Dreaming ears, and wants to be able to do it without tormenting Her so.

It is a strange feeling, but so is the way that This Child will stroke him, wearing crimson and navy (for those two worlds that no longer are, their destruction becoming his source and bane), like some humans stroke smaller, fluffy beasts they domesticated.

If this is domestication (if this is love), he likes it.


Game start.

#20 – Grobmog of the Deep

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Experimenting with the brush pen and copic marker combo again. This is Grobmog, a sea monster that may or may not show up in the pages of Doodze at some point. I figure they’ll need to fight a sea monster someday.



Day 19: Brianna Jones

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Brianna is a sophomore at Ridgeville High School. She enjoys playing electric guitar and drawing fanart for Nightmare Before Christmas, and always posts it to Deviantart. However, a nagging feeling in the back of her head tells her that she’s not very good at any of the things she enjoys doing. Is she right? Is her insistance that Green Day is the best band not true? Only time will tell.


#19 – Adrenaline Town Vampires

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#19 – Vampires in the Adrenaline Town story

Vampires are real, but they are becoming extinct.

A vampire is a parasite living off the blood of others, so what happens when a vampires blood source slowly gets tainted over the years? Look at our earth, pollution and disease ravage the planet. Toxins are released into the air and into our food. Some places are still fresh and clean, but they are rapidly disappearing. Human and animal blood is slowly becoming tainted without us even knowing. We feel fine, but vampires can taste the difference.

Tainted blood has some interesting effects on vampires.

It sickens them for one, creating symptoms similar to a powerful flu strain and weakening them against attack of other supernatural creatures. Another downside of drinking tainted blood is disorientation. Sometimes a vampire can become confused or disoriented, which can get them killed by hunters or caught out in the pure sunlight in mid day. Finally there are the many blood diseases and disorders in the world today. AIDs and Hepatitis can’t kill a vampire, but those and other blood diseases can make one comatose for days, weeks, even up to a month before a vampire’s body can assimilate the virus. The large amount of blood diseases in the world has made some countries vampire population extinct. Other countries are quickly dwindling.

Some other myths worth dispelling.

Vampires can venture out during the day, but direct sunlight on their skin can be extremely painful and prolonged exposure can result in death. Give them a cloudy day and some decent clothes, they’ll blend right in.
Religious objects can’t affect a vampire unless the person using it is a true believer. Someone can’t just grab a cross and start loving God to get out of a jam, their heart needs the conviction to survive. This goes for any religious item, not just crosses. They all work with the right belief.

Survival with blood filtration.

Over the years vampires have become dependent on a special machine that filters out the impurities in human blood. Unfortunately, this machine is quite large, difficult to use, and rare. The one machine in America was invented in the mid 19th century by an ingenious vampire that could see the blood problem coming. Using his understanding of arcane knowledge and machinery, he was able to build just one working model before leaving America for other countries. This one machine is taxing on resources and difficult to assemble so no others were created.

Picture something that is much more advanced than any blood filtration system found in a hospital or laboratory. The systems in those places can’t even detect the minuscule changes to human blood over the ages. The machine used by the vampire population is bulky and infused with mechanical magic that no others have been able to replicate or reverse engineer.

When the machine was finally created and running, a ban was placed on recruiting new vampires. Word was spread about the impending issues with blood and the need to keep their community small. Those that remained faithful to overall good of the group were rewarded with a steady supply of filtered blood delivered to them. Those that refused to comply were hunted down and destroyed, along with those that were newly created. Only a few new recruits have made it through the first 10 years of turning.

The total population of vampires in America continues to dwindle slowly, not because they are hunted or killed, but due to the occasional accident or mishap. The filtration machine and a vampire council were moved to Indianapolis, IN to provide a central location for shipping throughout the US and Canada. This has turned vampires more into a corporation like entity than the romanticized version seen in the movies.

No picture on this one, but if you like to draw Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies then let me know, I might be able to put you to work.

Day # 18 & 19 Maverick 1.0 & Subject 17

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Mavrick was invented as an automated medication production and distribution system. Mostly to assist people who’s bodies don’t produce important horomones, or have proper function of certain organs. It was designed to deal with things like diabetes, underactive thyroid, and other metabolic disorders. Maverick also acts as a blood filter for those with kidney or liver deficiencies. Unfortunately maverick’s research and development when it’s AI began taking over test subjects, overtaking thier nervous systems. A single prototype remains attached to Subject 17.


Subject 17 was the only test subject of the maverick tests that did not suffer complete neural control from the machine. Although he suffered memory loss due to Maverick’a attempts at control. They both survive with a sort of symbiosis. Before the tests Subject 17 had peak physical health with the exception of his onw pancreatic deficiency. He ran once he learned that the Maverick was to be destroyed, no one is sure why. Maverick has no control of his actions so the researchers can only guess what drives him to continue his life as a fugitive. He posibly doesn’t realize that he had a life before the tests, or he possibly doesn’t wish to return to it. Maverick only knows him as 17, but does more than just deal with his insulin deficiency but improve as many aspects of his health as the machine was designed to affect.

#19 The Fuzz

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The Fuzz are adorable tiny creatures that scuttle underfoot. There friendly little things but unfortunately due to their small size you tend to step on them more often than not.


#19 and #20 Orbital Sam and Battle Angel Klara

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While the allied  forces of Turid Dandelion and Le Fin pour out of Europe to do battle with Sly Seskimo, Comrade Aerliss and El Nicwa little thought is given to the universe at large…

Yet across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded our planet with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.

…and now two such intellects stage a devastating invasion from their new moon base, the nefarious ‘Orbital Sam’ and the Battle Angel, Klara. The pair have access to technology both terrible and potent.

(#6 and #7 in the ‘Extremely cute (and very evil) dictators of a fractured future Earth’ Series.)

#18 Winslow Spencer

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Occasionally unscrupulous businessman. Secret revolutionary.

Image from

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#19 James Ridler

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Jack Ridler was a average college student trying to make ends meet, but when his mother’s strange lumps turned out to be cancer, he knew he needed more money, so he tried to join a gang. Its initiation and he has till the end of the week to mug 10 people or his life is forfeit.

#17 Penguino

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Penguino is a fat penguin that got way too comfortable in last year’s halloween costume, so he hasn’t taken it off since.


*I really just wanted to draw a penguin in a caterpillar costume. Best combo ever!